Peach Creek Fox

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Chapter 3


When Eddy woke up he had a splitting headache. He kept his eyes closed to try and wait out the pain. With his eyes closed his other senses started to function better then they normally did. He could hear birds singing their songs, and small animals moving about. He could smell flowers of some sort as well. He could feel the grass beneath… wait there wasn't grass on the cliff before.

With that thought in mind Eddy bolted straight up to see where he was, only to cringe for agitating his head. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath to try and make the pain go away. After a few moments the pain lessened enough that it was only a dull ache. Taking this as a good sign he opened his chocolate-brown eyes to get a better view of his situation. At first he was rewarded with a blurry sight that quickly cleared to a sight that took his breath away.

It was even more stunning then what he saw on the cliff. Before him were majestic fields that seemed to go on for miles, only stopping when they reached a vast forest that had a giant pink topped tree stationed in the center of it. In the field he saw animals roaming around or grazing in the large expanse. A plethora of fruit trees and beautiful flowers would grow in what seemed like random spots to the preteen. He looked up to the sky and saw that it was a rich blue with a stray cloud here or there, with birds flying around without a care in the world. He looked down to where he was sitting and realized he was on a mini version of the cliff back at the swimming hole.

This tiny replica stood at, from what he could guess, six feet. Looking to the sides of the mini-cliff he saw that they made it like a half-hill that turned towards the base of it. His curiosity getting the better of him he peeked over the edge of his perch. To his immense joy and relief, that he'd never (at this point in time) admit, he saw two familiar pairs of legs and feet. So carefully standing up, to ensure his head wouldn't get irritated, he started down the right side of the hill.

When got down to where he was facing his former perch, and the spot that he had seen his friends feet, he saw that were in a small cave. He walked over to the cave to find the two out cold. He was about to shout at the unconscious Eds when he felt a hand on his shoulder. This made Eddy yelp in surprise, which effectively woke the other Eds. Ed sat up and completely ripped through the stone that only moments ago rested above his head, though Edd was not as lucky.

"OW! My head, just what's going on?" Edd asked as a consent rhythm of painful throbs chorused through his head. When no reply came Edd opened his eyes but closed them when they were met with the bright sunlight that poured in from the mouth of the cave.

"Need some help?" a deep and rich voice asked with a hint of amusement. Before Edd could speak he felt someone grab his left ankle and pull. In the blink of an eye he was sitting to the side of the small cave feeling a bit dizzy. After the dizziness had past he cracked open his eyes, trying to adjust to the light. When he could open his eye completely he gazed up at who pulled him out of the cave. The sight of figure before his friends and him made them gape in awe (though once again Eddy would not admit it at this time).

Before them was the most hansom man they had ever seen. The man was at least six foot three with a lean frame, darkly tanned skin, an elegant face, and crimson hair tied in a high ponytail. He wore a black kimono with gold trim, with a gold dragon spiraling up his left arm, and a necklace with a stone carved into a symbol that Edd swore was of Chinese origin. But what really caught the Eds attention were the man's fangs, his clawed hands and clawed bare feet, and his scarlet eyes with cat like slits for pupils. The man smirked at their expressions.

Eddy, upon seeing the man smirk, snapped out of his trance and glared at the man.

"Just who the hell are you?" he asked as he pointed an accusing finger at the man.

"EDDY, watch your language, it's impolite to curse at someone you just met," Edd scolded. Before the two could begin to argue the man chuckled before speaking.

"It's alright, if I was in his place I would more then likely be cussing me out to, but I digress come follow me I have some things I need to talk to you about," he said amusement still clear in his voice as he turned and started to walk away towards the forest.

"Why should we follow you?" Eddy asked in defiance.

"Because without me you will never be able to return home, also who knows what wild animals could be lurking out here," the man stated without even facing the three preteens. The Eds looked at each other before scrambling after the man. The man chuckled as he continued on at a leisurely pace. The Eds followed right behind keeping their eyes peeled for any vicious looking animals. The walk was very uncomfortable for them to say the least.

Finally after walking for a while through the forest they made it to a clearing. Looking around Eddy realized that they were at where the giant tree he saw earlier was located. There wasn't much in the clearing, the only worthwhile things in it was a small pond that was feed by a small waterfall and lead into a small stream that went off into the forest, a log cabin, and the tree.

"That sakura tree is colossal, it must be ancient," Edd whispered in amazement.

"A saku-wha tree, what the hell are you talking about Sockhead?" Eddy asked not even caring if his friend would scold him on his choice of words.

"A sakura tree Eddy, in Japan they even have festivals in which they watch the trees bloom," Edd replied barely even aware that his friend cursed. They were brought out of their thoughts by the voice of the man.

"Come on we still have a bit more to go," he said as he started walking again.

"Where are we going," Ed asked surprisingly calm.

"Under the tree of course," he answered as he pointed to a hole that wasn't in the tree before. The Eds gulped, the idea of going to a place where no one can see you with a man you just met was not all that pleasant, it was downright scary. The man paying no heed walked to the hole. The Eds looked at each other before bracing themselves for whatever maybe under the tree and followed the man. The man smirked once more as he disappeared into the darkness.

Under The Tree

After following the man under the tree, the Eds were amazed at the glowing lines that decorated the tunnel that they were walking through. Dozens of the lines were a translucent shade of blue, while the rest were a vibrant crimson. The lines wove together to form mesmerizing patterns that almost had the Eds stumbling over themselves.

"Pretty pictures, what do they mean Double-D?" Ed asked turning to his smart friend.

"I don't really know Ed, they might some epic tale of yore or tells just of the tale of random individuals everyday lives," the sock wearing Ed replied as he continued to study the lines.

"You're only half right, some of the lines do depict some old tales, but the rest are arranged in random intervals to amuse spectators, but those lines have a much greater meaning," the man stated as he continued ahead.

"What does that mean of 'enlightened one', or are you just making stuff up to mess with us?" the smallest Ed question as he turned to their guide.

"You'll understand soon enough, but in the mean time we've arrived at our destination," the man said as he turned to the Eds. The Eds stopped in their tracks and realized that they were in a room. The room was aglow with the lines that the saw earlier and a pool of glowing water in its center. Roots from the tree helped to decorate the room and offer many places to sit. What got the Eds attention was a huge root that surrounded the pool and held two familiar faces.

"HEY! It's that kid and old guy from earlier. What are they doing here?" Eddy asked as he walked around the root's right side towards the blond.

"They are here to discuss some things with each other even though they seem unconscious,"

"But how can they communicate if they are not speaking?" asked the skeptical Edd.

"Oh, oh I know, I know they are talking to each other through their minds!" came Ed's excited answer.

"Don't be stupid Ed, this isn't one of your stupid comic books," Eddy snapped.

"Actually, he's spot on, they our talking through their minds because this whole 'world' is that boy's mindscape," the man stated as he gestured to the blond.

"What, that's impossible, there is no method in which we could have entered a persons mind," Edd argued as he looked at the unconscious duo. The redhead sighed before snapping his fingers to get the trio's attention.

"There certainly is a way, do you remember that red shroud that came at you before you got here?" at this the boys' eyes widen at remembering the mysterious shroud.

"H-how do you know about that?" Eddy stuttered as he shrank back. The man smirked at the three before nine red tails sprouted from behind him. The Eds' eyes widen even further as they viewed the man nine new appendages.

"For I, the great Kyuubi no Yoko, was the one who made that shroud and brought you here," Kyuubi answered as he shot them a prideful look. The three boys were silent as they stared at the man until Ed broke the silence.

"COOL! A real honest and for truly demon has come before us, this is even better then aliens!" Ed cheered as he brought the demon lord into bone crushing hug. The other Eds regained their composure a bit after watching their friend hug the so-called 'demon'.

"Th-that can't be true, demons don't exist, there just fictional creatures," Edd squeaked.

"In your world maybe, but in the world of shinobi or ninja, I can ensure you we are quite real,"

"Oh, does that mean these two are ninja like in 'Cyber Ninja From Planet Kappa' the miniseries?" Ed asked with a face splitting smile.

"Uh, more or less, but they ninja," Kyuubi replied as he gave Ed a strange look.

"Okay, if any of this is true, then why the hell are ya here?" Eddy asked through gritted teeth as he looked away from his embarrassing friend.

"That will be explained after I show you something,"

"Uh, what would that be, uh Mr. Yoko?" Edd asked anxiously. Instead of an answer Kyuubi placed one of his tails on each of the Eds and the root holding the unconscious nin. Before the Eds could protest their world sunk into darkness once more. This time however a flow of images rushed before them. One of the images rushed forward and engulfed Eddy.


When Eddy came to he found himself in some town. He wrenched his head back and forth to see if his friends or even Kyuubi was with him but alas they were nowhere in sight. He decided to look around and see if he could find them when he noticed a leg poking out of a trashcan in a nearby ally. When the owner of the leg came out he saw a younger version of the blond from before. The small blond seemed to be holding something in his tiny hands.

Upon closer inspection Eddy recoiled in disgust at the child's find. It was a loaf of bread covered in various molds. It reminded the small Ed of some of the things he could find in Ed's room. He couldn't find any reason for why the blond would even want to hold the thing. What he saw next made him hold back from puking.

The blond, without any hesitation, started to eat the discarded bread. Pushing down his disgust, Eddy toke a closer look at the blond. The small child look to be six, though Eddy couldn't say for sure as the blond was pretty short. The boy wore a dirty cream-colored shirt that had an orange 'leaf' in its center, with equally dirty black shorts, and some old worn-out blue open toed sandals. The kid himself looked like he hadn't had a bath in awhile.

As Eddy watched the kid eat, a collection of yells caught his attention. He looked up and saw a mob of people armed to the teeth with various household items, knives, pipes, pitchforks, and torches. The blond toke a quick glance behind him before dashing down they ally he had come from. Eddy, seeing the kid's mad dash gave chase, as did the mob. For a while Eddy ran through so many allies that he thought that he'd lose the whiskered youth but that was short lived as something whizzed right by him and into the blond child's right leg, causing him to fall.

There, sticking out of the kid's leg was some sort of knife. The blond ripped the knife out with no hesitation and scrambled to get to his feet but the mob was quicker. They surrounded the boy and started to beat him, the child's screams of anguish only fuelling them.

"Die demon scum!"

"This is for my wife you bastard!"

"Go back to Hell where you belong!"

Those were only some of the things the mob yelled as they feverishly beat the blond. Eddy was growing sick and angry at the crowd of raving villagers. How the hell could someone take pleasure in beating a kid? Without thinking Eddy rushed forward to try and get the mob away from their small target. He just got to the mob when they parted to let a man get through.

The man looked to be in his early thirties with short and spiky brown hair and gray eyes. He wore a green vest over a blue long sleeved shirt with matching pants, a headband with the same 'leaf' mark, and the same kind of sandals as the blond. Eddy's eyes widened when he remembered the kid. He whipped around, his eyes scanning for the kid until he found him. For the second time that day he recoiled but not just from disgust.

Before him was a beaten and bloody lump of flesh and torn rags. He could only recognize who it was from flash of blond hair that was covered in blood. The small blood covered blond lay unmoving, his arms and legs bent at unnatural angles with bits of his bones poking out of his skin. His torso was covered in cuts and bruises, along with an opening in the center of his chest showing the blond child's organs off to the world. Blood leaked from his face due to cuts along his whisker marks and a gash on his forehead. Eddy trembled before his stomach lurched causing him to heave out its contents.

"PEOPLE OF KONOHA! TODAY I FINISH WHAT THE YONDAIME STARTED! TODAY THE FOX BRAT DIES!" came a shot from behind Eddy. He weakly turned around as the mob burst into cheers. The man was now brandishing a single edge sword in his left hand and rushed at the blond. When the man was about five feet from the still unmoving blond, a flash of silver forced the man to stop as his left arm was slashed off. The man let out a wail of anguish as he, his severed arm, and sword fell to the ground.

Eddy turned his sights from the fallen assailant to a teen that was now standing above the first one. The teen was clad in a black long sleeved shirt, black pants, black fingerless gloves, and black combat boots. Over this he had white armor covering his chest, forearms, and shins. He had long raven colored hair in a ponytail but Eddy couldn't see his face, which was blocked by a white weasel mask. In his right hand was a sword similar to the one the first man had, the only difference was that this one was soaked in blood.

"By order of the Sandaime Hokage you are all under arrest," the man said in a cool and calm voice. Before any of the mob could protest more people dressed like the teen appeared out of nowhere and toke them away. A bit of awe at the masked groups action surged through Eddy before he tensed as the weasel masked teen moved towards the blond. He relaxed when the teen put away the sword and gently picked up the still bleeding blond.

"I am so sorry for not getting here sooner Naruto-kun, I'm sorry," the teen whispered in regret so softly that Eddy almost didn't hear him. Eddy watched the teen disappear before he felt himself get thrown back, arriving back at the flow of images.

Flashback End, Mindscape

The Eds snapped open their eyes as the stream of images came to an end. Each of the boys slowly sat down taking in deep breaths. Edd gave himself a quick look over and sighed in relief at being unharmed. He then looked to his to comrades and toke a mental analysis of their conditions. Ed looked shaken but seemed to be well off otherwise. Eddy on the other hand look very pale and was sweating up a storm.

"E-eddy are you alright?" he asked in a hoarse voice.

"Hm, he must have gotten sucked into one of Naruto's memories," Kyuubi pondered aloud.

"Memories, so what that stream of images was were the memories of him, Naruto was it?" Edd asked as he pointed to Naruto. As Kyuubi was about to speak Eddy's voice cut him off.

"You said that you would tell us why you're here, but you also need something from us to, so what is it?" Eddy asked in a soft whisper. This sent Ed and Edd for a loop, Eddy is never this quite. Kyuubi looked at Eddy before putting his hands behind his back and acknowledged all three of the Eds.

"We are here because there are several groups who are after our lives so we require a safe haven where we can prepare ourselves for the events to come, what I ask of you is to help ensure the survival of the two behind me and myself in this world, in return we will teach you about our world and train you, along with Naruto, to become respectable shinobi, so what do you say, do we have a deal?" Kyuubi asked with a piercing stare. The Eds reaction to the deal varied between the three friends. Ed gained a huge grin and started to hop up ad down in excitement, Edd turned ashen as he thought of what horrors he'd see and do but had a desire to gain knowledge of a new world, while Eddy stared down at the ground. Edd snapped out of his stupor and composed himself before he got up and spoke.

"I'm sorry but we cannot possibly d-," Edd stopped as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Eddy; he was about to ask his friend why he was stopping him when he saw Eddy's eyes. What he saw put him in a state of awe but also frightened him. Eddy's eyes blazed with a look of determination that was so powerful it put all of his looks of greed to shame. Seeing Eddy with a look that showed no greed and was so serious was something that the smart Ed would never forget.

"You've got a deal, we'll help you out in any way we can, even if it means we might die taken out whoever it is that's after you," Eddy said in a firm and powerful voice. Edd stared at his friend with a slack jaw, was this really Eddy?

"Eddy, w-we can't possible agree to this and you can't make us do this, so please reconsider," came Edd's frantic plea.

"Double D trust me, I might have steered us wrong plenty of times but we've got to help this kid, no, Naruto, Kyuubi, and the old dude out if the people after them are anything like the people I saw in Naruto's memory," Eddy said as he clenched his fists, an act that did not go unnoticed by the others. Edd stood back and studied his old friend before speaking again.

"Just, just what did you see in that memory?"

"Trust me when I say that even if we become killers by doing this, we'll be considered saints compared to the bastards I saw," Eddy growled out as he trembled in barely controlled rage. Edd shivered at the rage that was carried on his friend's words. He look at Eddy, then to Ed, who gave him his best puppy dog eyes, then back to Eddy. The smart Ed looked down for a moment before turning to Kyuubi.

"Alright, I'll take part in this, I mean one for all, all for one, right gentlemen?" Edd sighed in defeat. Kyuubi smiled at the three boys.

"Well, guess we'll see you on the outside," Kyuubi said as he started to glow.

"WAIT!" Ed yelled as he jumped to his feet. Kyuubi stopped and looked at Ed.

"What is it?"

"You need a name," the other three looked at Ed as if he'd grown a second head.

"Y-you're right Ed, uh ahem, well yes the 'name' Kyuubi no Yoko would be, uh, impressive I do believe you need a more human name," Edd stated after getting over his shock. Kyuubi toke on a thoughtful expression at the Eds' claim.

"Hm, well what do you suggest?" Ed leapt forward at this.

"Oh, I know Kaname uh," Ed stopped as he tried to think of something else. Kyuubi thought for a moment before smirking.

"Don't worry about the rest, I've got everything all figured out, now time to go," the newly named Kaname said before sending the Eds out of Naruto's mind.

Hill/Cliff Top

The five humans groaned as they opened their eyes. Naruto sat up and shook his head.

"Ow, my aching head, what the hell did Kyuubi do?"

"Oh get over it, now you and Jiraiya get your lazy assess up, we have company," came the familiar, though non-demonic, voice of Kyuubi. Naruto snapped his head to the voice and was about to yell but stopped. Before him stood Kyuubi but without any of his more eccentric features and clad in civilian clothes bar a collar on his neck. Instead of his kimono he now wore a black t-shirt with the words 'Even From Beyond The Grave…' with a picture of a grave underneath it, a pair of dark gray jeans, and some black shoes with a white check on them. Naruto was about to question him but was stopped as he was brought into a bone-crushing hug.

"Hello my new friend, my name is Ed!" his 'assailant' joyously yelled into his ear.

"ED, put him down, dude can't breath," shouted a voice from behind him. Naruto was gently set down before being turned to three boys. The boys looked about his age but they each came in different sizes that made him wonder.

"Uh, Kyuubi who are these kids?" Jiraiya whispered from beside Naruto.

"They, my friends, are our new comrades, and before you ask let's all introduce ourselves in the same way team 7 did, Naruto you're up first," Naruto looked at Kyuubi then the boys and finally Jiraiya before sighing.

"Uh, hey, I'm Naruto, uh, Namikaze, I like ramen, training, and my precious people, I dislike ignorant pricks, snake bastards, the time it takes to cook ramen, and a few other things, my only real hobby is training, and my dream for the future is to get stronger so I can be the greatest ninja in history, BELIEVE IT!" Naruto started quietly but ended with his usual enthusiasm. Kyuubi and Jiraiya smiled knowing that even with recent events he would not back down. Jiraiya was about to start his introduction dance but stopped as both Kyuubi and Naruto growled. Deciding to not cause himself bodily Jiraiya stood up straight and started his introduction.

"Ahem, I am Jiraiya Yamashita, I like booze, writing, and hot springs, I dislike a certain snake, an idiotic bitch, my former teammate Tsunade, and people who get in the way of my research, my hobby is my research, my dream is none of your concern," Jiraiya stated with perverted giggles accompanying most of his intro. The others, even Ed, gave the man strange looks.

"I-is he like this all the time?" Edd asked out loud.

"Yeah, pretty much, uh can I know who you guy are though?" Naruto deadpanned before looking at the three. The three looked at each other before Ed stepped forward with a big smile.

"Hello my name is Ed Steele, I like monster movies, comic books, my baby sister Sarah, and my bestest pals Double D and Eddy, I dislike, uh oh, mean people who hurt my friends and baby sister, and the Kanker sisters, my hobby is helping out Eddy because Eddy's the man with the plan, and my dream IS TO BE THE BEST NINJA I CAN BE!" Ed cheered, though the shiver that went through him when he mentioned these 'Kanker Sisters' was not lost on the three ninja. Edd patted his large friend on the head as he stepped forward.

"Hello gentlemen, I am Eddward Rodgers or Double D since my name has two ds in it, I like studying, cleaning, reading, and my two close friends Ed and Eddy, my dislikes mostly involve when Ed and Eddy go to far with things or utterly destroy my room, I'm not fond of violence but I suppose I will have to overcome that if this is to work out, and finally the Kankers, my main hobby is hanging out with Ed and Eddy even though we go through many unsavory endeavors, and I can't really decide my dream for the future," Edd pleasantly greeted. Finally Eddy took spotlight as he stepped before his friends.

"Hey the name's Eddy Simmons, I like plenty of things including these two since they are my best friends, I dislike this dick named Kevin, the Kankers, and the most recent thing is a bunch of idiots who would try to beat a kid to death, my hobby is to pull off small scams to get money to buy jawbreakers for me and the boys, and I'm rethinking my dreams, and Naruto from today on you're apart of our group," Eddy said with a smile.

And so begins the start of Naruto's new life and only time will tell how this will change things.

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