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Have I Told You Lately?

'There's a love that's divine, and it's yours and it's mine and it turns like the sun, at the end of the day, we should give thanks and pray, to the one, and have I told you lately that I love you?

When Hermione and Cora-Lynn got off the train and were back in London it was raining and the sky was dark. She tried not to take it as a bad omen. Her parents had offered to come and pick them up and she wished she had taken them up on the offer.

She was tired after the train ride and couldn't deal with the thought of bringing their suitcases with them on the crowded tube with her fussy daughter as well so she decided to splurge on a cab home.

Due to the bad weather the line for the taxis was long and when Hermione looked around for a dry spot for Cora-Lynn to stand and wait, she spotted him in the crowd. With the blonde hair and slightly uncomfortable expression he really was hard to miss.

Her heart started beating a little faster and she felt her cheeks blush as a smile suddenly appeared on her face. Getting some distance from the mess her life had become had been good for her, and she and Cora-Lynn had been able to talk about Cormac as sensibly as you could with a five year old. But it was good to be back, Hermione could tell by her reaction to seeing Draco.

Stepping out of the line she pointed him out to Cora-Lynn who was thrilled to see him as well and ran off before Hermione could get a good grip on her hand.

"Sweets, be careful!" she yelled after her wayward daughter as she rushed after her, dragging their suitcases as well. Draco must've heard them because his face instantly lit up and to her relief Hermione saw shortly after that he had Cora-Lynn in his arms.

It was good to see her kid smile. The whole deal with Cormac had been confusing to Cora-Lynn and downed her spirit a little. One night she had confessed to Hermione she didn't know if she wanted to see him and Hermione had told her that there was no pressure. After that they'd had a good time again, but she knew it was still troubling Cora-Lynn.

Draco pointed off to the side, clearly signalling her to meet him away from the large crowd they were smack-dab in the middle off. She nodded and headed towards them.

Despite the cold weather her palms got sweaty. She had thought so much about him when they were gone. She realized the sudden need for him was no so sudden after all, she just hadn't noticed it until she had forced herself away from him. Both times.

Still holding Cora-Lynn, Draco pulled Hermione into a tight hug and kissed her cheek "Good to see you again."

"How did you know when we were coming back? I haven't told anyone?" Hermione asked, pretending to be displeased, but she knew her smiling eyes were probably giving her away.

"I have my ways." Draco said in a sultry voice that made her long to reach out for him and get a kiss on more than her cheek. But as to remind them of her presence Cora-Lynn began speed talking about all the events of their vacation.

Draco listened carefully while his other arm stayed around Hermione, stroking her skin beneath her shirt.

"I've got a portkey set up nearby." He informed her when Cora-Lynn took a break to breathe. He'd put her back down to help Hermione with the suitcases. She happily broke them apart to take Hermione's hand in her right and Draco's in her left.

The portkey got them directly to Hermione's drive in.

"Very impressive Mr. Malfoy." She grinned teasingly as she unlocked the front door. She was about to be surprised though. Inside a large bouquet of beautiful sunflowers waited for her.

"Wow, Mummy, look!" Cora-Lynn forgot everything else and rushed forward to smell the flowers and snatched up the card that was attached.

Realizing she wouldn't be able to read it she huffed "This is boring!" and threw it over her shoulder, rushing upstairs to her own room when Draco informed her a similar present was waiting for her.

Cautiously Hermione picked up the simple card of cream coloured, rough parchment. The only thing on it was a heart painted in ink with a question mark inside. She turned around to look at Draco "How did you know sunflowers are my favourite flower?"

He took a step closer "Like I said, I have my ways."

She wiped a single tear from the corner of her eye, taken with the gesture "I'm gonna look over the fact that you broke into my house, because this is so nice of you."

Finally she was in his arms properly, hiding her face against the soft fabric of his shirt. It was a big decision, but pretending that it hadn't already been made for them, was just plain silly.

Draco rubbed her arms comfortably "Don't spread it around, alright? I'll lose my reputation." he smirked. Lifting her chin with her fingertip, his eyes asked the same question as his card. Hermione nodded and he took her mouth in a sweet kiss.

"It's you and me right?"

Nodding, Draco took the kiss a step further, their tongues finding each other at a slow, sensual pace.

"EWW! That is SO gross!" Cora-Lynn's outburst interrupted them, especially because it was followed by her small body trying to force herself in between them.

"You get the full package." Hermione grinned, looking down upon her unruly daughter.

"Thank Merlin," Draco crouched down to become eye-level with Cora-Lynn "Princess, would you mind if me and your Mummy became boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Cora-Lynn took her sweet time to mull it over, walking around Draco and inspecting him closely.

"If you promise not to kiss all the time, I guess." She finally deigned to answer and ran off screaming when Draco dipped Hermione to perform a real Hollywood kiss.

Once they were both upright again, Draco looked at Hermione "Have fun telling your parents."

Hermione's face fell and she slapped him on his arm "Joke's on you, you have to deal with Harry and Ronald every day at work."

With a twinkle in his eye Draco shook his head "Nope, I quit. I'm going to take a crack at running Malfoy Cooperation Group with Blaise."

"Hmm," Hermione tapped her chin "you've almost grown up too much for my liking."

"You're a hard woman to please Hermione Granger."

"Oh yes."


Five years later

Still getting a little kick out of it, Hermione locked the door to what was now her own bookshop. With a big help from Draco and Blaise, or officially from Malfoy Cooperation Group, she had gotten the funds to take over the shop after the old owner passed away.

It kept her busy, as she passionately threw herself into acquiring a special 'Rare Manuscripts' aisle and organizing book signings with famous authors, as well as a lot of fundraisers, to the pleasure of Narcissa.

As an added perk she had ordered Cora-Lynn's schoolbooks for her first year at Hogwarts directly to the shop, instead of having to pick them up at Flourish and Blott's. It was still six months away, but she was so excited on behalf of her daughter. And even though she told herself not to put too much pressure on her, she couldn't deny that she had high hopes for her as well.

In addition to running the shop Hermione had also begun writing. She had only one book published so far, and it was based on facts, not fiction. Secretly she was working on a novel. She also wrote a lot of articles that had been published, never one to keep her opinion to herself.

It had been hell trying to get her book published, and Draco had suggested that she opened up her own publishing house as well. But she had enough on her plate already, and had pushed that dream off until Cora-Lynn was older. He'd called her an overprotective mother, not for the first time, and she had slammed the bedroom door, letting him know he could either go home or sleep on the couch.

After five years of dating they still didn't actually live together. Most of the time Draco was at her place, they called it their place, and most of his stuff had found it's way in as well, but his furniture and some personal belongings still resided in his wing of the Malfoy Manor.

Hermione liked being able to take a break from each other now and then, even though it was becoming more rare that it was needed.

Today was Saturday and she had closed the shop early as usual. Normally this excited her. She would go home and write undisturbed for an hour before Draco was back from the office or a meeting, and Cora-Lynn would come home from various play dates in time for dinner. But today her back ached, and she felt completely exhausted.

Inside the empty house she laid down on the couch to close her eyes for five minutes, and relieve her back, before getting going with her writing. Instead she fell asleep. She had taken a half hour nap and if it wasn't because the phone rang she probably would've slept much longer.

She was too tired to get up and answer it. Wondering if she was getting sick, she checked her watch. She would have time to swing by St. Mungo's for a check-up before Parvati was off her shift.

Parvati declared her to be healthy before running one last test.

It was late when Hermione got back home. Cora-Lynn greeted her from the living room and Draco from the kitchen. He smiled proudly "Look, I managed to conjure dinner all on my own!"

Two minutes later Hermione had run for the bathroom and was vomiting into the toilet. Draco stared at the steaks with mashed potatoes "It can't be that bad."

He was even more confused when Hermione descended from the stairs with a huge, secretive smile.

After assuring him that she was okay, she had him guess her secret.

"You finished your book?"

"No, that will take ages."

"Okay, umm … you made a good sale?"

She shook her head, biting her lip, bursting to tell him and Cora-Lynn who joined in with the guessing.

"You're letting me have pet monkey?"

"Not that discussion again Sweets."

That concluded Cora-Lynn's participation in the game.

"Okay, I'm out, tell me." Draco tugged at her sleeve like an impatient child.

"I'm pregnant." Hermione revealed. Cora-Lynn squealed and rushed over to hug her Mum, while Draco sat as if frozen in front of her.


"With twins."

"Really, you're having twins?" Cora-Lynn squealed again. Draco whimpered.

Hermione's smile faded "I thought you wanted children?"

He took her hands "I do, and I'm happy. But," he swallowed "Hermione, will you marry me?" he got down on one knee.

She couldn't help but laugh at him "Yes silly, I've agreed to that months ago." They kissed and Cora-Lynn pretended to vomit.

"I know, and we made all those plans, but now I think it should be soon."

Hermione lifted an eyebrow "You mean before I show, so our parents won't harass us about morals?"

Draco smirked "No, I just don't want you to look fat in our wedding pictures."

"Urgh!" Hermione slapped him over the back of his head, before helping him set the table. Cora-Lynn joined them in the kitchen "First we'll have to see if this engagement actually sticks." She piped in with a smirk worthy of a Malfoy.

Hermione pointed at her with a fork "No one needs your sass, young lady."

"Now, now ladies, calm down, this is a time of celebration!" Draco cut in, putting the dinner on the table, pouring Butterbeer for himself, a small glass for Hermione, and pumpkin juice for Cora-Lynn.

The three of them toasted.

"But you do realize this means we'll also have to move in together, properly? And in a bigger place." Draco sneakily added when they began cutting into their food. Cora-Lynn looked startled for the first time since the news.

Hermione shook her head "We're not moving. We'll turn the attic into a room for Cora-Lynn, you'll have more space and when you're a teenager you'll appreciate the distance from the rest of us."

Cora-Lynn had that smirk again "You sure I'll have to be a teenager before I appreciate that?"

"What did I tell you about your sass? Anyhow, and then we'll turn Cora-Lynn's room into a nursery." Hermione finished.

Draco scowled at her "If those two babies turns out to both be girls, I'm letting Blaise move in so I have some gender backup."

Not too long after the joyous evening Hermione and Draco held their wedding celebration. It was a wide variety of guests all thrown together, but everyone had a good time and those who didn't at least pretended to.

The night before Cora-Lynn was to return from Hogwarts for Christmas the twins were born.


An additional five years later

Hermione sat in her comfortable armchair with her legs over the side of it, reading through a new book that had just been released and she would be featuring in her shop window. Without looking up she called out "Hold it! Where are you going?"

Cora-Lynn had been on her way out.

Finishing the page Hermione put in her bookmark and finally looked up "It's Christmas Eve and we have guests coming tonight, you know that."

"Yes, but I made plans to drink a quick Butterbeer with Dad." Cora-Lynn explained innocently. It had taken her years to build up a relationship with Cormac. Even though she called him Dad, in her heart there was no doubt about who that really was. Draco had been there for her in so many ways that Cormac hadn't.

But she still saw him every once in a while and she had forgiven him for initially not wanting her. He had after all still provided for her in a way, and he was the one who wanted to make amends back in the day, it wasn't like she'd have to track him down.

Hermione squinted her eyes "Oh yeah, he told me. Don't take too long though, and don't even think about seeing Dennis and pretending the Butterbeer dragged out."

Rolling her piercing blue eyes, Cora-Lynn sighed "No mother." and hurried out the door, already texting Dennis. Her mother knew her too well.

Following Cora-Lynn through the windows, Hermione smiled. Her little girl was all grown up. It made her feel old to think like that. She could hear the twins playing upstairs with Draco and the thought calmed her fears. She was a witch after all. Thirty-three was really no age at all.

She tried to focus on her book again, but the playing sounded rough so she called for Draco.

When he came downstairs he looked out of breath and his hair was messed up "Our children are insane!" he informed her, pushing her legs aside so he could sit on the armrest.

Laying her hands over her stomach, Hermione pretended to scold Draco "Sssh, the baby will hear you!"

Draco smiled "Right," he leaned forward and pressed his mouth to Hermione's stomach "sorry little Scorpius, you can look forward to getting out of there."

"Scorpius?" Hermione blurted out, louder than she had intended to.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that name?" Draco innocently asked.

Running a hand through her curls Hermione sighed "So many things. But what makes you think you get to name him?"

"You got to name a girl and a boy, I only got to name a girl. So there." Draco almost topped off his triumph with sticking his tongue out at his wife, but decided to go with a different tactic "And you named our son Hugo! That's then times worse than Scorpius. At least that's a noble name."

"Excuse me, but Victor Hugo is one of my favourite authors and you wouldn't have liked it if I'd named him Victor, would you?" Hermione smirked. Draco pulled face.

"By the way," Hermione added "when are you going to stop telling people that Hugo picked his own name when we introduce them?"

"I haven't been using that excuse that long."

"Since he was a baby, Draco. Before he could even speak!"

"I only say it when he's out of earshot. Either way, this boy is being named Scorpius, come hell or high water." Draco stole a kiss to seal the deal. Hermione weakened to his touch and held him close by tugging at the collar of his shirt.

They didn't break apart until they could hear the children on the stairs.

"Rosie, H-Man, back to beat up Daddy again?" Draco asked, opening his arms and they instantly ran to him. Rose climbed up on Hermione's lap.

"How long to the party?" she asked seriously. Even though she was a quiet child, at least compared to Cora-Lynn and Hugo, Rose loved when they had the house full of people, especially on Christmas Eve.

Hermione checked her watch "Oh still about four hours, honey. Want to play a game?"

Draco found their Uno cards and got the children seated around the coffee table and began dealing while Hermione made hot chocolate for all of them and got out the cookie jar. When Cora-Lynn came home again they were about to start a second game and she joined in.

Of course they ended up rushing around at the last minute, trying to get everything ready for the huge amount of people that would be coming by. Molly would be conjuring up most of the food, it was her condition for letting Draco and Hermione host Christmas Eve that year.

Draco was getting drinks ready and looking for some music, while Hermione finished with the decorations and finding more space for tables and chairs so people could actually sit down and eat. Cora-Lynn was getting the twins dressed.

Hermione's parents, Narcissa, Blaise and Harry and Ginny with their children arrived first. Hagrid came with all of the Weasleys. Luna and Neville came in together and Hermione made a mental note to ask Luna about that later. When the party was going strong Draco happily looked around. He had been accepted by all of these people and it meant tons to him, he didn't exactly keep in touch with his old classmates besides Blaise.

He toasted his friend across the table and soon everybody was raising their glasses. Hermione weaved her fingers with Draco's underneath the tablecloth and they shared a private smile, and even though they were in a sea of friends and family, they only saw each other.

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