Ichigo Taicho Ch. 3

By Azraelean

Okay so it is the third chapter of Ichigo Taicho. The response to this has been generally good so I am glad I seem to amuse you. This chapter is not going to have much action, sorry. I have to deal with College, Parents and a semi-abusive sister sorry so we are going to be delving deeper into Ichigo and Rukia's relationship.

Ichigo was angry at his hollow. "Great just fucking perfect," he shouted at the sky, "Not one day after Aizen is dead and already I have another crisis on my hands. There is no Justice in this world."

Ichigo heard shouting so he traveled towards it. Nemu was shaking on the ground next to her slain Captain. "Father?" She said, seeming to plead with the corpse, "Father, please wake up, you can't be dead yet. There are new test subjects to collect…"

Normally this was always enough to rouse the man to alertness. This time though there was no movement from the nutcase. Ichigo was saddened, not because of the death of the lunatic who would reduce a person to Jell-O© just to see how long it took them to die, no he was sad that for all he had put her through, the girl still seemed to need him to tell her what to do.

Ichigo was also saddened to see Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori dead. They look like little kids. Damn Aizen, he caused all this pain. Then he remembered his sister, he Immediately shook in grief, he went over to where he thought she would be, There her body lay, Broken and empty of life, just a hollow shell.


Rukia was searching around for Ichigo, she had to tell him all that was going to happen now. She found him, kneeling in the street, next to the broken body of his sister. The sight tore Rukia's heart. The frowning face she knew and loved was not in a frown, it was tossed back in pure anguish. He has had this pain once already… but what will he be like now? She will be in the Rukongai now, and if she is anything like her brother, she will have enormous spirit energy.

She decided to just give Ichigo as much time as she could to grieve. After awhile a small voice spoke to her, "What is he doing here?" She turned to see Unohana Retsu.

"That body he is holding is his sister's." Rukia explained.

Unohana flinched, "Ah, I see… I hate to do this but Captain Yamamoto is calling a captains meeting and wished me t o come collect Ichigo-Taicho…"

"Fine." They both heard. "I'll go."

"Alright then." Unohana said softly. Ichigo and Rukia followed the woman to the command tent. "Come on in." Unohana said to Ichigo, who dragged Rukia along.

Rukia stuttered. "I-Ichi-g-go I'm not supposed to go in, I'm not a taicho so…"

"Please, Rukia. I need you."

At these words Rukia's heart melted, she felt warmth in her chest but also cold fear… Why would Ichigo, the savior of all of existence, need her? "Why?" she asked him.

"I-i-I don't know if I'm uh -up to handling myself r-right n-now." He stuttered.

He really is messed up right now about his sister. "Okay, Ichigo"


Byakuya and every other captain who had survived noticed his sister supporting Ichigo into the room. He narrowed his eyes but chose to ignore it. When Captain Kyoraku saw Ichigo's face, he immediately knew that he had lost someone very precious to him…

Captain Yamamoto said… "Welcome Ichigo. Could you please let miss Kuchiki…"

"No, I can't, I'm sorry, sir…"

All lieutenants whose captain had perished save for Nemu had also come. Rangiku looked like shit right then, despite her flaws she had loved her captain, he was like her kid brother. She looked exactly like Ichigo in fact, Sallow puffy eyes that had cried quite a bit, she was barely hanging on right now.

"(Hem) very well Miss Kuchiki can stay. Now then all captains are now authorized to return to Soul Society with their remaining division members. Ichigo-taicho, you shall take the fifth division. Now then Miss Kuchiki please guide Ichigo-taicho to his division. Dismissed." He ended his monologue and all captains left the room. Ichigo wasn't moving however and so Rukia just took his hand and led him to the Senkaimon Gate. No fifth division members save Hinamori were allowed to participate in the battle because Aizen may have left some spies in Seireitei, so Ichigo didn't have to give any commands to the people he was now leader of. That was good. He wouldn't have been able to speak anyway.

"Ichigo…" Rukia said. "Let's go."

Ichigo just trudged along where she led him. She knew he didn't want to talk about it. Not right now anyway.

When they arrived at the fifth division, she saw Ichigo staring confusedly at the division building. So she just led him to where the captains quarters would be, got him in his room, and sat him on the bed.

She said "Ichigo, I'm so sorry about that, is there anything I can do to help you?"

"Yes." He said as he pulled her into a hug. She hugged him back, as she was flustered by his sudden actions.

Oh Ichigo… She said softly as she just held him tightly, as though if she let go he would lose his sanity and grip on reality. "I'm so sorry, Ichigo."

He was now crying as he said, "I n-never even ex-plained t-to her about me being a shi-shini-g-gami." He sobbed. "Sh-she asked me; and I-I j-just ignored her and ran away."

She held him, as he cried himself to sleep.

This boy had to grow up too quickly. And his Sister died in the process. She was in spirit form to boot, so she will have rejoined the souls of the living now. And Ichigo's father, he has to bury two children. A single tear rolled down Rukia's face as she joined Ichigo in sleep

Okay that's the chapter. I know I seem like a real sap right now. But if I always focused on protecting people like Ichigo and I failed to protect my sister, I would act just like that. I am assuming that the question she asks her brother will remain unanswered in the anime because she has no answer from Ichigo, So please R&R.