UHH~… Just so you guys know, the larger animals here are Hybrids (Half animal half human), but the smaller animals, like birds and monkeys and stuff are going to be full animals, okay? Okay…

Warning: Loads of Fluff in the prologue~ xD And the rating WILL go up as the story progresses xD

Here Kitty Kitty~


"Oi! Qui' it!" Said a young tiger cub as he batted his small, clawed hand at his attacker.

"Mmmm… No~" His attacker chortled with a smirk as he once again grabbed the bright orange tail that was just begging to be tugged at. The poor orange kit mewled pathetically as he tried to escape the panther cub's playful antics.

"Leggo!" He hissed as he tried to pull himself free, but to no avail. Hissing in anger, he turned around quickly, only to pounce on the other and make them tumble to the grassy earth in a mess of fur. He hastily took his tiny mouth and bit down on the other kit's dark blue ear in retaliation, but the panther just refused to let go of his tail. Growling, he dug his canines into the sensitive ear stubbornly until his tail was finally released.

The two kits then became a blur of orange and blue as they rolled around in the dirt. They continued this until the blue one had the other pinned down, a victorious grin visible on his chibi face.

"Heh, heh. Yer not too bad, dandelion." He purred happily as he buried his face against the soft skin of the orange-haired kit's neck. He practically burst with glee when he felt the other's throat begin to vibrate with a purr as well.

"You're not so bad yourself, blueberry." The orange kit murmured back tiredly and then let out a cute yawn as he curled up into a ball. He slowly closed his auburn eyes while the blue kit curled up beside him, yawning as well. The panther's electric blue eyes watched his orange friend closely as he began to fall asleep.

"'ey… Ichigo." He whispered and poked said cub's side before the tiger could fully fall asleep. The kit opened one eye lazily as he waited for his friend to continue. "We… We'll be friends fereva… right?" His voice sounded unsure, but hopeful, and the orange one almost laughed, but thought better of it when he saw the panther's watery blue eyes.

"Yeah, of course. Dun be stoopid, Grimmjow… We'll play again when we wake up, so go ta sleep… m'tired…" He answered and cuddled up next to the other, who wrapped around him protectively, their tails becoming intertwined.

That was the last time Ichigo ever saw his friend, that is, until they were much older, but by then... it was too late to go back to the carefree friendship they had as cubs.