This is about Rima and Nagihiko. They were soul mates and have been reborn over and over, to fulfill a promise. Now, it can finally happen. Although, their may be someone who doesn't want that to happen… This takes place assuming current Anime and Manga knowledge. Except that Amu has all of her charas because it's just easier to write this with them all here.

"Nyge!" A little girl with blond hair and hazel eyes looked at a boy. He had long dark purple hair and brown eyes. "You're going to marry me, right?"

"Of course, Ryme" The boy smiled. "I promise, we'll live happily ever after one day,"

"Good!" The girl said, satisfied. "I won't forgive you if you don't,"

"Ryme, don't be mean," A blond chara with hazel eyes scolded her.

"I'm not," Ryme frowned slightly. Two more charas floated into view. One was wearing a kimono used for ceremonies and had pink hair in a pigtail. The other one looked a little like the boy.

"It's so nice…," A blond chara who looked like she was preparing for being married sighed happily. "It's true love…,"

Two women who were the mothers of the children sighed sadly.

"They don't know," One said. "The hardships that will befall them,"

"Right now, we should let them play," The other said. "They are just children,"

"As you wish," One woman replied dismissively. "But all games must end one day,"

"And that day is not this one,"

Nagihiko's POV

I woke up and yawned. "You know what?" I said as I got up. "I had another one of those strange dreams today,"

"Really?" Temari asked, giving a glance at Rhythm. Probably hoped I didn't notice.

"Yeah… An olden time me and Mahiro-san," I reply. "And our charas. But…..,"

"What is it?" Rhythm asked.

"There was another one," I said. "A chara that looked like she was going to get married," My charas looked at each other briefly. I ignored it.

"I wonder why I'm dreaming about her….," I said in a quiet tone. I could guess, really. Rima was adorable and she was the only girl who knew that I had been Nadeshiko. Even though she knew I had been cross-dressing, she just acted like she normally would around me—with the exception of having new insults. That was probably what I liked about her, she could be talking to a king and acting as though she was the one who was royalty and he was some peasant. That would actually be amusing to see.

"I better get dressed, don't want to be late for school," In the high school that I was now attending, I was part of a student council. In fact, all the high schoolers with charas were. A lot of things had happened after graduating the academy; Naikadou-sensei and Utau's manager got married over the summer—we were all invited but Ikuto who wasn't here—and their was new Gaurdains, Yaya-chan was now queen chair, Rikka-chan was the ace, Hikaru was jack, Kairi—who was know attending Sieyuu again—was king, everyone who graduated became part of a student council, Utau was so busy with singing she forgot to go to school and was in the same grade as Souma-kun now, and I still hadn't told anyone I was Nadeshiko.

Well, that was pretty much all that happened. The X-egg numbers had decreased because no one was trying to pull them out, but sometimes Amu was called over to the Academy so she could do Open Heart. It was starting to seem a little pointless to have the Guardians, an X-egg would come about once every month and Amu could easily take care of it, seeing as it was always just one. Although, their was still something bugging me… I couldn't place my finger on it, but it seemed that when it was this peaceful someone was up to something. I was probably being paranoid, but still…

Oh, well! No use worrying about it now! I went down to get breakfast.

Rima's POV

I kept having these annoying dreams. All were about me and the cross-dresser. Something about them kept bugging me, especially when I woke up and found that a necklace that had been in my dream was fastened around my neck. The last words I heard before I woke up that time was someone saying "I will love you until this flower wilts." Then I woke up with a silver necklace in the shape of a flower around my neck. The thing that bugged me most was the boy in my dream—who looked a lot like Nagihiko—the last that he did was fasten it around my neck and say that.

"Hey, Kusukusu?" I ask my chara as I grab a brush so I could brush my hair,

"Yeah, Rima-chan?" Kusukusu looks up at me.

"…Do you think I'm going crazy?" From the look on my chara's face, I could see she wasn't expecting me to say that.

"Rima-Chan! What gave you that idea?" Kusukusu asked, startled.

"Never mind, it's nothing," I sighed. I could hear my parents yelling about something downstairs. It was getting old, I was getting used to it. That was really sad to think about. It's sad to wake up and hear your parents fighting, but what was even sadder was waking up to your parents fighting and realize that you're used to it.

"I just had a weird dream…," I told my chara as I got out of bed. "I was dreaming about the past. Not mine, but she looked like me… A girl called Ryme who had friends that looked like mine. Her chara even looked like you!" Kusukusu looked at me with interest. "But she had another one…," I continue. "Another chara, one who looked like she was going to be married, she was in a gown and everything,"

"Really…," Kusukusu said. She knew something; I could see it on her face.

"RIMA! GET DOWNSTAIRS!" I heard my parents yell. I sigh, put down my brush, and head downstairs.

Normal POV

A girl dressed in boys' clothing struggled to carry multiple luggages. Two charas floated near her, a girly one and a boy one. The girl looked helplessly at the adults who were probably her parents that she was following. "Would it be possible for you to help me…?" She asked softly. The man turned around and looked at her sharply.

"You're a boy, aren't you?" He demanded. "So stop being such a wuss,"

"I hate that guy," The girl's boy chara muttered. The girl just bit her lip. It was supposed to be a good thing that he thought she was a boy. She wasn't going to correct him now, she probably wouldn't ever. Instead, she just nodded mutely. The woman who was with them gave a short look of sympathy. But, it didn't last long.

"Please be good when you transfer into Sieyuu, Kyou," The woman said. The girl she called Kyou just nodded again. She knew that meant not doing anything that could lead to anyone finding out that she was a girl.

"Chouko-chan, is all this really necessary?" The girl chara asked with a worried tone to her voice. The girl turned to her and smiled.

"Don't worry, Inju," She whispered. "I'll be fine. I've gotten used to it. But, just in case we meet any Character Bearers or people would good eyes, would you please conceal yourself?"

"As you wish," The chara she called Inju sighed and went back into her egg.

"Thank you," Chouko whispered and tried to grab her egg. She toppled a little from the bags then went to catch up with the adults.

Nagihiko's POV

I was vaguely listening to the others argue about what the theme for the upcoming dance should be. Honestly, I really couldn't see why it mattered that much. All you have to do is pick something and decorate accordingly. Why all the fuss?

"Oh, honestly," I said. "Why not just do something like the beginning of time? I mean, like 'let us go back to the time meeting your soul mate was an everyday accurance'?" Everyone looked at me. Then Utau spoke up.

"That… Actually, it sounds like fun," She said. Like it was really that surprising for me to have a good idea?

"And you know what about this?" Rima asked. Probably going to find some holes in my idea. "Think about it; if you're going to do something about that early in time, its not like you can just brainstorm about it in five minutes,"

"We could look it up," I muttered. "On the internet or something,"

"And how much time would that take?" Rima demanded.

"It doesn't have to be completely accurate," I said, defensively. "Just enough to make a good dance theme,"

Rima just rolled her eyes with a look I couldn't completely read. "Whatever," She said. "Do we have to dress up like we're from some olden time too?"

"That would be really fun!" Amu said with an exited tone to her voice.

"But…. Fine," Rima sighed. "Is Miki going to design the costumes?"

"That sounds like it would a good challenge for my artistic abilities," Miki nodded. It seems she also liked my idea. Rima gave another sigh.

"If everyone wants to then I guess I'll have to go along with it," Rima said. Then, I noticed the necklace she was wearing. She must have noticed me staring because she turned and said sharply, "What? I just have a necklace. I… found it,"

"I will love you until this flower wilts." I said, feeling like I had done it before. Something was really familiar about that necklace. Rima's eyes widened. Everyone was busy talking about the dance and wouldn't notice us whispering.

"Where did you hear that?" Rima demanded.

"What?" I said confused. "It just sounded like I said that before,"

"In a dream I had, a boy who looked like an olden time version of you said the exact same thing," Rima whispered. "Are you making fun of me?"

"How would I know what you were dreaming about?" I asked, still confused. "And now that I think about it, I had a similar dream,"

"What--," Rima was cut off by Amu's phone ringing. Amu flipped open her phone.

"Hello?" She said. "Rika? Huh? There's another X-egg? Okay I'll be right—wait, a character bearer is already there? Do you recognize them? You never saw him before… Okay, we'll be right there,"

"Another Character Bearer?" Utau asked. "Maybe they're new in town,"

"Probably," Tadese agreed. "But we should all go to see who it is,"

Everyone got up to go. I grabbed Rima's sleeve. "They won't miss us if we come a little late," I said. Rima thinks for a second then nods.

Amu's POV

When we got there we saw what Rika had been talking about. There was a boy about my age with short curly hair and big blue eyes. He turned to look at us; something about him reminded me of a girl. He was wearing a blue shirt and lighter blue pants. He also had blue bird wings on his back, so I guess he was in a character transformation. "Who are you?" He asked. "Are you going to help it?" It? Was he talking about the Xegg. "I'm going to purify the X-egg," I tell him. "You won't have to worry about it," He looked at me, their was some expression that I couldn't read. He turned to the egg. "Feather Storm!" He said, making his blue feathers swarm around the X-egg and make it so it couldn't move. "Well?" He asked me. "Aren't you going to help it?"

"Right!" I said. "Negative heart…. Lock on! Open heart!"

"Who are you anyway?" Rima asked. I didn't even know she was here.

"I… You can call me Kyou," He told me. "And you?"

"I'm Hinamori Amu," I said. "Are you new here?"

"I just moved here with my Aunt and Uncle," Kyou nodded.

"Huh? What about your parents?" I asked. Kyou sighed.

"I have to go," He said and started to leave.

"Thanks for helping them!" Rika said smiling.

"It isn't a problem," Kyou said and then he left, flying on his wings.

"I should be going home now," Rima told me. Then I saw someone walking up to us with a map and looking completely lost.

"Would you happen to now where Seiyuu Middle School is?" She asked us.

"Sure…. Its right around the corner," Tadese told her, pointing.

"Thank the Mother that I found someone who could tell me where to go," The girl said smiling. Thank the mother? What was that about?

"Excuse me," Nagihiko said. "But do I know you?" The girl looked at him.

"Yes, we have defiantly met before," She nodded. "Does the name Sekai Rei ring a bell to you?" He nodded. "Would you happen to be a Fujisaki?"

"Yes… I'm Nagihiko Fujisaki," Nagihiko told her. The girl who said her name was Rei grinned. "Anyway, I have to go," She said. "Nice seeing you again, I see you have gained a chara since our last meeting," Everyone gasped. She could see charas?

"How can you see our charas?" Utau demanded. "You're an adult, aren't you?"

"I know," Rei said. "But I'm very immature sometimes. Besides, I had a chara,"

"That's right….," Nagihiko muttered. He looked like he was remembering something. He gave her what looked like a pleading look.

"It was nice to see you again," Was all Rei said as she left.

Rima's POV

Their were three things we had figured when Nagihiko and I had stayed behind.

1- I was a reincarnation

2- I knew Nagihiko in my past life

3- We were in love.

I couldn't believe it, really. But our charas seemed to know that this was true and apparently had been reincarnated with us. I guess that shouldn't be surprising, they were our charas after all. No matter what life it was, charas were charas. I sighed as I was walking home. "Hey..," I said quietly. Kusukusu looked at me. "Is this really true? Were Nagihiko and I in love?"

"Well…," Kusukusu had a strange look on her face. "His name was Nygesho and you were Ryme. You had met when you were little and he saved you from being taken away. His family… Well, I guess it wasn't that different from now. He had to pretend to be a girl because of his family—only this was because in this life, his family was, well, you could call them wise woman. They were healers and were said to be able to speak with gods and goddesses. He was suppose to dress like a girl his entire life and never be able to act like a boy. I'm pretty sure they were even considering marrying him to one!"

At this I had to laugh, imagining Nagihiko acting like a wife. Pretty soon I was laughing like crazy and Kusukusu couldn't calm me down, even though she tried very hard. What can I say? The thought of what Kusukusu said was hilarious! And, really, a comedy chara shouldn't try and make people stop laughing. It should be impossible for them. "It's not funny!" Kusukusu gave me a cold look. "You don't understand how much suffering you two went through! He was your soul mate and it was forbidden for you two to be together! He loved you! And what happened isn't something to laugh about! It happened! And you know what happened when they found out you two were in love?" My chara had a dark expression on her face. I really didn't want to know but she said it anyway. "He was murdered," Kusukusu said angrily. "And you think this is funny?"

"I'm sorry," I whispered. "I didn't know,"

"That's not true," Kusukusu said, calmer then before. "You just forgot. Although, I can't blame you for that. You shouldn't remember anyway,"

"I guess…," I was so close to crying. Nagihiko died because of me? Because he loved me? I couldn't believe someone would love someone enough to die. "Does he still love me?" I didn't know why it mattered, but it did.

"Of course," She said it like it should be obvious. "You two are soul mates, after all," Soul mates? "He'll love you no matter what happens,"

"I have a feeling it took a while," I said. "For us to finally find each other,"

"Yes," Kusukusu replied. "It took centuries and you still couldn't be together. Finally you are on the same side. You don't have to worry about anything,"

"I see..," He had died for me. "Hey Kusukusu, what happened to me?"

"You tried to protect him," She replied.

"So we died together?" For some reason, that made me want to get to know Nagihiko a little better. If I had liked him so much in the past then maybe I could like him now.

"No. He died protecting you," Kusukusu told me. He looked at her. I don't think I was going to get much sleep tonight.