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I threw my pillow down out of frustration and anger. Falling on my bed, i buried my head into said pillow and sobbed. I couldn't take this abuse anymore! Mom always rants how ungrateful and worthless i am and continues doing drugs and Dad beats me every-time he's drunk.

I screamed into the pillow, making my throat sore. What did I do to deserve this? My screams turned into small sobs as i wished for someone to take me away from this place. If no-one has the cortesy to help, then i might have to commit suicide. I know i sound selfish, but what would you do in my position?

My sobs stopped as i sat up and wiped my tears away. My gaze turned to the alarm clock beside me. It was 11:00 pm, way past my bed-time. Smirking, i got up and turned my light off; at least i could get away from reality for a few hours. Throwing myself into my bed, i turned the radio on and promptly fell asleep listening to Where Do I Belong by Anastasia.

3rd person PoV

The young girl, named Faolan, tossed and turned as she had a realistic nightmare. A small moan escaped her lips and she laid still, for now.

A pair of bright red eyes glowed in a shadowy corner of her room. The eyes moved towards her figure, revealing his figure. He had white hair and wore a dark tunic with an equally black cap on his head. Strapped to his back was a dark shield and sword. His ruby red eyes glowed in excitement as the figure picked Faolan up bridal style.

'You're coming with me' he whispered before he disappeared into the shadows.

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