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But anyways... EPILOGUE

"Never been more sure of anything Ikuto" I whispered back before pulling him back down for another kiss.

Well there is no turning back now . . .

5 Years Later:

Here I am 21 years of age, walking back into my high school. Confused? Well it's my school reunion. I have changed a bit, I am a lot taller and I am more feminine now. Still have my pink hair, but it has grown allot.

If your wondering if I am still with Ikuto? I am, were married. Didn't take much. Tadase didn't come to the wedding obviously. Well we didn't really invite him. But I am so happy. Ikuto hasn't changed at all he is still the loving yet sarcastic guy I love.

Ikuto left his job at the school the day after Tadase kissed me. The whole blackmailed date thing. Yeah, i got allot of attention after that

"Mama, mama"

Well one more thing I should add, I have a daughter, a 4 year old daughter to be exact. Yea I was a teenage parent, probably not the smartest thing (No offense to Teenage Parents) for me I had to leave school early and focus on my baby girl. But I got back up when she turned 2 and went back to school to get the Grades I needed.
Me and Ikuto decided to call out Baby Girl Stella. I am not quite sure where the name came from but it sounded nice.

"Mama !"

Wait what. I looked down at Stella who had a massive smile on her face "yeah, baby girl?"

"Can I pway with Ran and everyone?"

"Stella, You will have to wait till we get home, you don't want to get lost it the big school now do you?" Ikuto Asked. Stella shook her head timidly before smiling again. Looking like nothing can go wrong with the world.

Well me and Ikuto have a house together as you can guess. And we both still have our guardian character's I don't see how because we weren't meant to have them when were older. But we still do! They play more with Stella now.

If you're wondering if we still keep in touch with Kukaii and Rima and everyone, yeah we do.

Kukaii has moved on to be a famous football (Soccer) Player, but I still see him often.

Rima and Nagihiko moved to America for their jobs, as far as I know Nagihiko is going for being a doctor. But I haven't seen them in 2 years. Yeah I receive and send letters to them and phone them.

Tadase. I have no idea what he has done with his life; I never forgave him for trying to break my relationship with Ikuto.
We walked in the main enterence and followed the signs to the main hall.

"You ok there babe?" Ikuto asked, well whispered in my ear.

"Yeah, it's just been a while since I have been here and it's really changed"

"Yeah it has" He replied wrapping an arm around my waist.

"Do you think Rima and Nagihiko will come? I know they were trying but it was hard to book a flight"

"Yeah, I think they will be Rima really wanted to come" He smiled down at me.

We walked in the main hall and it was quite full. In one corner was a food and drink stand, while on the stage was a store with a lot of old photo's on, I am guessing from our years at this school. I noticed Kukaii standing on the stage, me and Ikuto walked over to him.

"Kukaii!" I shouted smiling

He turned to look and me and Ikuto and Stella "Hey Amu" He smiled. I passed Ikuto Stella's hand and went over to hug him.

"So how are things?"

"Pretty good, What about you?"


"Hey Ikuto" He smiled "And how are you little Stella" He asked kneeling down.

"Does Uncle Kukaii get a hug" Ikuto release Stella's hand and she went to hug Kukaii.

As she did this Ikuto came to stand behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I was looking at a Photo from Italy; it was one from the train station. Me and Ikuto stood closely together in the background. Rima was stood next to me and Nagihiko was stood next to Rima.

"I can remember when this was taken" I whispered.

"Yeah, me too we were waiting for the train to go to Pompeii" He kissed my hair "One trip I will never forget"

"yeah, i fainted" Ikuto Laughed

"i won't forget that either"

"Amu ?" I turned to see Rima standing with a nice looking guy, oh my god the guys Nagihiko wow he looks different.

"Rima !" I smiled and ran to receive my hug, god how I have missed my best friend. I pulled back and went to get a hug off Nagihiko.

"Hey Nagihiko, looking good" I laughed

He hugged me back laughing "You're not so bad yourself Amu"


"Auntie Rima" She smiled and went to hug Stella, yeah I know we are not all related but we are all close friends. I went back over to Ikuto while Stella hugged Nagihiko.

Everything was perfect until I caught a glimpse of Tadase standing near the drink stand. Great now I can't get a drink. Damn it!

Ikuto must have noticed I was acting differently because he followed my eye line to Tadase.

"We don't have to go near him"

"I know" I smiled.

"Mama ?" I looked down to see Stella grabbing my hand

"Yeah Stella?"

"Can I have a drink please" She pulled the puppy dog face which is hard to resist. I looked at Ikuto helplessly.

"I can take her" He whispered.

"No, I am not going to keep avoiding him"

"That's my girl" He whispered kissing my lips gently. But as soon as it happened it finished. I pouted, but started to walk to the drink stall with Stella.

"Okaii baby girl, what do you want?"

"Orange Juice" She replied sweetly, wonder who she gets it from.

"Can I have a carton of Orange Juice please" I asked the teacher (Not quite sure who she is)

"Sure" She passed over the orange juice too me "Anything else?"

"No thanks" I smiled.

I passed the orange juice to Stella "Thank you mommy" She started to walk off to Ikuto; I was just about to follow her when I heard

"So you're just going to ignore me?" Tadase asked

"Yeah" i carried on walking

"What about the kid, she can't be really yours"

"Yeah, she is"

"You had a kid with Ikuto, it's just wrong"

Oh no he didn't

"You want to know what's wrong Tadase, what's wrong is blackmailing people and trying to wreck relationships"

I stormed off back to the group. Who were all staring at me.

"You ok?" Ikuto asked

"Not really, can we go home?" I asked using my own puppy dog eyes


I turned to everyone else "we are going now guy, if you want we can plan something for the Christmas holidays coming up"

"Yeah sounds fun" replied Kukaii

I hugged everyone and we all said our goodbyes

For now.

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