Alright, well, welcome back to those that read my first story, and if you're just joining us...I hope you'll like it. Here is the beginning to give you a taste of what's to come...


Smith & Franklin Accounting Firm

Denver, Colorado; May 22, 2009

It was just another day in John Truscott's now average life. He woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, then headed off to work. He never suspected that today would be the day that his life would change forever.

At 9:48 A.M. there was a sharp knock on John's office door.

"Come in." John called out from behind his desk.

The door opened and two men wearing black suits entered. Both gentlemen were wearing black sunglasses and showed no expression whatsoever. After closing the door, the larger of the two men stood in front of the door and crossed his arms, apparently guarding the door. As his beefy arms pulled his suit jacket up, John noticed the handgun in his belt.

The slightly smaller man approached the desk and took a seat in front of John. He crossed his leg and sat in a relaxed fashion. "John Truscott I presume?" he asked calmly, removing his sunglasses and putting them in the breast pocket of his jacket.

John was slightly unnerved by the actions of the two men, especially since one of them had a gun. Their appearance, attitude, and actions all seemed to indicate something menacing. If they were trying to intimidate the accountant, they were doing a bang up job. "Yes? What can I do for you gentlemen?" he asked professionally, trying desperately to fight against the fear he felt swelling in his chest.

"My name is Mr. Adams." he said, resting his hand against his chest. "My associate is Mr. Brown." he explained, pointing to the larger man at the door. "And we are here for your help."

John's sense of dread was increasing with each passing second. These men were obviously not normal clients. "Well, I'll do everything I can…" he said, before being rudely cut off by a hand slamming down on his desk.

Mr. Adams now looked annoyed as he leaned forward over John's desk. "Stop. Don't talk unless I ask you a question." he said bearing his teeth. "Are we clear?" he said coldly.

John tried to swallow the lump forming in his throat. "Yes sir." he answered quietly.

Mr. Adams sat back in his chair and crossed his hands in his lap. "Your wife took part in a governmental experiment 18 years ago. Is that correct?"

John became quite nauseas at the question. He had tried everything in his power to distance himself from his ex-wife and daughter. Apparently, he hadn't tried hard enough.

The only thing he could do in this situation was cooperate with the men in front of him and hope for the best. Feeling defeated, he closed his eyes. "Yes."

Mr. Adams seemed pleased with John's willingness to cooperate and his ability to follow directions. "You had a child with that woman, did you not?" he then asked.

John nodded once more. "Yes." he spoke softly, as fear gripped his heart. His greatest nightmare was becoming a reality. Somebody wanted his little girl and they were going to use him to get to her.

Mr. Adams crossed his arms and tapped his index finger to his chin. "When was the last time you had contact with either of them?" he asked thoughtfully.

John hesitated only for a few seconds as he calculated the timeframe in his head. "6 years ago." he answered.

John watched as Mr. Adams pulled out his cell phone and quickly dialed a number. "Tell, Maverick that Mr. Truscott has been located and will be assisting us in acquiring the target." A pause. "Understood. We will set up surveillance first thing tomorrow and see if an opportunity presents itself for acquisition."

Mr. Adams closed his phone and stood up from his chair. "So, will you leave the building quietly or do you prefer walking out at gunpoint?" he asked, sliding back his jacket to reveal a handgun in a shoulder holster.

John shook his head. "I'll do whatever you want." he said as he stood up from behind his desk. "Just don't hurt me." he pleaded, grabbing his coat.

Mr. Adam's smiled cruelly and motioned for John to head to the door. "Good. I think its time for a family reunion." he joked.

Mr. Brown opened the door and grabbed John's elbow to steer him out of the office.

In less than three minutes, John was in the back seat of an unmarked car, speeding off to an unknown destination, praying for his life.

Hollywood, California; May 23, 2009

Jake Ryan was preparing to exit his trailer and head over to makeup to get ready for his 11:00 A. M. call time. As he opened the door to his trailer, he was surprised to find two men; one blonde, one bald, in black suits standing on the steps to his trailer.

Jake put on his best smile and held up his hands in apology. "Sorry guys, I'm running behind for make up. No time for autographs today." he tried to say with a winning smile on his face.

As he tried to step past the men, the blonde grabbed his upper arm roughly, pulled open the trailer door and shoved him back inside.

"Hey, what's the big idea." Jake screamed at his two unwelcome visitors. Jake tried to push past them, but was quickly shoved backwards onto his couch.

The blonde man that had just pushed him down was the first to speak. "Sit down and shut up." he commanded.

Jake Ryan would not be intimidated. "I'll have you thrown off this lot!" he shouted in typical Hollywood diva fashion.

The bald man, who until this point had been calmly standing behind the blonde, bent down, picked up wooden chair, and busted it against the closet door. The chair fell to the floor in numerous pieces.

The blonde man watched as Jake went from brave to scared shitless in two seconds flat. After the trailer had reached an eerie quiet, the blonde addressed the young actor. "Now that we have your attention, you will sit there. Quietly. When I ask you a question, you will answer it. Do you understand?"

Jake was terrified at this point and would do anything to save himself from the same fate as his poor chair. "Y-y-yeah." he stuttered.

The blonde crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the terrified young man. "Did you date Miley Stewart?" he calmly asked.

Jake blinked repeatedly after hearing the question. At first, he didn't understand why any would care about one of his ex-girlfriends. Then he remembered who Miley Stewart was to the rest of the world. If these guys knew that Miley was really Hannah Montana, then he wasn't sure who was in more danger…him or her.

"Um, uh…" he stumbled, trying to figure out what information the men wanted.

"Answer me!!" the blonde roared, stepping closer to the actor.

"Yes! Yes!" he finally screamed in terror throwing his hands up in front of his face for protection.

The blonde nodded his head. "When was the last time you saw her?" he demanded.

Jake's mind was racing trying to remember the last time he had seen Miley. It was when he and Mikalya were doing that movie together. "Um, about, a year and half." he answered.

The blonde narrowed his eyes and reached down to grab the actor by his collar. "Have you maintained contact with her?" he said through gritted teeth.

Jake could only remember one other time in his life when he had been more terrified. Ironically, it also indirectly involved Miley Stewart. It was the night Lilly Truscott threatened his life if he ever hurt Miley Stewart again. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place. If he didn't help these men, they might kill him. If he hurt Miley, Lilly would kill him. He decided that he would have a better chance with Lilly, at least he might get some compassion from her, These men clearly wouldn't have any. "Y-y-yea." he wheezed as the man cut off his air flow.

After hearing the actor's response, the blonde man released him, tossing him back into the couch. "Give me your phone." the blonde instructed, holding out his hand.

Jake pulled his cell out of his pocket and handed over the phone as ordered. He watched as the man typed 10 numbers into the phone and then hit send, saving it to the phone memory. Then the man punched several more keys on the keypad before lowering the phone to Jake's eye level.

Jake saw that the blonde had programmed the number into his contact list.

"If this number rings, you will answer it. If you do not answer, you are putting your life at risk. If anyone calls from this number, you will listen to the instructions and do as you are told, otherwise you are putting your life at risk. If Stewart contacts you for any reason, you will call this number and tell them exactly what she says." he paused. "Do you understand your instructions?"

Jake nodded as the blonde tossed his phone at him.

"And one last thing." he said, pulling a gun from behind his back and pointing it at Jake's face. "You tell NO ONE about our little visit. We were never here. Understand?"

Jake stared at the barrel of the gun and started hyperventilating. Jake couldn't make himself speak, but he managed to nod his head. He was too terrified to do anything else.

The blonde chuckled at the boy's fearful reaction. "Good kid." he responded sarcastically. The blonde re-hid his gun and then nodded to his partner. The two men quickly exited the trailer.

Jake looked down at his phone and re-read the contact name that was left on the screen.

The Shop.

So that is where we begin. This is going to be even more fun than last time...but just one word of caution, it's not going to end well for everyone. So strap in, hold tight and enjoy the to read comments. - Jess