I don't know why I couldn't just say "go I can't do these!" he looked at me with hurt eyes. That went pass my shield and were able to touch my heart for a second.

I can't let a stupid football player do these to me! I can't let hem make me weak!

He took a step towers. He looked at my hand meanwhile I was thinking about what I was going to do to the gray hand vampire! He woke me up from my day dreaming with a touch on my hand from hes. As a normal reaction a pull my hand away. He looked at my face sharply and sad at the same time.

"if you are going to be like these why were you going to let me kiss you! You were just playing me? You said there's a stupid guy to fool around with lets play with hem!?" he snapped at me. Those words went straight to my soul and I knew I could do anything but would never be able to take them away from my soul. They were like a mark!

"no thats not it! Look if wanted to play with a guy I wouldn't pick my crush! I wouldn't pick the guy I thought looked like a god!,"i said. why was I making these so hard! Why couldn't I just say "yes I was playing with you" and let it go! Why was I hurting hem so much! I knew he would never be save with me! I knew he would hate me! I knew he would be scare of me if he knew that I was a monster!

"look,think whatever I just..."i kept going "i just want you to be save! Even if it's not with me! Even if I have to give up everything I love, for you!"i said in a whisper, I thought he wouldn't hear but I was wrong. He took my hand and started to came close to kiss me. I was happy I had forgotten all about the gray hand vampire!

I could feel hes lips, they were so close that...that, they were just right there I didn't need to move to be with them!

The chills hit me and I knew it was way pass saving hes life! Somehow I would have to save hem....that meant I had to fight the vampire, but thats not what I was worry about I was worry that I would have to show hem the real me the part of me that I had been ashram of sense I met hem.

I sense the vampire at corner of the wall that we were next to. I grabbed hes hip and push hem behind me. I hiss when I saw the right foot of the gray hand vampire! He became aware of me and got ready to fight. These wasn't going to be my day!