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The wards were lined with Strigoi as far as the eye could see. There must have been hundreds of them. This would be a massacre if they got past. They would kill us all.

"You have to let me go," I whispered to Dimitri who was still holding me close.

"I am not giving you up to them," he growled back at me.

"I don't think you have a choice Dimitri. It's me or everyone."

"I think you should listen to the human girl Guardian Belikov."

We all turned to the direction of the voice. Everyone gasped and Dimitri held me even closer. The man standing with all of the Strigoi was holding a stake.

"Now, you can hand over the girl and I will send them all away," he said gesturing to the strigoi. "Or I can break the wards and you all die. I do think that one human is not worth the lives of hundreds. I'll give you a few moments to discuss it."

I turned to my friends who were all horrified.

"Sam that is Viktor Dashkov!" Rose cried. "The man that kidnapped and tortured Lissa. We can fight them and protect you. Whatever he wants is not good."

I looked between the people I had grown to think of as my family. There was no way I was going to let any one of them lay down their lives for me. They didn't want anyone but me. I was going to do this.

"Remember the bond. Adrian can find me. I trust you to find me when you have enough reinforcements."

"Sam NO!" Eddie shouted. "I cannot let you do this."

I walked over to him and kissed him gently. "It's me or everyone," I said. "The choice is easy for me."

With that I broke free and ran past the wards before any of them could stop me. I heard Rose cry and Eddie cussing, but I didn't look. I just kept going into the waiting arms of Viktor Dashkov.

"You chose well my dear. I have so many plans for you and many things I would like to know. Now tell your friends goodbye."

I turned to see my friends. Horror and fear etched into every feature of their faces. Rose was on her knees crying. Dimitri and Stan were holding Eddie back. I could see the panic in his face…the determination to save me from this monster, but it would do no good. They were not letting him free.

"Remember I love you all," I yelled back to them. "Tell Adrian goodbye for me. Remember okay?"

I turned back to Viktor who was looking quite smug. "I'm ready," I said.

I prayed that this bond would come in handy and that Adrian would stay in my head as long as he could. He was my only hope to be found. If he could see through my eyes then he could find me. He could get into my dreams while I slept and be able to tell me what was going on. I wouldn't be completely in the dark…I hoped.

We ran through the thick forest for what seemed like forever. I could feel blood and the sting of the scratches that now covered my arms, feet and face. My ankle throbbed after being rolled so many times. I wanted to ditch the heals, but I had no time to slow down to kick them off. They drug me around like a rag doll. One of the Strigoi held onto my arm like a vice grip.

Finally we came to a road that had what seemed like miles of cars parked a long side it. I was pushed into the back of an SUV that had dark tinted windows. I was beginning to panic because I couldn't feel Adrian. I couldn't sense that he was with me and I needed him here with me. I wanted to cry, but there was no way that I was going to let these monsters think I was week.

Two strigoi climbed into the back on either side of me. Viktor climbed in the front passenger seat and another strigoi took the wheel. I was royally screwed. Even if I had the opportunity to escape, I was surrounded by vampires…all bad.

"Where are you taking me?" I spat. I was getting angry now. I hated this man. I hated him for what he had done to Rose and Lissa and I hated him for what he was going to do to me. I hated him with every part of my being.

"I'm afraid you are not privy to that information my dear. You will find out soon enough. Just sit back and relax. I promise that you will be most comfortable when we reach our destination." Victor's sickeningly sweet voice washed over my body and made me cringe. There was something really messed up in this vampires head.

I looked out the window hoping that Adrian would find his way into my head and that he could see what I was seeing and give the guardians a view of what I was seeing. I just hoped that my captors didn't know that our bond worked both ways.

After a few minutes I started to feel the pull that was Adrian's emotions. I was being sucked into his head. I grinned internally. Hopefully I would find out what the plans were for my rescue…if there was a rescue.


The world around me slowly began to transform into the familiar surroundings of the guardians offices. My heart skipped to see so many guardians and even a few Moroi and novices waiting for the go, waiting for anything.

"We have called in all available guardians to help with the search," Alberta informed the group. "It will be several hours before they begin to arrive, but we are sending out scouts to see if we can find a trail…anything that will help."

Dimitri walked over to where Adrian was sitting. I saw the pain and guilt in his eyes as he spoke. "Lord Ivashkov-"

"Don't Lord me," Adrian growled. "This is not the time for formalities. I can't believe you just let her go. Walk into the arms of that…that…monster."

No wonder I was in his head. He was pissed and one thing Adrian didn't get was pissed.

"Adrian," Dimitri tried again. "She said you were the only one who could find her. What did she mean by that?"

"He can get into her head," I couldn't see her, but I knew it was Rose talking. "The bond works both ways for them."

Everyone stopped talking and looked over at Adrian who was getting more and more frustrated by the minute. "I don't know how to get into her head. It just happened the one time when she was really anxious." Adrian shook his head and pulled his hands through his hair. I could feel the pain he was in. He was scared and hurt and guilty.

"Oh Adrian," I thought. "We will figure it out. I'll be back. It's okay. Please Adrian stop feeling guilty."

Adrian's head shot up and I could feel the confusion coming through the bond.

"Adrian? Can you hear me?"

"Sam?" he said out loud.

Everyone turned and looked at him expectantly.

"Sam, where are you?"

"We were on a dirt road headed south of campus. I don't know where they are taking me, but that Victor dude said he had plans for me and that he had a lot of questions that I needed to answer. Oh Adrian I'm sorry, but it was me or everyone. I had to go."

Adrian quickly relayed the information I was telling him to the others.

"Sam you need to get out of my head and go nuts or something so I can get into yours. I need to see what you are seeing. I'm going to find you Sam."

"Adrian, tell everyone thank you and that I love them. And tell them not to come for me if it's too risky. I love you all too much for anything to happen to you."

"Sam, don't talk like that…we are going to find you. Remember everything you learned and please Sam doesn't do anything stupid. We are coming for you."

"Okay…find me in my dreams Adrian."


I concentrated hard on my own body, mind and soul and found I pulled myself out of Adrian's head with little issue. I smiled at that hoping I could go into Adrian's head whenever I wanted with practice, but my smile quickly fell when I saw Victor looking back at me with a smile on his face.

"Quite interesting," he said. "So how does it work?"

"How does what work?" I said crossing my arms over my chest and slumping down into my seat.

"The bond my dear."

I narrowed my eyes at him. I could feel my blood beginning to boil as this monster. "I don't know what you are talking about," I said defiantly.

I heard a growl beside me and soon my whole world was spinning as pain shot through my jaw. "You will answer Prince Dashkov's question human." I looked over into the red eyes of a strigoi and smiled. "I'll die before I tell you anything."

"That can be arranged," he shot back.

"Now, now, there is no need for that. I am sure there are other ways to convince this beautiful child what is in her best interest."

That one statement shot fear through every fiber of my being. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from showing my captors the fear that was actually running through my veins.

"Sam," I heard coming through the bond. I grinned inwardly. "Don't do anything stupid. The sun will be coming up soon so you will need to stop before long. I need you to look out the window so I can see what you see."

I didn't say anything I just looked out the window. I was surprised to see that we were actually on a highway.

"Good girl," Adrian said. "Just keep looking out the window and don't piss him off."

I kept my eyes focused on the outside world as the SUV sped down the road. I had no idea where I was, but that didn't mean that Adrian didn't. He was more familiar with the area that I was and I held hope that they would find me soon. I knew that more guardians were on their way, but how long it would take…I had no idea.

Victor kept trying to ask me question, but I just narrowed my eyes and bit my cheek. I refused to give him any information. He was a monster and I would not play into his game no matter what happened to me.

I couldn't feel Adrian with me and he hadn't talked in a while. I was hoping he was till there with me. I hoped he was seeing what I was seeing. I didn't want to be alone.

We soon turned off the highway and I began to panic. I looked around to see woods surrounding the road. There was nothing around.

"Sam, it's okay," Adrian said through the bond. "I'm still here, but once you stop I am going to get out of your head so I can give the information I have to the guardians."

"Adrian," I thought. "Can you hear me?"

"Sam, oh God, I can hear you!" Adrian was excited and I smiled inwardly.

"You have to fine me Adrian. I'm scared of what they might do."

"Don't worry…We will find you and bring you back home."

We turned down a long and narrow road and I concentrated once again on my surroundings. The SUV stopped in front of a small cabin. I bit my lip and tried to take in every detail of it.

"Sam, I'm going now, but I promise I will find my way back. Eddie says he loves you…we all love you Sam. Just hang in there okay?"

"I love you all too. Tell Eddie I'm sorry and I love him."

"I will Sam. I'll be back soon."

All the sudden I felt empty and alone. I looked over to my captors and narrowed my eyes. "So is this it?" I asked in a huff.

"For now," Victor smiled. "But we will be moving again soon. I can't chance your friends finding you any time soon now can I?"

"You really have some major issues you know that?" I spat.

I again felt pain radiate through my body. I was going to have some wicked bruising if this guy kept using my face as a punching bag.

"Now Jacob, that was not necessary." Victor grinned. "I'll make sure you guys have adequate time with her later. I don't need that pretty face of hers messed up, but the rest of her I don't really care."

The world around me began to spin as panic set in. "Oh God Adrian…" I cried out in my head hoping that he could hear me without being in my head. "You

have to hurry."

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