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Alexandra Roivas sat up in her bed for the second time that night, panting harshly and drenched in a cold sweat. The blonde woman absently rubbed her bare arms, eyes squeezed shut as she tried to gather her thoughts. The An—, They're, she mentally corrected herself, back. All the work that Mantorok and I put into slaying them… All a waste… The blonde shook her head, banishing these thoughts. Mantorok is dead. Or dying. It's permanent death, not just a weakening and disappearance until It's power returns. But maybe with the Tome I can seek It's council one last time. She had to laugh at this point. 'Seek It's council?' What am I, a renaissance-era woman? Either way, maybe It can tell me how to beat Them again without It's help.

She climbed out of her bed and stood by the bedroom door, listening for a minute or so. If you had been through the horrors she had, you would do the same if not more. Deciding that it'd be better to be safe, She went back to her dresser and slowly pulled out the top drawer, gently and quietly sifting through her clothing until she found what she was looking for: the Gladius that served her faithfully over the course of her fight with Them three years prior. Softly, she whispered "Mantorok, Pargon, Magormor, Pargon, Pargon, Antorbok" (*1), causing the sword to glow a light purple. After using the Enchant Item spell she memorized from the Tome, Alex decided to gain some additional protection. Again, in a low whisper, she chanted: "Mantorok, Pargon, Bankorok, Pargon, Pargon, Santek" (*2), making seven glowing, purple orbs appear and begin circling her. The Shield spell served her well last time, so why shouldn't it help again?

Deciding that it'd be best not to waste any more time she went to the door, pausing to listen once more before heading out. Despite the gloominess of the mansion, it was home to her, thus fuelling Alex's decision not to change it in any way. She glanced at the bust on the table in the near the door to her bedroom, momentarily pleased that it didn't seem to be watching her. Well, there's some good news, she thought to herself. I just have to get to the study. No big deal, really. The blonde had reached the main foyer by now and was looking cautiously over the banisters. No sign of anything yet. No sounds either, save for the crickets outside. I'll take all the good signs I can get. Alex had stashed the Tome in her grandfather's secret study, casting a Damage Field spell around the room should any unwanted guests attempt to take it. Once the Ancients were defeated, the barrier and force field spells seemed to last much longer, a few months at least, ensuring she only had to cast it every now and then.

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A/N: (*1) and (2*) To save readers the time to wrack their minds trying to remember the spells and runes, I figured I'd just put them down here. Every time a new spell is introduced (well, newly used in the story) I'll put a symbol like these guys - (*x) there as a reference to check at the end of the story. Kudos to anyone who knows the spell already :) That's enough rant for now, though. See ya, guys