Disclaimer: I don't own any character or rights in or to Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. I do own the plot, and the paper the story was written on, though.

The realm of dreams. This little-known world can be the paradise very much of humanity wishes for as well as the horror that humanity cringes from. At the moment, an extraordinary young woman is in this world. At this exact moment, she is facing a threat few mortals can imagine. A threat that she believed she vanquished three years ago.

Wandering through her grandfather's—No, her mansion, Alex couldn't help but feel uneasy. Upon checking the tall-case clock in the library's study, she was mildly surprised to find it was three thirty-three. Three thirty-three? Why is that so familiar? The clock chimed without provocation, and she staggered back a step in shock. At the end of the chime, Alex heard a great crash from the main hall and began running to investigate. Flinging the library door open, Alex stifled a scream. Standing dead center of the hall was a face she only glimpsed in the farthest reaches of her memory: Pious Augustus

"Ah… Alexandra…. As beautiful as the night you killed me" he said as if in fond remembrance. Alex composed herself before replying.

"Pious" she spat icily "What are you doing here?" A grim grin spread across his rotting, skeletal face.

"They're not pleased, you know…."

"Did I give a damn last time?" Having chosen to ignore her questions, Pious rapped his staff thrice upon the tiled floor. For each strike, a portal opened. The first, glowing a breathtaking emerald, deposited a Bonethief. The second, flickering a sapphire energy, left a Gatekeeper. The third, smoldering with ruby light, dropped a Horror. The forsaken trio shambled toward her as only beings as unnatural as them could…

Alexandra shot into a sitting position in bed, a freezing sweat covering her entire body. What a… What a horrible dream. A glance at the digital clock beside her bed nearly made her heart stop. Three thirty-three. The same time her dream showed her. And the same time, now that she thought of it, that her grandfather was murdered. Grandfather, are you still protecting me? Was that dream a warning? Sliding her feet from the bed she shuffled towards the bathroom, hoping a cold rinse would help her. She turned the knob for cold water on and glanced in the mirror. Taking a deep breath, she plunged her hands into the icy liquid. She brought the water in handfuls to her face a few times before grabbing a towel to dry off.

"C'mon Alex" she sighed to her reflection "Pious is gone, and so are the Ancients."

"We're never gone…" whispered a feminine voice from the mirror.

So, I like what I have in store here. Chapter two is written, and three is in progress. I'd like to thank Sammy Dee for her constant cliffhangers, because this story already has one in the first chappy…