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Chapter 8

By the time they reached the motel Dean was having some serious doubts. On the ride back he had gone from being atrociously turned on, to being nervous as hell. Dean had wanted to reach across the seat and take Sam's hand but didn't do it in case Sam thought that he was being clingy or something. The moves came so easily with some random chick but now, with Sam, he felt like he was all thumbs. He couldn't actually use any of his true and tested lines because, shit, Sam would laugh in his face.

For all he knew Sam was having second thoughts. He had gone real silent and spent most of the drive looking out the window.

Dean unlocked the door of the motel room and stepped in. There was an awkward silence and Dean's nerves felt like they were being scrapped raw.

"Well." He said desperate to break the silence.

"Ah….." Sam looked at him, like he was trying to look into his soul and read his deepest secrets. Didn't he know that Dean had nothing left to hide. That he was open and vulnerable. Maybe that was it. Maybe Sam was trying to figure out a way to take it all back and let him down easy, so as not to hurt him. Well he might as well make it easy for him.

"Sam, don't worry, ok. Forget about it."

"What! You're having second thoughts." Sam said in a shocked voice.

"Me? You're the one who's gone all silent on me. Let's just carry on like normal, ok."

Sam's face went livid. "You bastard! You get me to spill my guts to you and then say that we should go back to normal. I was thinking about how all this was going to change our lives for the better. But no… we Winchesters can never have something good. I knew this was going to happen. It's all too 'chick-flick moment' for you, so you're going to brush it off and ignore it, like usual."

Dean was shocked. He couldn't believe that he had fucked this up. Tentatively he reached out and touched Sam's arm. "Sam."

Sam jerked back but Dean griped his forearm tightly. That seemed to push Sam off the edge; he swung around and ploughed into fist into Dean's stomach. Hunter instincts taking over Dean automatically defended and before he could think hit back. Going into fight mode Sam used his weight to throw Dean off balance but as he when down Dean managed to kick Sam's feet out from under him. They landed in a tangled heap on the floor. Sam was about to spring up but Dean flipped him on to his back, straddled his hips and pushed his fist into Sam's neck trying to keep him still. Sam immediately started to struggle.

Panting Dean said in a strained voice, "Shit Sam. Just calm the fuck down. I'm sorry ok." Sam stilled under him. Dean's fist slowly unclenched and he pressed his open palm into the side of Sam's neck. "Look I'm nervous."

Sam snorted, "Yea right. The Casanova who brags about his many conquests across the whole damn country is too nervous to, how did you put it - 'make me yours.'" Sam said in a whinny imitation of Dean's voice.

Dean shoved Sam's head back so that it connected smartly with the floor, "That's the point you shitass. I'm trying to get my idiotic little brother into the sack not some stranger. I don't know what to do."

Sam's expression was a picture of pure shock, slowly to be replaced with embarrassment. His checks heating up he said, "Do what you normally do, you know."

Dean snorted, "Like I'm going to tell you that your eyes are gorgeous or that touching you makes me crave to taste you." Seeing how the words made Sam blush even more, Dean let out a low, "Hmm…Maybe they would work after all. Let's see if you like this as well." Bending down he placed an open mouth kiss at the base of Sam's neck. When Sam tilted his head to the side to give him more access he bit hard and then lapped delicately at the spot. Sam' hips bucked under him.

Chuckling softly, Dean sat up, "I always knew that you were such a girl Sammy."

"Shut the fuck up Dean and kiss me." Sam caught Dean's collar and tugged him forward.

Dean burst out laughing, "Oh, I love you so much bitch."

"Me too, Jerk" Sam mumbled against his lips. The kiss was sweet but then Dean used his tongue to slowly trace the outline of Sam's lips. With the tip of his tongue he nudged the corner of Sam's mouth. The minute they parted he sucked Sam's tongue into his mouth. They both strained towards each other trying to tastes as much of the other as they could.

Breaking apart gasping for air, Dean covered Sam's face with small kisses. "I have no second thoughts little brother."

Sam put his arms around Dean and brought him flush down on top of him, "Me neither Dean." he said softly.

"Come on lets take this to a more comfortable location." Untangling himself from Sam, Dean stood up and bent down to hall him to his feet.

He nudged Sam backwards till the back of his knees hit the bed. Sam sat down and looked lovingly up at him. "Off with the shirt Sammy." As Sam complied he watched as all that lovely skin was exposed. "I used to hate you for all the times you used to walk out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel."

Nudging Sam's legs apart he stepped between them and slowly traced the muscles on Sam's broad shoulders caressing his way down his chest. Sam leaned back giving him more access, resting on his elbows. Dean caught his nipples between his fingers and rolled. Sam gasped and threw his head back. "I've always wanted to lick ever single drop of water of you and make you gasp just like that."

Getting down on his knee he took one of the sensitive nipples in his mouth and licked and nipped. Sam let out a breathy "Dean." He shifted to the other and lavished it with equal attention. Sam's arms gave out under him and he fell back onto the bed.

"Move up Sammy." Dean nudged Sam up the bed and quickly ridding himself of his shirt he crawled onto his brother. Reaching his ear, he whispered in a husky voice, "Do you know how sexy you look all spread out for me Sammy."

Sam voice was gruff as he whispered, "I want you so much." His arms ran up and down Dean's back caressing him. Dean kissed and licked his way down Sam's chest pausing at his navel to slowly circle it with his tongue before dipping in to lap. Nuzzling his nose into the fine line of hair that ran into Sam's jeans Dean breathed in the intoxicating smell of Sam's arousal.

Dean sat up and put his hands on the fastening of Sam's pants. He looked up and saw Sam watching him with trusting eyes. His breath hitched and Dean said, "If this is too much for you, tell me. I'll stop. I don't want to force you into anything."

Sam growled and pushing up he grabbed Dean's face and kissed him till Dean was breathless. Taking the hand that was still resting on Sam's button he pushed it down so that Dean was palming his arousal. "Does that feel like your forcing me into anything? Dean, get this into that stubborn head of yours. I want you; I have since the time I knew what wanting somebody meant. It's always been you. Only you"

Dean shook his head in denial and backed up, unable to believe what Sam was telling him. Grabbing him firmly Sam looked straight into his eyes and said, "It's true Dean. Everybody else, including Jess, was my attempt to try and forget you. Yes I loved her but the only person I have loved with every fibre of my heart and soul, is you. I just never thought I could have you till now. You are not forcing me into anything. You're making my dreams come true. Be my protective older brother all you want but also be my lover."

Dean slowly rested his forehead on Sam's and took in a steadying breath. "You got it Dean."

"Yea I got it Sammy." Dean leant back and lovingly stroked Sam's face.

"Now can we get on with it." Sam said with an exaggerated huff.

Laughing Dean pushed Sam back on his back, "Bossy bitch, aren't you."

"Only with you, Sugarplum." Sam said sarcastically.

Chuckling Dean bent and nipped at the side of Sam's torso, "If that's the type of nicknames you come up with, its no wonder you don't get laid."

"I don't think that's going to be a problem anymore" Sam arched up, pressing against Dean's erection.

Growling Dean undulated against him drawing moans from both of them as they got some much desired friction. He then swiftly moved back and undid Sam's pants, shoving them off along with his underpants. Nudging Sam's legs apart he settled between them. He then set about to memorise each dip and crest along Sam's hip, down his thigh and up the sensitive inner region of his legs till he reached a mole placed on the upper right inside of Sam's thigh. Heat shot through him as he nibbled at it. He thought he knew his brothers body completely thanks to all the times that they patched each other up, but seeing this little mole made him realise that there are some things only a lover knows and that's what they are now.

Sam writhed and his hand kept moving from the back Dean's head to clutching helplessly at the sheets. Finally unable to bear it anymore he moaned, "Dean, I…I neeeed….."

Moving up a little Dean said in a husky voice, "I've got you Sammy." He then took the tip of Sam's leaking staff into his mouth. Hollowing his cheeks he sucked Sam in as far as he could. Sam moaned and tried his best to keep from bucking up. Dean placed a hand on Sam's hips to keep him down and then bobbed his head up and down till Sam was helplessly trashing his head on his pillow.

"Dean! I…I… going to……." Ready for him, Dean pushed his tongue up the vein on the underside of Sam's cock. Sam's hips flew of the bed and he came screaming Dean's name. Dean drank him all down; milking him till Sam collapsed and lay still.

Pushing up he crawled up Sam's body. He tangled his fingers in Sam's sweat drenched hair and slowly kissed him till his eyes fluttered open. The look in them made Dean's heart swell. It was one of satisfaction, love and possessiveness. Unable to resist Dean nuzzled Sam's neck crooning, "God your so beautiful baby."

He could feel Sam's chest move as he breathed deeply, "Man, Dean that was…was…"

Dean chuckled and looked up at him with twinkling eyes, "Speechless Sam. Now I've seen everything."

"Still a jerk." Pushing at Dean's shoulder till he was sprawled on his back Sam rolled on top of him and made his way down Dean's chest, kissing and nipping as he went.

"Sam you don't have to." Dean said as his heart rate picked up and his staff strained painfully against his jeans.

Sam just muttered, "Shut up Dean." and then swiftly rid him of his remaining clothes. He could feel Sam's hair brushing against his pulsing member and it made his nerve endings hum. Then Sam took him into his mouth and Dean threw his head back and arched, unable to help it at the astounding feeling of Sam's wet mouth all around him. As Sam sucked he hit the back of his throat and yelled, "Sammy."

Sam growled and the feel of it along his staff was incredible. Dean's mind was blown and all he could think was Sam…Sam…Sam… . Sam slowly rolled his balls between his fingers and squeezed. Unable to hold out any longer he tried to warn Sam in a voice that was hoarse with want, "Sammy…I…"

Sam tongued his slit and he came so hard that his vision greyed. He finally came down to feel Sam settling down at his side.

Opening his eyes he looked up as Sam tenderly traced his lower lip. His brother's eyes were warm and in a wondering voice he said, "I thought I couldn't love you anymore, but I was wrong. You're my everything, Dean. You're my something real."

Winding his arms around Sam he brought him into his arms. "I love you. You're mine now, Sammy. I'm never letting you go."

"Not going anywhere Dean." He snuggled and settled against him.

Dean tugged at the sheet that had got tangled up and covered them both. A languid peace settled over them and Dean for the first time in a long while felt like he finally belonged. He thought over the passed few days and unable to help himself started to hum AC/DC's Good riddance to bad luck.

Sam snorted and popped himself up on his elbow looking down at Dean with incredulous eyes, "Dude, seriously."

"What can I say Sammy. I think you're going to be my lucky charm and my bad days are finally at an end." This time Dean shouted out the lyrics, singing at the top of his lungs, "Goodbye goodbye goodbye and good riddance to bad luck."

Sam landed heavily across his chest, knocking the breath out of him and as he laughed Sam clamed his lips in a kiss that promised love and a future that was no longer lonely.



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