Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight, I just like to make the characters do sweet and fun stuff.

This story was inspired by my 3 year olds new favorite song Love Story by Taylor Swift. Enjoy!


I parked my car in one of the empty spaces and got out of my car. Being at Waterfront Park again after having had to say goodbye to the love of my life six months ago in this very spot I began feeling the pain of that day. As I approached our bench my heart began to race. I was going to be seeing him in a matter of minutes and I couldn't wait. I searched through the crowds of people looking for that familiar messy bronze hair as I made my way to our meeting place.

The last 6 months have been absolute torture for me. We weren't allowed to communicate, my father's stupid idea, at all while he was gone until he was ready to come back. I have to admit that I was getting anxious, what if everything I had felt these past 14 years and what he had felt were completely different. Maybe he met someone else while he was away. Three months after he left I did go on a few dates because my faith in our relationship was fading due to the loss of contact. Not one could measure up to him. They never resulted in a kiss goodnight, much less a second date. In fact I don't even think I would call them dates, more like going out with friends who happened to be guys. Of course I knew that he wouldn't go against our parent's wishes if he really wanted us to be together, but the lack of communication was hard on me. I never knew what he was doing with his time or who he was spending it with.

When he called two days ago to tell me that he did everything our families had demanded of him and he wanted to see me as soon as possible my heart started to feel whole again. He was coming back to me, for me. His feelings hadn't changed in these last few months apart. He told me that they only grew stronger. We decided to meet at the place we said goodbye to each other so that the place wouldn't hold so much pain for either of us in the future. This had always been our place. Our first kiss was here, the first time we declared our love for the other.

All of a sudden I had one of those cliché movie moments where the crowds part and the sun shone directly on him like my own personal homing beacon. He was looking directly at me and it was like there was nobody else around, it was just us. I didn't realize I was running towards him until I had launched myself into his arms. In fact he almost fell backwards with the force of me running to him. I had his head between my hands and I couldn't stop myself from kissing every inch of his face telling him that I love him and missed him and can't live without him. He was holding onto me so tight kissing as much of my face, hair and neck as he could all while repeating my words back to me. All my fears of him finding someone else were forgotten. In this moment I was his and he was mine and no-one else mattered.

When Edward set me down finally I couldn't help the sobs that overtook me. After this time apart and everything we have been through the realization that we can actually be together now finally hit me full force and I cried. Edward immediately wrapped his arms around me and whispered that everything was going to be okay, he was here now and we'd never be apart again. I finally stopped crying and looked into his beautiful green eyes. He is everything I will ever want and I feel the urge to tell him. NOW!

"Edward, I love you so much. This time apart has just proven to me that there is no-one else for me but you. I have felt so alone without you here and the not knowing if you were coming back or if you were spending time with someone else just about killed me. I kept thinking that everything we've shared together was in my head and that you didn't feel the same way and…now…now I just.

"What Bella, tell me what you need." Edward asked. The look of worry was evident on his face.

"I need you to tell me." I am sobbing again and can't get the rest out.

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