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"James, I am *freezing*!" Peter said, his teeth chattering as evidence. "Remind me, my mind seems to be suffering frost bite, why are we out here again?"
"Because," James sighed and explained, "we have to sneak into the girls' dormitory while they're asleep so we can take Lily's socks without her noticing!"
"But why?" Peter whined. "Why do we want a bunch of girls' socks?"
"Look, Peter," Sirius snapped, "if we don't stop those socks, who will? Besides, I want to see her tomorrow, complaining because her feet are cold. She deserves it, with that dirty trick she played while we were in the showers." (a/n: make sure you read the disclaimer so you understand my thing with the socks. scroll up)
James, Peter, (although he wasn't even there) and Sirius all shivered at the memory, not to mention the piles of snow that they were sitting on outside the girls' dormitry window were becoming very cold.
"You're right, of course you are," Peter grumbled, pulling his cloak tightly around him.
Sirius looked over at Moony. He was being quiet. Too quiet. Remus's face was up-turned, his eyes fixed on the nearly full moon which was spilling a pale light on his already pale skin.
"The mooooon," Remus breathed, "it's so.......pretty......."
"Oh good God," Sirius groaned, "someone smack wolf-boy over there back into reality."
James gave the crouching Remus a slight shove and he ended up face-first in the snow. Moony didn't take offense, he was used to this sort of thing happening this time of month.
"Sorry," he said bashfully, "the moon's waxing. You know how it is."
"Yeah, we know," James said absentmindedly. "You know, maybe this isn't so nice. I mean, it's *Lily*, guys."
"Oh no," Sirius started, "no no no. You are not going softy on us, Loverboy. No chance in frozen hell. You've committed to this. If Lily makes you sleep on the couch because of it, too bad."
James gave Sirius a dirty look. "You know perfectly well where I sleep. You end up in my bed a few times too often." (a/n: read "Wrong On So Many Levels", by me. it'll expand on this, and make it seem much less slashy)
"It's not my fault, I get cold!"
"Speaking of cold," Remus piped up, to stop the bickering no doubt, "it is a little chilly out here, isn't it?"
James couldn't surpress a chuckle. Remus, who was the least tolerable of the cold among them, was trembling like a leaf, and his teeth going a mile a minute.
"Arg, when are they just going to turn off that bloody lamp and go to sleep!" Peter groaned, a little too loudly.
"Shh!" James warned. "You want them to hear us out here?"
After about ten more minutes of shivering and bickering, our boys gave a soft cheer as they saw the lamp light finally go out.
"Come on," Sirius urged, "let's get in through the bathroom window. And hurry, I want to get back in bed before my bum freezes off."
"Oh, I'm sure that would disappoint Lacy Barker," Remus teased. Lacy was an annoying friend of Lily's who never seemed to shut her mouth. The boys had speculated for months now that she fancied Sirius, as she always seemed to be flocking around him. Sirius wouldn't let on, but he secretly enjoyed it. He thought that he was starting to like her being around so often. *Really* like it.
The four boys gathered outside the girls' bathroom window and made a human totem pole. James knelt down and let Sirius climb on to his back. Sirius steadied himself, putting his hands on James's shoulder blades and his knees on the small of James's back, and beckoned for Remus to climb on. Remus took a step on James's backside to get himself onto Sirius's back.
"Quickly, Peter!" he whispered, and Peter scrambled up the leaning-tower-of-Marauder to complete it. This routine had been practiced many times, but that didn't stop James from nearly buckling under the pressure.
"Hurry up, Wormtail!" he grunted.
"I'm trying, I'm trying, but the lock is different than the one on the boys' room!" Peter squeeked.
"Oh for the love of Pete!" Sirius cried.
"You love Peter?" Remus asked.
"I forbid you to make jokes at this time!" James hissed at Remus. "Peter, if you don't hurry up, I'm going to make you three pay my doctor bills!"
"Okay, I got it!" Peter triumphantly announced and literally fell into the girls' bathroom.
Remus scrambled in shortly after, followed by Sirius, and finally, they pulled James in through the open window.
"Their bathroom's so much nicer than ours," Remus observed.
"I dare say that I detect a lemony fresh scent," Sirius said.
"It just isn't fair," sighed Peter.
James, after straightening his back out, gave a small wave and the boys followed him to the door. James opened it slowly, and all four of them slid on their bellies into the girls' bedroom. The four of them sat against the wall, and were about to move into position when they froze at the sound of feminine giggles.
"Lacy, you know I can't answer that honestly. I'm completely biased!"
"It's Lily and Lacy, they're still awake!" James whispered. "Shh, nobody move!"
"Oh come on, Lily!" Lacy urged. "You have to answer it! Which marauder do you think is the cutest?"
The boys could see James go rigid against the wall.
"Lacy, c'mon now, you know I have to say James," Lily responded.
James slumped back down, obviously relieved.
"Yeah, but honestly, pretend for a second that you aren't dating him," Lacy persisted.
Lily thought for a moment. "I'd still have to say James." Lacy gave an exasperated groan. "Well, it's true!" Lily giggled. "Okay, if it's such a big issue, who do you think is the cutest marauder?"
Lacy giggled. "No contest!"
"It's Sirius, isn't it? I know you fancy him!" Lily said.
"What?" Lacy raised her voice. "Sirius?! No way!"
The boys exchanged shocked and amused looks in the dark corner, where they were concealed by an empty bed that sat between them and the girls.
"Oh, really?" Lily asked. "But you're always hanging around him, I just figured..."
Lacy giggled (yet again). "That's what you thought? No, no! I'm just hanging around him so I can see Remus!"
Remus nearly blew their cover as he coughed out his surprise. Sirius nearly blew Remus's head right off his shoulders, but figured that would blow *his* cover, and then the guys would know how much he liked Lacy. So, Sirius quietly smoldered as Remus felt himself blush brightly enough to light up the entire room.
"Remus? No way!" Lily exclaimed. "I was sure you...Remus?" The outline of Lacy's head bobbed up and down in the moonlight. "Well, I guess I can see that. He is kind of handsome, isn't he?"
James made a not-so-subtle "accident" of stepping on Remus's hand. Remus silently sucked in the pain. "It's...not...my...fault!" he hissed to James.
"This reminds me, Lacy, I've got a really interesting picture to show you...." (read "Marauders:Exposed", by me, for hillarious further details).
Remus felt himself blushing. James didn't seem to care. "Come on, let's go," he said, sounding rather depressed.
"But..." Sirius started.
"Forget the socks, man," Peter whispered. "Their day will come."
The four boys slipped back through the bathroom, out the window, and into the cold night air. They were silent on the way back to their dorms, with only the sound of their feet crunching in the snow breaking the deep quiet. The muteness continued until they had all gotten into bed.
"Well, it really isn't my fault," Remus said, curling up with his beloved cat, Totes.
"Lacy obviously hadn't seen that picture of the shower incident before she decided who she fancied," Sirius said to Remus.
James gave a discouraged grunt. Sirius silently swore revenge, his eyes falling on the sleeping cat. An idea began to formulate in his twisted mind.....
The quiet of the dorm room was broken by Peter's urgent whispering. "Huh? What's going on? Ah! Remus, your sock is humping my leg!"


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