Akiza was nervous so she stood staring out the window of Misty's apartment. "Smile Akiza, you should look happy on your wedding day" Misty said standing by the nervous bride. "I know, I'm just so nervous" Akiza admitted. Misty smiled, "There's no reason to be, Yusei loves you and you love him, everything will be fine." Akiza nodded and took a deep breath as Carly, Mina, Martha, and Luna entered the room. "It's time to get ready Akiza" Martha announced. Akiza followed Martha into the back to try on her dress. The dress fell a little past her ankles and was a deep crimson; it was sleeveless and had a small slit on the side. "You need to be careful with your dress if you're riding on Crow's runner to the Satellite" Martha said snipping a stray thread. "I'm actually taking my runner up there" Akiza replied looking into the mirror. She felt different standing here; she was getting married today to Yusei Fudo. Martha smiled, "My boy picked the perfect girl." Akiza blushed, "I-I'm not perfect…" Martha laughed, "Yusei seems to think so, you were all he could talk about for the last few days." This made Akiza blush even harder, "I…. um….. N-need to get Misty and Mina to do my make-up." Akiza walked out of the room and had her arms grabbed by Mina and Carly. "Time to make the beautiful bride, look smokin' hot" Carly said with a few giggles. "You'll knock Yusei dead when he sees you" Mina said motioning for Akiza to sit in the chair they had for her. Misty came over and worked on Akiza's make up while Mina fixed Akiza's hair.

"There" Misty announced handing Akiza a hand mirror. Akiza peered into the mirror hesitantly, she looked just as Carly had wished, hot. "So where are you and Yusei going for your honey moon" Carly asked drawing Akiza's attention from her reflection. She had forgotten about that, and everything that followed this ceremony. "I-I don't know, I haven't asked Yusei about it" Akiza replied. "You should go somewhere tropical and romantic" Misty said with a small smile. "No they should go somewhere fun" Carly said. "They really should go somewhere quiet though" Mina said. The three girls kept talking over honeymoon plans while Akiza turned to Luna, who had said nothing this whole time. "Are you okay Luna" Akiza asked. Luna nodded, "I'm just so excited, I've never been flower girl before." Akiza smiled softly, she had grown close to both Luna and Leo while she stayed with them and Yusei. "That's good" Akiza replied. "How are you feeling, Akiza" Luna asked. Akiza smile nervously, "I'm a little nervous and a little excited." Just then Renee bounded into the room, "Your runner's ready to go Akiza." Tea and Alexis joined her, "Ready to go." Akiza took a deep breath and nodded heading out the door.

Yusei sat in between Jack and Crow, the air around him radiated with his nervousness. "Calm down dude, this isn't like you" Crow said putting his hand on his friends shoulder. "I know, but it's not like I have a choice" Yusei replied. Jack thought for a moment, "I wonder how she'll like a Satellite wedding?" Yusei sighed, "You shouldn't have said that…." Crow shook his head and glared at Jack, "Don't give him something else to worry about!" "Sorry I was just wondering," Jack shrugged. Blister walked out to the three, "It's almost time to start the ceremony Yusei." Yusei nodded, It's now or never.

Akiza stopped in front of the small church and stepped off her runner. The other girls had arrived before on the helicopter Jack had lent them. Akiza was a little upset that her father couldn't make it; so now Blister would lead her down to Yusei. "Ready" Blister asked locking his arm with her's. Akiza nodded, "As I'll ever be." Then the music started, it wasn't the old timey piano her comes the bride music, it was Crazy For This Girl, the song that had always made Yusei think of Akiza. Luna came out behind the maid of honor, Renee, and the bride's maids, Tea, Alexis, Carly, and Misty. She threw the blood red rose petals as Akiza, on the arm of Blister, came into view. Yusei stared at Akiza, she radiated beauty along with the happiness of this day. Blister led her up the aisle and handed her off to Yusei. "You look lovely" Yusei whispered. Akiza blushed and smiled at him, "You don't look so bad yourself." Yusei wore a suit that the top part was unbuttoned to show the white under shirt, with no tie. Yusei smiled, and turned to Crow who had volunteered to lead the ceremony. "We're all gathered her to see this unity of Satellite's Shooting Star, Yusei Fudo, and The former Black Rose Witch, Akiza Izinski" Crow began. "Do you, Yusei my friend, take Akiza to be yours" Crow asked. Yusei nodded, "I sure do." "Do you, lovely Akiza, take Yusei to be yours" Crow asked. Akiza smiled, "There's no doubt in my mind, I do." Crow smiled widely, "You may now kiss the bride, but if you wanna make out get a room." Yusei rolled his eyes and shook his head, he leaned in and kissed Akiza softly. Akiza blushed slightly as everyone snapped pictures, Yusei pulled away and smiled. "I love you Akiza" Yusei said slipping the ring on her left hand ring finger. "I love you too Yusei" she reached up and kissed Yusei once more. Leo ran over and congratulated the two. "The only thing left is to have a few kids" Leo laughed. Akiza blushed, Yusei merely chuckled. "We've got one due quite a ways away" Yusei announced. Martha glanced over at Yusei, "You what?" Yusei smiled nervously, "Heh heh…." Akiza stepped forward, "It's no issue Martha that happened after he proposed." Martha nodded, "Well then there's nothing I can do about it, I hope you two have a wonderful life." Akiza looked confused, "You act like you're never gonna see us again." "Well you are heading back to New Domino city. Aren't you?" Yusei shook his head, "Akiza said she'd rather stay here, with all of her friends." "Friends?" Crow questioned with a surprised look. Akiza nodded, "You all mean so much to me." Everyone, except Yusei, stood dumbfound mouths agape. Yusei smiled lightly, "Let's head to Martha's for the reception." Akiza nodded and Yusei took her by the hand to his runner. "Renee take my runner to Martha's" Akiza shouted as she placed the helmet on her head. Renee nodded, "You got it." Akiza latched her arms around Yusei's waist, she told him, "I'm still a little squeamish about these runners." Yusei chuckled, "Don't worry I won't let you fall."

When Akiza and Yusei arrived at Martha's everyone was already there. "What took you two so long" Tea asked. "We took a detour, sorry" Akiza smiled. Crow snickered slightly, "You took a detour." Akiza blushed realizing why Crow emphasized detour, she walked towards him. "Pervert" she shouted slapping Crow across the face. Renee busted out laughing, "What did you do this time?!" Crow rubbed his cheek smirking, "So I was right…" Akiza was fuming angry, her powers began fluctuating, the house began to tremble because of her force. Yusei noticed this, and hugged her tightly. "Calm down Aki" he whispered into her ear. Akiza took in deep breaths; her powers weren't calming down with her. "Y-Yusei, m-my powers" Akiza gritted her teeth trying to hold her powers down. Now Yusei was concerned, her powers usually calmed down when she did, she had to release the extra power she was holding in. "Aki let's duel, use your powers, let it all go" Yusei said releasing Akiza. Akiza's eyes went wide and she gasped. "N-no I could hurt you!" she protested. Yusei grabbed Akiza by her shoulder, "You have to, don't worry about me. I'll be fine." Akiza stared at Yusei, "But, Yusei-" Yusei leaned over and kissed Akiza, "You can do this" he said once he pulled a few inches away. Akiza nodded, Martha motioned for everyone to go into the house. Akiza pulled out her duel disk and activated it, as did Yusei.

Akiza started by summoning Twilight Rose Knight, and special summoning Lord Poison by Twilight Rose Knight's special ability. She then synchro summoned her Black Rose Dragon and equipped it with Thorns of Malice. "Alright, Yusei it's your turn" Akiza said. Yusei started his turn by summoning his Speed Warrior in attack mode, and special summoned Quickdraw Synchron by getting rid of one card from his hand. He then synchro summoned his Nitro warrior in attack mode. He placed two face down cards and ended his turn.

Stardust Dragon destroyed her last monster and with that went the rest of her life points. Akiza sunk to her knees breathing heavily, "I-it's a-all gone." Yusei walked over to her, "I told you not worry." Akiza smiled up at him and Martha called out to them. "I see the house stopped shaking, is everything alright" Martha asked. "Yeah, she let out all the extra power she had stored up, so everything's fine" Yusei took Akiza's hand and helped her up. "That's good, Luna and Leo are pretty worried" Martha said. Akiza looked to Yusei, he looked back and smiled. "Let's go let everyone know we're alright" he said. Akiza nodded, and walked with her husband into the house.