GETSUGA TENSHO! Shouted Ichigo at Aizen at Point Blank Range.

The Evil Man looked at the Blast as it cam towards him and raised his hand to stop the incoming Blast and easily deflected the blow. However he wasn't expecting Ichigo to Flash step behind him.

Ichigo had Gathered all of his spirit energy into one last attack. His Next blow kept the Getsuga in the Blade. Augmenting the Cut and Effectively Decapitating the traitorous captain.

Ichigo then started to fall, having exhausted himself in the process.

Seeing this Rukia ran towards his falling body.

Catching him, she gently lowered him to the ground. "Good Job Ichigo you did it."

They were then surrounded by Captains, helping Rukia transport him to Unohana for immediate Surgery to save his life.

All told there was much to be thankful for. There were still over three-hundred Soul reapers who had survived the Battle. Deaths however were large. Ukitake, Soi Fon, Hitsugaya, and Kurtotsuchi had all perished. As had Hisagi and Kira during their respective battles. Hisagi while killing tosen, was then killed by Gin. Hinamori had also been killed trying to convince Aizen to stop the madness, prompting Toshiro to attack and also lose his life to Aizen, subsequently making Karin Kurosaki to attack and die also. This was what brought Ichigo into the fray as he watched his sister die.

The battle had spanned many hours as the two fought bringing both to the brink of oblivion. Ichigo had had a hard time defeating Aizen without watching his attacks. This caused many serious injuries. Finally he had forced the bastard to unleash his Bankai. Which caused his illusions to become real. Aizen then had been able to stop all of Ichigo's attacks and injure him still more grievously

After Gin, and Tosen had all been dealt with all three hundred guardsmen had looked on in horror as their only hope had taken wound after wound.

It is no use boy, you're blind and have to face me. And while I can't hide my position from you with my Kyoka Suigetsu, I can certainly defeat you with out it.

Ichigo had then come up with his plan, attack him with Getsuga Tensho and then keep it in the blade and Cut the bastards head off. As he reflected upon his victory he lost consciousness before Aizen's head hit the Ground.

"Ichigo NO!" Screamed Rukia as she Caught him. He was heavy and she could barely support him. Checking his pulse she felt it going haywire.

"He's going into Shock, and he has an arrhythmia!" She shouted to Unohana. The Medic Captain was instantly helping Rukia transport the fallen Man to her Base camp where she could treat him.

Rukia then noticed Ichigo's Body lying on the Ground she went over to it, and to her horror she saw it had taken a blast and was unusable. "Oh Ichigo," she sobbed as she realized he was now really and truly a dead man.

Noticing this Yamamoto then called for order. "Silence!" He shouted. "Now then, Shunsui How many soul reapers witnessed Ichigo kill Aizen?"

Comprehension dawning on Kyoraku's face he Shouted, "More than enough survived the battle to qualify him, sir."

"Very well then, I hereby declare Ichigo to be the new 5th Squad Captain, by right of Combat against the captain of the fifth squad.

"But he is still alive!" Shouted Renji.

"Look over to Miss Kuchiki and the state of the body she is holding." Yamamoto ordered. "That body is Ichigo's but if you look at it, you will notice that the body can no longer keep living… He paused to gather his breath. Also If I am to understand Kisuke's methods for turning Ichigo back into a soul reaper, the spirit chain was severed. What then do you call it… Unlinked? No he has been dead for the past couple of months now."

Now, using a commanding and official tone of voice said, "So then there is nothing that need be discussed. He fought the previous captains of Squad Five and Three, and defeated them both. He has proven the fact that he deserves to be a Captain time and again." I hereby, by the power vested in me by the Spirit King himself, do Appoint Ichigo Kurosaki to the post of Captain of Squad Five!"

Finally, Unohana had stabilized Ichigo's condition and had him out of the woods.

This child has completely changed the course of history. How can one man change so much? He helped us to ferret out three traitors and then played the most significant part in destroying those traitors rebellion. He killed two Espada singlehandedly, rescued an innocent Soul Reaper from an unjust execution, and stopped countless plots against Soul Society all in the space of less than a year.

Rukia had never left Unohana's side as her Fukutaicho handled all the other injured Soul Reapers. Unohana remarked. She could have been a seated officer in the Fourth Squad by now. In fact, she should be a lieutenant by now. She has more than enough power. So I wonder… Why isn't she? Ah well.

Rukia was relieved when Unohana pronounced Ichigo safely out of danger and left Rukia in the tent with him alone.

"Ichigo-baka I hate you. Why'd you have to go and make me fall in love with you?" She asked the unconscious Soul Reaper.

Outside the tent, Byakuya stood frozen to the spot. She loves him? Great that's just frigging perfect, the only Soul Reaper I can't stand, and my sister goes and falls in love with him. Kami-sama must hate me for something; it's the only explanation for why he would play such a sick prank on me.

Komamura was sitting alone upon a hillside, mourning the loss of his friend to madness and Aizen. He suddenly felt Hisagi Shuhei approach. "What can I do for you my Friend?" he asked the man.

"I need to get some things straight in my head." Said Hisagi. "Ichigo just ascended to captaincy through a method that Captain Tosen despised, yet I don't hate him as my captain did Kenpachi Zaraki. I feel like I should hate him though. I need some guidance."

"Kaname didn't hate Kenpachi for the method of his ascension, but rather for his outlook and goals. Kenpachi is just a man who revels in blood. Kurosaki Ichigo on the other hand, is a man who despises conflict. If he had met Tosen before he defected, the two would have been friends. I am sure of it. The man doesn't shed blood needlessly and is more willing to shed his own blood than another's. But he realizes that there are some who talking cannot solve their problem. They are to be pitied but he realizes he must sometimes bloody his hands to keep the populace safe. He is the consummate protector. His name says it all, The First Protector. His first instinct is t o protect. He seems to have been meant to be a shinigami from his birth to the day Rukia Kuchiki first met him.

Thank you for your Guidance, Komamura Taicho.

Ichigo was Sleeping soundly upon the pole Zangetsu preferred to stand upon in his inner world. What is King Doing here, Hichigo asked the Zanpakuto Spirit.

"He has sustained major Damage from his battle with the former Captain of the Fifth Squad." Zangetsu answered the maniac.

"Well he's acting like a little bitch. Wake him up already."

No you demented freak. Also, why don't you just escape this world? The king as you call him is dead in the world of the living. You could leave if you wanted to and wreak havoc outside now. The konpaku was the only thing keeping you in his soul. So why don't you leave?