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Curious Curiosity

It was on one rainy afternoon day when the wheels of another fate were set in motion by two very curious hosts.

Mori and Hunny had gone to the dojo, and Haruhi was doing some shopping for Ranka-san, taking an innately ecstatic Tamaki-sempai with her after he kept going on about quality father-daughter time. So naturally, only Kyouya, the host clubs infamous shadow king and the twins were left in the third music room.

Kyouya was typing mysterious things on his laptop, completely absorbed in his little "project".

As for the devilish twins…

"Kyouyaaaa! Are we done yet?"

"Yeah…my fingers are pruning…"

"Sure," said Kyouya without looking up. "Unless you want to make her pay for it later…I'm sure she'll enjoy cleaning the club room after hours for the next month…"

Hikaru laughed without humor. "You're cold, sempai, very cold…"

"It was just a small fire, Mother-" Kaoru added, twisting the damp washrag in his hands.

Kyouya scoffed at his words of endearment. "Yes, it was. And it's against school rules. You're just lucky it didn't spread and that Tamaki's foolishness stopped it-"

"No one got hurt, did they?"

"You're right. But you scared our clients, the fire wing was called and you damaged priceless china-"

"Us? We didn't ask Tamaki to throw it at him-"

Kyouya waved his hand. "Regardless," he said, snapping his laptop closed and rising from his place by the windowsill. "You started it, so you pay for it."

Hikaru snorted indignantly. "So why doesn't Tono help us? Why don't you make him pay up?" Kaoru asked, raising an eyebrow.

Kyouya's eyes flashed, and a devious smirk flitted across his face. "Oh, I am," he murmured quietly, staring calmly at the twins. "And don't worry. You'll be helping him out with his punishment soon enough,"

The redheads twitched, and watched as darkness swirled around at his heels.

Kyouya's cell vibrated, he whipped it out and started speaking into it in a soft, foreign undertone, "Ne? Mmmm, okay,"

He snapped it shut and walked to the door at a leisurely pace. When his fingers touched the handle he looked back. "Don't do anything out of curiosity that you might regret, children," he smirked before disappearing for the night.

The twins were silent for a minute, listening.

"Well, that was fun, wasn't it Kaoru?" Hikaru said precisely fifty nine seconds later.

"Always a pleasure, Hikaru," Kaoru replied, walking slowly to the abandoned window.

He slouched against the broad arch, looking pensively out at the lush Ouran gardens. The gears were whirring madly in his mind, as he tried and failed to see what Kyouya was planning. Or has it already begun, he wondered, feeling slightly disturbed by his ignorance on the subject.

Thing was, Tamaki had been acting strangely…even for him. Ever since he'd come back from winter break, an unnatural darkness stirred in the depths of his striking violet eyes, as though he carried some ominous secret that was waiting to burst. His face was edged with slight creases of wariness, and his skin gleamed with such a bright pallor it was almost sickly. Something was wrong here…

"Eh? Kaoru?" Hikaru shook his shoulder, bringing him back to the present. Kaoru turned to his brother, his partner in crime, flashing him a reassuring smile. "It's nothing, promise," he muttered as his twin slid his arms around his torso.

Hikaru lay his head on his shoulder, staring past him with lidded eyes. "I hope everything works out," he said quietly. "Between Kyouya and Haruhi, the rich bastard and the commoner…" he sighed dramatically.

The corners of Kaoru's mouth lifted at his joke, but the feeling didn't quite reach his eyes. "Hey Hikaru, have you noticed…anything off about milord lately?" Kaoru asked, keeping his tone casually light.

"Tono? Ne…not really, why?"

"No reason," he sighed, defeated. Maybe it's just me

That's when he saw it. Kyouya's black book, his manuscript of hidden agendas in which he recorded all the goings on within the host club. For his eyes only, the forbidden vices within were sure to bring great tragedy to those who read his words…it seemed only natural that the reader would find themselves burdened with some unforgivable curse, one that would doom them to a long, unfortunate life.

Or so the stories said, at least. But while Hikaru was superstitious at heart, Kaoru used his head to determine if something was a threat. And he didn't believe that something as trivial as a book could be that harmful. Even if it did belong to Ouran's one and only Shadow King.

His mind made up, Kaoru gently broke away from Hikaru's embrace. "Go summon a cab," he said, holding up the rag in his hands for emphasis. "I'll clean up,"

Hikaru shot him a questioning look as he retreated but said nothing and left to use the manual phone in the main room.

When he heard the door close behind him, Kaoru walked to the supply closet and put the toxic things away. He returned to the window, and stared down at the sleek leather cover of the thing that could well be the center of the chaos no one else seemed to see. He picked it up, weighing it in his hands. There was no embossed words on the cover, or dried ink spots along its spine. It looked uncannily primeval, a lost family heirloom that had been passed down for generations. That only heightened Kaoru's suspicions. What is your punishment…Tamaki…

Casting one last glance out at the bleak evening sky, the young redhead turned, slipping the notebook into his robes pocket. Leaving behind a life of naivety, and walking into a world full of lust, anger and fear. Right into the arms of his unseen enemy.

A/N - inspired by my desire to see Kaoru play some more sinister roles, and carry out his plans solo. Who better to test him than Kyouya?

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