Sly Cooper fanfic12

Special Thanks to Jammin Jabala for allowing me access to use his OC: Julius Black...

Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ). The adventures that were never told...

Sequel to Cache Raid...

Untold Chronicles...


Feeling the sun cast its holy light upon his eyelids, Johnathan Sawyer slowly opened his eyes, seeing the sunrise behind the trees of Howlers Island. He was a Grey wolf, one of many of the canine species that were held prisoners to some sinister science project. Every morning, he woke up in the middle of the island's woods, every noon, the metal men would hunt for him, as well as the other prisoners, and bring him back to the complex facility, where they would all be tortured.

Sawyer was only sixteen years old, the youngest of all the prisoners, and as most of the adults would describe, too young to witness such horrors. Everything on Howlers Island was beyond normal logic, many strange and bizarre creatures populated its surface, chemicals mixed with the clouds, causing daily acid rain, and in the category of strange creatures, he was one of them. Deep within his being slept a monster, a horrible beast waiting to get out.

Finally, every night the beast inside him was released, and it would be sent out to hunt, and he was only a spectator of himself, forced to watch himself kill and devour innocent victims. And every morning he would awaken the same way, lying on the cold dirt, blood all over his mouth and torso, and the constant traumatizing experience that made him fear the night, and fear that cycle he was trapped within.

He scurried to his feet, as his bare toes touched the dirt, after the beast's hunt the previous night, he was left hardly any clothes left to cover him from the cold chill or the acid rain. The hunters would be out soon, and he had to find a good hiding place away from sight. It has been proved pointless to hide, eventually they would find him, they were, after all, the ones who were feeding them, keeping them alive, but only so they could test them even further.

Like the others, Sawyer was only kept in this hellhole because the hunters, and their superior, wanted the beast, to tame it, to control it, to use it as a weapon. That was all he was, like the others, he was nothing more than a tool, a weapon that needs to be tamed and controlled.

Sawyer was more than scared, he was depressed, he remembered a time, only a year ago, when he had been with his mother and father. Before he signed up for this experiment, he had seen the time with his parents as an ordeal. His parents' arguments were torture to hear, but whenever he argued with his father, it was worse. He never saw eye-to-eye with his father, and a bond between them was never formed, and it was at the day, when he found the applications to a scientist's experimentation program, that he decided he wanted to leave his parents, leave and never see them again.

However, after meeting the scientist, after signing his signature on that contract, he still realized too late that he had made the biggest mistake of his life. He had signed away his soul to the devil, becoming one of many owned pets to some project that he would never understand was for. After going through the ordeal he was living in now, after realizing that he had broken the hearts of his parents by leaving them, the first thing in the morning, which he could not help, was cry at the painful memory.

He glanced to the side, spotting a large stick. He approached it and picked it up off the ground, he collected a sharp stone and began to rub it against the tip of the stick, sharpening it to a spear head. Whether he knew he could not win, he was not going to let the metal men take him without a fight.

As he sharpened his makeshift weapon, Sawyer looked up to the sky, spotting the dark clouds that loomed over the island. After hearing a series of small thunders, he knew he needed to find shelter. Acid rain could do critical damage to bare skin, and from the position he was in, half-naked in the woods, he was out into the open.

The acid rain would have no effect against the metal men, they were not slowed down nor harmed by its destruction, and neither was the complex facility. No matter if it was the only safe place of protection from the acid rain, he was not returning to that Devil's lair.

Should he gain the assistance of the other poor souls that have been incarcerated here, too? It would make no difference. Sooner or later he would be captured again, only to be released as the beast that rested inside of him, and repeat the cycle. What was the point of fighting? He could never win, and no matter what happens, nothing, as far as he was aware of, could ever change.

He thought about going South, away from the complex facility, but his instincts told him East, towards the sunrise. Although he would rather get as far away as he could, he knew he had been to the South many times, and the metal men would suspect him to show up so they could trap him, going East was a change of tactic, might confuse them and give him a chance.

Sawyer dropped the stone, now armed with a sharp pointed staff, he vanished into the woods, first to elude the upcoming acid rain, and then to hide from the metal men.

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