REDOING ALL CHAPTERS! I just feel that my writing style has changed so has decided to redo this story. So please read again and tell me whether they are better : )

Amu is a 'cool and spicy' teenage girl with 4 Guardian characters Miki, Sue, Dia and Ran. Ikuto's just returned from finding his dad and still has strong feelings for Amu and he is ready to prove it.

I don't own Shugo Chara x

Bold, italic & underlined = text message

Underlined= sound effects

"Mum, Dad, Ami I'm home!" Yelled Amu as she walked through her front door; slamming the door shut behind her; throwing her bags carelessly to the side.

"Amu would you please be more careful" a voice shouted from inside her bag

"Oops sorry you guy" Amu whispered to the 4 characters, that came floating out of her bag.

"Big swister and wittle pweple" Little Ami came running "Can I pway with them pwease" begged Ami as she pointed and Ran, Miki, Sue and Dia. Amu rolled her eyes at her little sister but kept her mouth shut.

"Sure you can Ami" whispered Dia

"Yes, let's have fun" Shout Ran. They all disappeared in to the main room, Ami chasing after them. Beep, beep. Amu's phone rang from inside her bag, she picked it up and looked at the name lighting the screen, she sign and read it.

Hey Amu,

I was just making sure you know about the meeting tomorrow at school,

We need to discuss something important

Tadase x

Amu studied her phone a she walked carefully up the stairs to her room thoughts running through her head something to discuss, I wonder what he means? Something about the Chara's or the other X eggs?

She walked over to her bed and put her phone down on the bedside table not bothering to reply. She walked to her draws and pulled out her pyjamas and walked to the bathroom across the hall. She quickly got changed before she ran down stairs into the kitchen.

"Hey Amu, look at Ami doesn't she look cute talked to herself" Amu's dad shouted in a daze staring at her little sister, Amu sighed Of course she does dad don't you always say that. Amu poured herself a glass of milk and walked steadily back to her room not wanting to trip.

She opened her glass door to balcony and walked out leaning on the edge with the glass of milk in her hand. She stared up at the moon, Wow it's so bright tonight. I wonder how Ikuto is doing. Is he staring at the moon from wherever he is? Wow wait a minute why am I thinking of Ikuto she thought but sighed, she did miss that Alley cat of a guy

Amu took another big gulp of her milk not bothering to act or even look womanly. The milk always soothed her throat before bed.

"I have told you once and I'll tell you again drinking milk like that will not make your breast grow big" Someone whispered from the side of the balcony.

'Spit's the milk out' she looks around frankly before setting her sights on a dark shadow in her corner

"What, who's there?" she asked, ready to shout for help if necessary.

"Don't tell me you have forgotten me already? How rude"

This is the first chapter redone (: only short since it's a starter chapter