Me and Panda focus upon the fuzzily familiar faces loitering around the subway. Naomi and Emily are looking quite disgustedly at Cook whilst he prances around, imitating something that resembled one of those Russian dances. JJ standing at the sidelines, laughing a little. Nothing unusual there.

We walk towards them, giggling and stumbling, the bottle of vodka limply swaying in my hand.

"Hellooo ladies!" Cook stands with his legs spread apart, chugging away on a bottle of Jack Daniels, a joint in the other hand. He amuses me, in his buttoned up polo and dirty joggers.

I find myself looking desperately around for Freddy. Don't be silly, I distract myself by taking a puff from Cook's spliff.

"You got more?"

"Sure do, babes."

I ignore the last part of his sentence, take one off him, swig some of my vodka, pass it to Panda.

Naomi and Emily are looking all coupley and cuddely. Pfft, alright for some. Emily's grinning away like a Cheshire cat. Life seems perfect for her at the minute. "Hey, Effy! Is it alright if we meet you in there. Katie keeps ringing us, her and... Freddy, um, are already inside."

"Whatever," I give her a slight smile. Evidence that I don't care, not one bit.

"Naomiiii, Emily, do some private tongue action...just for me," Cook follows them as they stumble away, "Come on, Gay Jay," JJ follows him submissively.

I share my spliff with Pandora, she asks what we waiting for. I say, "I invited some people to come along,"

"0h whizzer, that sounds like a laugh. New people! Are they nice Effy?"

"Very nice."

Takes them a few minutes to arrive. I half thought they weren't going to. He's dressed reasonably casual, she's wearing a little black number, a bit shimmery. They trot over to us, stone cold sober, clearly.

"Oh, it's Carmen," Pandora smiles. I look at her sharply, wondering if it's only me that doesn't know everyone in our year yet. "She sings in the band that play at the college's talent evening every year."

Oh, I wouldn't have gone near that, ever.

They reach us. She smiles shyly, his face is emotionless, even when I give him a sultry gaze. He's good at that, and she's too daft to even interpret my looks.

"I'll pick you up when you're ready for me, just ring. And make sure you're with someone at all times," he kisses her on the top of her head, "You look beautiful, have a good night,"

"You sound like my dad," she giggles and kisses him back. And with that he saunters off, back towards his car. I wasn't expecting that.

"Hiiiiii Carmen!" Panda gives her a warm- natured goofy grin.

She smiles nervously, pulls her short dress down a little.

Well, that's disrupted my plans. Still, I have one toy left, and I best make the most out of it.

Cook comes thudding back up the path towards us. "Effy, Panda, Hurry the fuck up!"

He screeches to the halt when he spots the new addition. "Woaah, check this thing out," He crudely looks her up and down. She fumbles with the hem of her dress even more. Seems it's not just me who doesn't recognise people from college. But I would have expected it from Cook, his head is so far up his arse.

"Lay off Cook." I warn, I beckon Carmen to follow. I give her the bottle of vodka. She gulps some of it down which makes me smile a little, I half expected her to sip it or something. Cook's still gawping at her like an absolute twat. He loves anything new. Anything he hasn't had a taste of yet.

I take some weed from him. "Smoke some of this," I instruct. She takes it curiously. Splutters a little, looks at me a bit perplexed. I was right, it is really riveting tainting her.

Right, new plan, let's get her really wrecked, and let Cook loose on her. That will be interesting for when Daniel picks her up.

"So, how come Daniel's not coming?" I ask, widening my eyes innocently.

"He has to look after his mum," she said, still eyeing the joint apprehensively between puffs.

"How come?"

"Oh, that's the reason he's come to our school, really. He went private school before. His dad is mega rich, but he went off with some Swedish secretary, and left them with nothing. His mum had a mental breakdown, so he has to look after her now,"

Seems like everyone has a fucked up family nowadays.