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Summary: Hermione and Draco are kinda friends…ish. But what happens when circumstances lead to Draco having to babysit Hermione's daughter?

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Circumstances Changed



'We talk and talk, round it all, who'd have thought we'd end up here? But I'm feeling fine'

"Miss Granger." Draco Malfoy called at the last woman waiting to be interviewed that day.

Hermione Granger rose from her seat proudly and shook hands with her former archenemy "Hello Mr. Malfoy."

Draco invited her to sit in a comfortable armchair in front of his desk and there was a slight awkward pause between them before he cleared his throat "So Miss Granger," he went on to give off the usual speech about the available job as second assistant to the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Belinda Bell.

He himself was the first assistant. A Malfoy working as an assistant to someone else had quickly become the laughingstock of the British wizarding society when he'd first started.

As Draco spoke, he wondered what to call her. Hermione was obviously out of the question, but Granger seemed juvenile and Miss Granger was much too proper to call and old classmate who had once punched him square in the face.

Also, the whole 'Miss' thing sounded too much to him as naughty school girl fantasies. He suddenly feared she would call him 'Sir' as she would become his subordinate if she were given the job.

Watching her tilt her head to the side when she listened attentively to him and occasionally wet her lips, nervous habit?, Draco realized Hermione was someone to fantasize about now. She had filled out quite generously and it looked like she actually spent time on her hair now, as it was up in a wavy ponytail high on her head.

"And so of course following a direct order or protocol is very important," Draco droned on. The interviewing was boring him to no end.

Hermione cut him off "That is not a problem." she assured him confidently.

"Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?" Draco jokingly asked and was astounded to see her fight back a smile.

A deafening silence filled the room when Draco composed himself "Yes, well Miss Granger…" he moved some papers around in front of him to buy some time.

"I was thinking," she carefully began, not exactly sure how to approach the subject "could we just call each other Granger and Malfoy like…" she stopped herself from saying 'like we used to' not wanting to make things further awkward by reminding him of their pre-war school days hounding each other.

Draco let out an obvious sigh of relief "Sounds good Granger." For the first time during this, they both seemed to be more relaxed.

Everything between them was almost forgotten. After the war, Hermione had moved to France for two years, and the Malfoys had won back some goodwill by organizing several orphanages to help the children that had been left without parents, as well as a number of other charities that Narcissa controlled with an iron will.

Lucius drew back from their social life completely; never certain if the people they met with merely tolerated him or actually believed his repentance. He spend most of his time in the gardens at the Malfoy Manor until Narcissa had tours arranged where the proceeds from the entrance fees went to support werewolves that couldn't afford the Wolfsbane potion on their own.

When his enthusiastic wife had suggested that Fridays be 'Feed the Peacocks Day' Lucius had drawn the line though.

To continue the interview Draco asked "Granger with these records why do you want to work here?" he didn't add 'with me' but it was clearly implied.

Hermione took a moment before she answered, "Because out of all people, I know that if you hire me it's because I'm right for the job and not because I was part of the "Golden Trio"." She made air quotes as she said 'Golden Trio'. Draco snickered.

"Okay, Granger you're obviously yourself."

She smiled and tucked a stray curl behind her ear "I'll take that as a compliment." Draco's face fell, but he decided not to comment on it "I am surprised you're applying for a desk job in this department though? I would've thought you had gone for the drama filled jobs like Potter and Weasley?"

"Well I can't."

When Draco shot her, a questioning look Hermione took a deep breath before saying "Because of my daughter."

Pretty certain that his jaw had actually dropped onto his desk, Draco rubbed his chin while opening and closing his mouth a lot to answer.

"You have a…?"

Hermione nodded.

"It's Weasley's isn't it?"

Hermione shook her head.

His papers had nearly been shoved off the table as Draco kept pushing them around in frantic, but neat, squares on his table. He didn't like loosing his cool composure to Hermione of all people, school days forgotten or not.

"So how old is…?" he paused to let Hermione tell the name of her daughter.

"Cora-Lynn." She helpfully added, with her eyes on her crossed ankles. She felt extremely odd and self-conscious discussing this with Draco Malfoy, her possible future co-worker.

Draco was lucky Hermione had her eyes down so she couldn't see the face he pulled when she told him the name "Cora-Lynn?" he couldn't stop himself from blurting it out dismayed.

"Yeah, but everyone calls her Lynnie. And she's just about to turn three." Like any mother she couldn't quite bring herself to get off the subject of her kid.

Once again, Draco was awe-struck; this really happened too much in Hermione's presence, as he quickly did the math "You got pregnant right at the end of the war!"

The hazel eyes of Hermione met his with that steely Gryffindor courage, or foolhardiness as Draco liked to refer to it, and she raised her chin defiantly "Yes I did."

"But how did you…" Draco didn't finish the question. He realized it wasn't appropriate to ask, not just at a job interview but in general. But he remembered the chaos that ruled right after the war and the constant attention that involved Hermione and never once had he seen her with a baby.

Crossing her arms, which only added to the old image Draco, had of her Hermione pressed out through her teeth "If you must know, I concealed my pregnancy quite easily, and when I'd had Cora-Lynn I sent her to stay with my parents in Australia."

Draco didn't miss the tears in her eyes, but merely wondered if they were from anger, frustration, or sadness that she'd had to send her kid away. Or all three. But he didn't ask.

"That was very clever of you." He nodded to her, and Hermione let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding until he added, "Ooh, it's so Weasley's!"

She rolled her eyes, almost happy that he had taken it all like that and not treated her like the porcelain dolls many of her acquaintances seemed to think she were.

"Ronald is not the father. She is quite fond of him though, and calls him Uncle Ron."

Bending his head down to his trashcan Draco said, "Granger please! I'm gonna lose my breakfast."

Hermione couldn't help but chuckle "Staying fit the bulimic way, huh Malfoy?"

He sat up again "You're hired."

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