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Cake and Everything

(For lack of a better title)

The young girl fiddled with the envelope nervously, going over the pros and cons of what she was about to do in her head. Dying of embarrassment was the only thing that kept her stalling; standing nervously outside the bedroom door. Her comrades waited patiently outside the Young Avenger's Lair in the Leapfrog for her to finish. She had been very insistent that they stop by but now that she was here, her stomach was twisting into uncomfortable knots and making her reconsider her decision.

Molly Hayes took a deep breath in order to calm herself, ignoring the taunting voice in the back of her mind that said she would get laughed at. She knew it was silly and untrue, but a part of her was still scared and kind of believed the voice anyway. The loud sound of someone honking was heard and Molly sighed with a roll of her eyes. Chase must be getting impatient.

Steeling herself for the worst possible outcome yet hoping for the complete opposite, Molly knocked (or rather, tapped quietly) on the door three times and waited. It wasn't long before the door opened and Tommy was looking down at her with mild surprise, a grin forming on his lips.

"Hey, squirt! Didn't expect you to be knocking on my door." Tommy said, reaching out a hand to ruffle Molly's hair under her hat (it was green today; a colour that was rapidly becoming her favourite). "What brings you here?"

Molly smiled shyly and looked up at the speedster from under her bangs, "Well, um, I just wanted to tell you that, um, I'm turning thirteen next week," she paused, flushing lightly and continued with a rush of words, "And the others are throwing me a small party wouldyoupleasecome?"

She finished by holding out the envelope and Tommy took it from her, inspecting it carefully and deliberately slowly (as slow as he could anyway). He opened it and his eyes crinkled at the sight of a hand made card written in pencil crayon and marker. A chuckle escaped him, causing the girl to gulp inaudibly.

Tommy leaned against the door frame and rubbed his chin as though he was thinking, "I don't know, princess. I'm awful busy next week."

Disappointment etched itself onto Molly's face and she let out a sad "Oh".

"Buuuuuut...I'm sure I can stop by for a couple of hours if that's what you really want." Tommy was pleased when the girl's face lit up in delight and she hugged him fiercely around the waist.

"It is, it is, it is! It'll be awesome, Tommy! There's going to be cake and everything! I'm so glad you're coming! Wait 'til I tell everyone!" Molly grinned widely and Tommy gave her a pat on the head, laughing at her enthusiasm.

She knew Chase would probably complain about the fact that Tommy was actually coming, but that didn't stop her from believing that it would be the best birthday ever.


Sooooo there you go. Haha I think Molly having a small crush on Tommy would be so cute or even just wanting to be his bff is fine too. :] My mind is weird and I take comfort in knowing at least one other person I know of likes it too.