Chapter Five – Dream On, Dream Off

When people hear they name 'Lauren Mallory', most people respond by saying, "exuberant." That is was Lauren is. She's outgoing, she's rambunctious, she's a bitch and better yet, she's that one girl that just happens to know and be a part of everything. She's like a tiny fly just stalking you without you even realizing or feeling her presence.

Lauren Mallory is just one of those rich girls who have time on their hands and pockets full of bribes.

She'll get what she wants when she wants it.

But her party was one thing that I would have never guessed.

Lauren didn't throw a large party with hundreds of people. Instead, she made it a small thing with nearly thirty people there. She threw a party for her and her close friends, the people that she liked most.

How Mike and I actually got in is beyond me.

The night didn't start off all that great.

Alice was home, but as sick as a dog. She was either in her bed sleeping in the dark, or cuddling up with the toilet. Sometimes she was clasping a pan, but that was another sad story. I wanted to speak to her, but my mom wouldn't let me in.

It wasn't because she was afraid I'd get sick, but because she wanted Alice to have her privacy.

I know my sister pretty well, and honestly, she wouldn't care if I was in the same room with her as she puked. Most people aren't that way, but a few are--feeling super terrible you just don't care what's going on.

I wanted to be there for Alice, I wanted to talk to her and tell her about my life; she got a kick out of that stuff. But lately she and I have hardly even been able to keep a one minute long conversation without her puking, sleeping, being bombarded by our mother or by her having to go to a doctor's appointment.

I was really missing my sister, but I knew in order to get her better, sacrifices would have to be made.

It was almost seven, which was the same time Lauren's party started. I was waiting for Mike to show up.

His mom was giving us a ride. Pretty lame, but it's better than our bikes or walking…maybe.

I still wondered if I had time to back out, in fact, I really did wonder if Alice was contagious or not. I had to force myself away from her in order to not cuddle up with her and try to catch what she had, even though her sickness was part of her disease. But by the time I caught it, or if I even did, I would get sick immediately. To my luck I'd vomit on someone at the party and be made into a laughing stock.

So instead I sat in my room, stuck on Facebook. It would be shameless to say that I was stalking Bella through it, but then again, I am pretty shameless. Her recent status updated said: Going to Lauren's party! Jake can't make it, though. :(

I'll admit it. I did a little victory dance.

I would finally get a chance to speak to Bella without Jacob around to influence her anger or wants. She'd been ignoring me ever since the night we found the dog, whom was safely taken care of. The little dog got a second chance with my family. We kept him, which I was thankful for. We needed a pet that didn't have gills.

Actually, that was the dog's name: Gil.

Adorable little thing, well when he's not chewing up everything in sight. But when he is sleeping, he's pretty darn cute. I'm just glad Emmett gets stuck with poop duty.

The thing may be small, but other things from it were not.

The door bell rang and I groaned, yet I couldn't be completely irritated. This was my chance to talk to Bella, and I honestly wouldn't miss it for the world. I closed my lap top and grabbed my navy blue jacket, patting Gil, whom was sleeping on my bed, and made my way downstairs. Carlisle wasn't here, in fact, I wasn't even sure if he was at work.

Emmett had gone out with Rose somewhere, and I was a bit blown away that they both were skipping Lauren's party. And of course, Esme was taking care of Alice.

That's all she does anymore.

I sighed when I reached the door, spotting my mother on the couch reading a book about Leukemia and what not. I opened the door and looked at Mike.

I don't think he got the message of what kind of party this was.

"Mike, it's casual wear, not 'let's go to the ball, Cinderella.'"

The poor kid was wearing a suit.

He shrugged and smiled shyly. "I know…but I figured if I were going to try and win Jess over, I might as well do it with a bang."

I laughed at shook my head at him.

His mother honked the horn, clearly impatient. I turned to my mom, who was invested in her reading.

"Bye, Mom," I said melancholy. She didn't even reply.

With another sigh I stepped outside, shutting the door behind me.

As I walked down the steps, I think I heard a goodbye, but it was probably just the wind.

"At least my tie matches my shoes, right?" Mike questioned as we climbed into the van. I took my seat and looked down at his feet, then at his tie.

I nodded my head. "Red. Very 'Harriet the Spy'."

"I do look like a spy, huh?"

I could only laugh at the fool. "Sure do."

The entire time we were in the van, Mrs. Newton blasted AC/DC. I wasn't one to object, but when she started shouting questions to me over the loudness, it got a bit awkward. How could I reply to someone when I couldn't even understand their questions completely? Have the time I thought she was asking me about my genitals, the other half I thought she was talking about Jesus being a goat.

But she didn't even notice me not responded.

I gave Mike that sort of look you give when you wonder if people are on drugs.

He only nodded his head and looked out the window.

I don't think he got my message right, but if he did, I'm sorry for him.

His mother was one that didn't belong on drugs, no matter if they were prescribed or not.

We finally got to Lauren's house, which was nearly as big as mine, and to our surprise, there wasn't a cliché anywhere.

I figured people would be outside, half wasted, half in the party mood, but it was empty. And clean.

"Mike, please don't do any drinking. You, too, Edward," Mrs. Newton said.

Mike nodded his head, mumbling something.

"No problem, Mrs. Newton." I wasn't sure if I were telling the truth or not. I hadn't thought about drinking. It never crossed my mind.

Me and Mike got out and walked to the front door. By now it was seven-thirty. We were late and inside you could hear the music and voices.

"I hope we didn't miss anything," Mike said as he waved good-bye to his mom.

"I wonder who all is here. You'd think there'd be more people," I said.

Mike looked around us and I knocked on the door.

"Huh," he mused.

The door opened and Tyler answered, a red plastic cup in his hands and a slight sway in his body.

"Eddie-boy!" he greeted me, completely ignoring Mike. At least until he got a look at the outfit. "This isn't the prom, dude."

"Are you going to let us in?" I asked him, suddenly irritated. Pop music blasted throughout the house, along with the cheers and shrieks of girls dancing. I just wanted to find Bella, talk to her, and then leave.

Simple plan.

"Well, Cullen, you're invited. But I don't think Newton is," Tyler said. Weren't Mike and Tyler friends? What happened there?

"Dude, seriously, Lauren said he could come." No, she didn't.

He sighed and appraised us both. "You're an honest, guy. Come on in, Eddie. I'll take your word for it."

"It's Edward," I said to him as I stepped inside the warm, loud home.

Tyler disappeared then, as did Mike. He was determined to find Jessica. I was determined to find Bella.

Kind of weird that we are on the same wave length, he and I.

The party was in control for the most part, a bit loud and you'd easily bump elbows with someone, but it wasn't over the top. It made my travel throughout the house a bit smoother as I questioned everyone where Bella was.

Everyone's answer? Fuck off.

Sure, they said it a bit nicer (well, some), but I just simplified what they meant, because in reality, we all mean and want to say fuck off, instead of "I'm sorry, I haven't." I sure as hell know that's what I'd like to say to everyone, but like my mother raised me, I'm going to try to be as nice as I can be—at least, depending on my mood.

So after failing at asking people where Bella was, I decided to try my hand at being Nancy Drew, or maybe Blue and Joe (because Steve left the show to become a rock star, even though everyone thought he killed himself), and figure it out myself.

Upstairs people were either making out, being cock-blocked by me, or sneakily trying to do drugs. Bella was no where around any of this, which I was thankful for. So I headed back downstairs and out the backdoor, where I finally found her.

She was by herself, surprisingly. Ever since the school year started, she'd been Miss. Popularity, making it impossible for me to get her alone. And I wasn't going to stand around and miss my chance. I skipped down the back steps, being careful not to slip on the slick stairs.

Once securely on the mushy grass, I rushed over to her, where she was leaning against the brown picket fence.

"Bella!" I hollered, catching her attention.

"Oh, my God," she started, a faux dramatic look appearing on her face. "Is that really you, Edward Cullen? At a party? With the popular kids? Have I died?"

"Ha, ha," I scorned, glaring at her as I stood beside her and leaned my back against the fence.

"But seriously, what are you doing here?"

I shrugged. "I was invited, so I thought "what the hell" and came."

"Someone made you come, huh?" she guessed.

"Yep," I said, giving in before it got any worse.


"Michael-Fucking-Newton," I sputtered, kicking the grass in front of me.

"Awe, poor thing," she said in a baby voice. Bella put her hand on my shoulder and stared at me with wide eyes and pouty lips. I smiled at her, even though I was trying to look angry.

"You're annoying, you know this, right?"

She smiled at me then and took her hand away. My shoulder had never felt so cold and dead in my life.

"That's not what your mom said," she muttered.

I stared at her, long and hard. "You're fucking stupid, too."


There was no humor in her voice this time, and I felt really bad. I watched as she sheltered her eyes by looking at the ground, her legs rubbing together as her hands rubbed her arms.

"Sorry," I whispered to her.

She shrugged. "It's fine."

"Is it?" I asked, finally realizing that she was actually hurting.

She shrugged again, trying to dismiss me trying to get her to open up.

"Come on," I said, shoving her slightly. "Tell me."

"Not right now, or…ever," she replied.

"Bella! Come the fuck on! I'm your best friend. At least, I used to be."

She turned to me, eyes narrowing. "What's that supposed to mean? You still are my best friend!"

"Then why are you avoiding me? Why are you treating me like I'm some fucking fuck up? Why… are you becoming this person you've hated for so long?"

She looked disgusted as she spoke. "I'm still me, Edward. And you're still you. Why are you being so dramatic?"

"Who the fuck is Jacob, Bella? Why is he here?"

"Don't even bring him into this," she growled, moving so she was standing in front of me. I suddenly felt small then with her dark eyes piercing mine and a malice expression on her face.

"I don't know anymore, Bella. He's really putting a wedge between us."

"You act like we're in a relationship! What are you going on about? He's not doing anything to us!" She stopped and her dark glare turned even darker as a spark of fact reached her thoughts. "It's you who's being a dick, who's putting a so called "wedge" between us."

"I'm sorry that I don't want to be friends with your boyfriend. Honestly, I think you can do better. But that's beside the point."

"Look, I'm not going to stand here and fight with you. If you have something to say, say it, because if not, I'm done," she threatened.

My body froze. "What do you mean "done"?"

"Done. As in, this friendship can no longer be. I'm not going to be friends with an asshole who likes to criticize everything I do."

I swallowed harshly. I hadn't expected this.

Out of everything that had changed recently—her relationship with Jacob, her new popularity status, the way she no longer talks to me and Jasper like she used to—made him angry, but he didn't want to terminate their friendship.

"Bella…I…" My words were stuck.

"Give me one good reason why I should forgive your bizarre behavior as of lately."

She put her hands on her hips and pursed her lips, her brown eyes (which looked black in the dark atmosphere) glaring viciously at me.

My lips parted and I searched for a reason, only one coming to mind.

"Alice has cancer."

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