The door to a small cramped bedroom opened reveiling the siluete of a tall man with long red hair standing in the door way to a small child's room, checking on his kit like he usually did so late at night. He did it out of fear that he might walk into the room one day and find her covered in blood and nearly dead like the last time, when some of the villagers had slipped in while he had been out hunting when she was four.

He had nearly lost the one true link to the world he existed in, and he hated the fact that he had slipped up so terribly and almost got her killed. She was human. Fragile, warm, kind, loving. He was not. He was darkness, death, depravity, and cruelty wrapped in a pretty package. He had thought that he had no heart. Until he found himself staring into the clear violet eyes of the young human that he had been bound too. He had hated her at first, saught to destroy her. But as he had growled at her and let his rage show she had simply smiled up at him and held out her tiny little hands to him and said,

"Pretty kitsune. Hold you." In her broken infant giberish. Still that had been the first time anyone had wanted to hold him. It had been the first time a human had made any effort to get close to him, and show any affection. So he had allowed her to slip into his dark den, looking curiously as she made her way across the bone littered ground and stopped before him and held her little arms out to him. He had picked her up meaning to kill her at first, but the moment she put her little arms around his neck and smiled happily, totally oblivous to the mortal danger she was in, his demon heart had started to beat; just for her.

He had loved her ever since. She had become his child. His kit. And he would do anything to make her happy. Anything at all.

Naru yawned as she sat up in her bed. Her alarm clock was pinned to the wall next to the door with a kunai through it. Stupid alarm. She thought darkly. She had gone to sleep late last night because she had gone hunting with her dad. "Naru, are you alright?" Kyuubi called form the kitchen where he was cooking some eggs, bacon, and toast for his kit. She had a long day ahead of her since today was the day she became a genin and met her Jounin sensei. He felt the nearly irrisistable urge to find her sensei and crush him like a bug.

"Breakfast smells nice-whoa, whats with that killing arura!" Naru nearly yelled as she quickly dove for cover, just in case. What was he so pissed about? She had cleaned her room, done her home work, washed the dishes. Was he still pissed about the fact that the TV remot had spontaniously burst into flames when she had been training. Because that had'nt been her fault at all. She had been practicing an A ranking jutsu, and would have had to touch the remote to set it on fire. It was'nt like the third Hokage had'nt known that she would steal the jutsu scrolls on his desk, and if he had'nt known then he sure as shit would know now and start putting the damn things away. So he could'nt be mad at her.

Kyuubi looked at her laying flat on her stomach, on the floor with her hands above her head. He snorted at her antics. "Get up. Breakfast is ready." He said softly. Naru jumped to her feet and looked warily at him. Was this another one of those wierd tests to help train her for being a ninja? I hope he does'nt try to make Naru soup out of me again. That had been the worst training excersice that she had ever encountered.

He had told her to take a nice hot shower, and then knocked her out and added chicken stock and vegtables to her bath, then she had had to fight him to keep from being cooked. Her Jounin sensei's tasks would be a cake walk compaired ot Kyuubi's hellish spartan training methods. Kyuubi watched her with an amused look on his face as she sat down and started looking around for traps. He was'nt that bad was he?

He had only used the most basic of things to teach her how to survive, and to make her stronger than she already was so that he would'nt worry so much about her being alone on some mission without him. "Naru-" he said as she picked up her fork, and nearly jumped out of her skin, a look of alarm crossing her adorable face.

"It was'nt me!" She blurted out. He cocked his head and narrowed his golden eyes at her. Had she destroyed something else in their apartment and hidden it from him....again? He sighed, when would she learn? He wondered as he felt the beginings of a migraine forming behind his eyes.

"Uh-huh, like I beleive that. But that is'nt what I was going to say anything about." Her mouth made an O shape and he nearly started laughing. It was bad when he could practically see the what she was thinking as it dawned on her that she was'nt in trouble this time.

She took a bite of her food and waited to hear what he had to say. He watched her closely and nearly sighed in relief, thank god he had beaten some manners into her when she was young, her eating habits were deplorable without them. "I want you to be on your best behavior, until your out of the village. Then you can go buck wild on your sensei. Make him crazy, and have fun making new friends and enemies, okay." Kyuubi said with a cheerful smile.

Naru was'nt sure if she should laugh or cry. Did her dad want her sensei to hate her? Or was he trying to get her barred from the genin teams? Probably both because of his daughter complex. The sick bastard.

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