The group (Flare,Shadow,Amy,Sonic,Knuckles,Cream,Tails and, Rouge) all packed up in Shadow's pickup truck but Flare decided to ride next to the Truck on her motorcycle.

Authors note: This is a funny story happy vacation spot is overrun with….you guessed it mad boogers!!!!Loll okay jk its ghosts. Let's get on with it!

Flare road next to the pack in the truck on her motorcycle. Before Flare and Knuckles shot some hoops then Flare said the unforgettable "You got no skills!"And dodged him making a slam dunk. Flare smiled as she drove her motor cycle. Suddenly Tails had a worried look on his face as he looked out of his window. "What is it buddy?" sonic asked making Amy swoon. "We passed a sign that said welcome to lurrel town!'' Flare's jaw fell open "What is going on know? Remember the trip to raccoon city?" Shadow yelled. Tails nodded "But, This is a ghost town!" "Tails what I the world have you been watching know?" Sonic shook his head. Flare clicked her necklace/COM "I heard the ghosts can be perverts." Rouge clicked hers "I hope not I don't want their ghostly figure all over me!" Then Knuckles clicked his but, only to flare "I wish I was a ghost." He said. Flare laughed. Sonic swooned "My baby is the best thing I could of have gotten!" he swooned again. Amy was thinking it was her he was talking about. "There is nothing like her sweet funny smart!'' He swooned again. Amy sighed lovingly thinking it was her he was talking about AGAIN. Sonic put his finger up "Yep! There is no one like Flare!" He said but, not noticing he COM was on. Flare blushed then Shadow and Amy heated up with rage. "You know Flare is my girl friend?" Shadow said calmly keeping his eye on the road. Flare clicked her COM on "Sonic, Shadow is right I was only being nice to you." Sonic sighed as he noticed and clicked his off. They came to a stop and Flare puts her Motorcycle in the back of the truck and she climbed into the front seat cuddling with her boyfriend Shadow. Sonic allowed Amy to come to him which made her happy. They cuddled. Sonic took Amy's hand and whispered "I love you Amy Rose." Amy was shocked to hear him say that so she cuddled up closer ad soon they fell asleep. Shadow nibbled on Flare's ear making her smile. They kissed and went to sleep. (Aww but I am not going to be nice) Then the car horn sounded causing them all to wake up. Flare hit her head on the roof and got knocked out. Shadow saw her and set her in the gap between Rouge and Knuckles. Suddenly Rouge felt something touch her….there…yah know I won't tell. "Knuckles get away from me" she mumbled with her eyes closed that whole time. "It isn't me" he said and she looked around and saw he was not there. "Ewww!!" Rouge shouted Flare woke up dazed as she cuddled close to her boyfriend. Shadow smiled and, stroked her fur. "GUYS!! LOOK!!" Tails shrieked. They looked outside and saw a zombie doing the……MJ dance don't ASK. Amy covered her eyes. "Ewwwww" Cream as tails covered her and his own yes. Shadow looked and his eye twitched. (lolz I made the zombie…..naked I mean BUTT naked) Shadow Shook his fist at the author "Shut up." "You shut up shadow" Sans Flare everyone yelled JINX! HAHA! YOU OWE ME A COKE ROUGE!! Rouge crossed her arms "I do not!" well that wraps it up for THE CAMPING TRIP CHAP 1 THE DAY!!!!