I was born on February thirteen ninety-nine eight it wasn't a good time for my mom she had just found out that the baby she carry wasn't from her price charming but the death it self! My dad had gone to her house were my grandma, grandpa,aunts,uncles,and mom lived. He ha gone there to speak to my grandparents about hem and my mom but he didn't know that they already knew hes secret! They pull my mom out of the house by telling her that there was a party(when I found out how they got her out I thought how stupid was she!?).

They lived in a small town that had all ready been hunted by vampires about ten thousand years ago or maybe less. So when my grandparents yell "Vampires! Vampires have returned!" every body got there guns,sticks other dangers stuff!

They killed hem then tolled my mom that he didn't love her! Then planed to tell my mom I was born dead! Yeah those are just the best grandparents! The only thing they didn't planed was that my vampire aunts were coming to my rescue! They got there the twelve took my mom to a cave in it was about a mile away from my mom parents.

I was born at 11:56 P.M!my mom later die by vampire name Cebastian! He killed my mom and I'm going to kill hem! What ever it takes...even my own life!