Sly Cooper fanfic12

Set after Dead Men Tell No Tales, and before the Cooper Vault Job(BCVJ). The adventures that were never told...

Sequel to Cache Raid...

Untold Chronicles...


Hours, days... he couldn't tell how long, but Johnathan Sawyer knew he had been unconscious for a while. He felt and sensed for his surroundings and surfaces, unsure of where the beast inside him had decided to stop and rest as soon as the sun rose again. It was quite unusual, the surface which he laid on, it was soft and comfortable like a mattress, completely different from the regular ground and soil he found himself lying on. He opened an eye, spotting a wooden room with many beds, desks, plants for decoration, and a small group of people, all too busy in their own personal to notice he had awoken.

He recognized a few of them, all faces he had seen before just yesterday while on this odd, but still familiar ship, the outsiders. He propped himself with his arms and sat up, feeling strangely refreshed and liberated, as if the curse that had transformed him into a monster every night for the last year. His recovery into alert had drawn the attention of the outsiders, and a woman, a white mouse dressed in the appearance of a skilled mechanic, approached his bed and laid a pair of clothes on his legs.

"Good morning, Johnny," the white mouse said. He tried to remember her name, Penelope or Penny or something? "Have a nice rest?"

Sawyer thought he would answer that question with what he had been feeling every morning he usually woke up, but instead, he felt lost at words for his opinion of his rest. He felt great. Better than he had felt in a long time. "Yes..." the word escaped past his lips, as he, for the first time in a whole year, smiled. His smile faded into a confused look as he looked at Penelope. "But why? What happened last night?"

"The monster formula," she began, "the virus inside of you and the other specimen subjects, has been cured and ridden off. You'll never change back into a monster again, for as long as you live."

At that information, his smile returned, as he felt the warmth of the Lord covering him, the warmth of a father's hug. The thought made him frown again, his own mother and father, he still missed them terribly.

"Well, get dressed," Penelope told him, and started for the door, "breakfast is on the counter next to you, eat up and meet up with me on deck. There's a surprise for you."--and then she was gone.

The young wolf hurriedly donned his clothes and chowed down on his breakfast, as he ate he didn't care anymore if he had lost his manners at a year, he was just hungry, and this had definitely been a good morning so far. He licked the dish and wiped his mouth with his sleeve, almost feeling sorry for not treating his new clothes with some respect. And then he headed out of the infirmary, quick modest but fascinated by all of the people on board. Some were people he had known while a monster specimen, and the others, the outsiders, they were all just fascinating to look at.

He climbed up on deck, spotting a new sky, a pure blue, clouded sky without the tainted haze or acid raining clouds that he had grown too familiar with. He turned and found a ship port, the same exact port he had left on a ship to that damned island, the outsiders' ship was in the shipyard of his home! He looked around and found Penelope talking to a turtle in a wheel chair, "Bentley" he remember his name was, and a raccoon dressed in all blue.

Penelope turned her head and found him looking around, and then waved at him, motioning him to come over. Sawyer accepted this warm welcome and approached them, just in time to shake hands with the raccoon. This was the day he meet Sly Cooper, the world famous Master Thief, and, just last night recently, had lifted the curse.

He pointed in the direction behind him, "We have a surprise for you," he said. That's right! The surprise that had been mentioned earlier this morning. He turned around, following the direction that Mr. Cooper's finger indicated. To his surprised, he found two people, a married couple of wolves, both holding each others hands as they spoke with the cougar.

"Mom? Dad?" Sawyer breathed, unsure but hoping it was his parents. It had been a year and yet... he could still recognize them? But he didn't care for the mystery, he was only glad to see them after so long.

The father's gaze glanced to look with his own, as he told the mother. They both stared at him, neither of them moved, nor did Sawyer, all three of them were stunned by each other. It had been a year since they all had last seen each other, and now, after they had awaited to see each other again, none of them could find the confidence to twitch a finger.

Finally, Sawyer broke out in a sprint past several of the outsiders, tears of joy in his eyes, as he ran down the ramp. Up ahead, as the cougar stepped aside to allow him a clear path, both his parents held smiles and tears in their own eyes as they extended their arms. Upon reaching them, he wrapped his arms around them both, as they, in return, held him in their warm hug. After so long, after all of the yelling at each other, the arguing, and all the weeping, it had all reached an end. Never again would they argue about anything for the rest of their lives, and during the time they would pray thanks to the Lord, and pay gratitude to the outsiders--no, the heroes--for rejoining their family.

Sly, Bentley and Penelope all looked at the reunited family, feeling the warm adrenaline of a good deed fill their hearts and minds. The raccoon, among most of them, could only stand to observe and envy them for so long, this image of a boy and his mother and father was a heart warming sight, but a painful one at that. A tear took advantage and escaped his eye as it ran down his cheek. Could it had been like this with him and his own parents, if he wasn't orphaned would he have lived happily ever after like young Johnny Sawyer. He would never know the feeling as a boy and just his parents, it was all too late now.

"You alright, Sly?" Penelope asked, noticing his now wet cheek.

The raccoon quickly wiped the tears from his face, "Yeah... yeah, I'm just fine." He assured them, taking a quick breath before getting back to business. "Now then, where to next?"

With that question, Bentley opened the Seeker's Scroll on his lap, "Well, there's still many treasure in the world, but it appears the Scroll wants us to find the rest of these Canopic Jars."

Sly nodded, "I actually agree with the Scroll, even though it's just a piece of paper. These Jars have some type of importance to them, if Algeron had said so and Dr. Reinvar had gone to great lengths to keep it in security. How many are there?"

"Five, I count..." Bentley replied, his finger on the black jar symbols of the map.

"Then let's plot a course to the nearest one."

Meanwhile, back on Howlers' Island, the crash site of the downed helicopter revealed it to be scattered all over the place... or at least, that's how it looked from the opinion of Morgan Remnant. Dressed in an all black outfit that covered every part of skin that made him look like a silhouette, including a gasmask that hid his face, he and his team of wolves, all of which were too dressed in black, probed around the site for anything of desirableness. There was something among all of this wreckage that he wanted, something that the Blue Vipers' small team had failed to collect and bring back to base of operations on schedule.

"M'lord!" The Sergeant wolf called, saluting to the silhouette as he extended his hand and held two capsules, "We found only two, the rest were destroyed when the chopper crashed."

Remnant accepted the capsules and observed them in his hand, the very glass vials that contained the formula that turned regular canine citizens into werewolf weapon specimens. He studied them for a minute before he placed them into the shade of his coat, and as soon as the capsules vanished in the shadows he withdrew his hand, and turned to keep looking.

"My lord!" Called another of the wolf mercenaries, holding up a cube-shaped object. "The Vipers' are dead by the schematics are still in one piece."

The silhouette took the datacube and studied it, turning it with his single hand to observe it from all angles. If it weren't for the mask, the Merc Sergeant and his team would have seen Remnant smile.

"Very good, Sergeant," he told them, "we're all done here. Salvage whatever you like from the chopper but leave the dead, we have everything we need."

With that, Remnant rotated and headed for their own ship, the datacube, containing the schematics for the Clockwerk frame, firmly in his grip. Now that it was obtained, all that was left was a large team of his own and a scientist to see to the schematics, no one like the Klaww Gang or those useless Blue Vipers, but other specialists to see to it that his plan comes with success. For this was not over, no... this was only the beginning of a new world order at hands...


Okay! Just to let you all know, as you probably already know in my summary, this is my last Sly Cooper story. However, I am still going to go for the SC crossover idea in the Untold Chronicles, so if you sitll want to follow along with the story to the Crossover Showdown, the sequel to this will be Conspiracy, a Kung Fu Panda fanfic, and with ravioli jo's permission, it will feature Masquerade. That's right, the same deadly assassin from The Hunt stories.

But to summarize it all up, this is it for me on Sly Cooper stories, I am sorry to tell you all, but after I complete the Untold Chronicles through crossover stories, I will have gone as far as I could with SC fanfics. However, I may return, maybe, but until then, I will be gone from the SC category. But Sly Cooper will always be my favorite video game, no other will replace it.

This is goodbye, and most likely, this is the last time you hear from 082 Martian Scout...