A harsh pain surged through me and forced me to cough brutally until blood erupted from my mouth. I couldn't move for when I attempted to do so my limbs would scream in angry protest and there was no one around to help me. The only sounds that emerged from me were pathetic whimpers for my voice was choked into silence. There I lay, bruised and beaten, torn at the bottom of the splintered wooden staircase. I needed to cry out, someone had to hear me but my eyes were blurred with fresh tears because she had abandoned me there. But my thoughts were thrust from her betrayal and to the horrid sound of heavy footsteps resounding in my ears. Slow footsteps that pressed into the wood as he left the corridor and with what little light available, I could see a dark figure standing at the top of the stairs, glaring down at me. There were exactly thirteen steps between myself and the shape and every fiber of my being demanded, shouted that I flee for my very life.

"Laurie! Laurie, please come back! Help me!" I croaked as the figure gradually began to descend the steps, the pale light shining from the outdoor light post reflected off the steel blade of his large kitchen knife.

The methodical way he approached, with no hurry as I attempted to shift my weight backward only made my heart pound harder in my chest. I was sobbing uncontrollably because no one was going to help me, no one would remember me. The menacing weapon was held tightly in his grip and before I could cry out again, it stared down at me, ready to make its home in my flesh. None of my efforts were to any avail, because I had fallen face first and rolled and thumped down the staircase and landed in a heap at the base. Now the figure stood over me, the largest man I had ever seen and his onyx black eyes bore down into mine as I begged for my life.

"Please! Let me live!"

The rest of his face was concealed behind the white mask, one that would have been hokey if not worn by a deranged murderer. He cocked his head to the side, as if he were surveying me and then he did the unthinkable—he slowly slid the enormous knife into the pocket of his soiled mechanic's uniform. I did not dare to hope, only laid there and trembled violently and prayed that someone would notice I was gone, someone would think to search for me. But the stiff man began to lower, his body bending until he was kneeling at my side and he was staring even deeper into my own gaze. The only sound I could hear was my own whimpers and his harsh breathing, the deep inhaling and exhaling that would haunt me forever. Before I could fathom what he was doing, he was reaching for me and lifting me from the disgusting, dirt-ridden floor of what would have been the basement fifteen years before. Immediately I renewed my spirit, ordering myself to fight this monster as he lifted my broken body into his steely arms.

My limbs were on fire as he pulled me upward into his primitive embrace and instantly my nostrils were assailed with the smell of pine, gun smoke and something more sinister—blood. I was reduced to a hostage, too wounded to offer a proper resistance and as he rose with me in his arms, I was sure that I would find my way to a rapidly growing teenage body count he'd fashioned during the course of the night. Happy Halloween, Angie.

The basement door was nothing but a rickety piece of wood much like the boards that covered the doors and windows of the abandoned structure. With a mere kick, the board cracked and flew to the ground and the night air whirled around me. The only thing that was warm was the arms of my captor, who cradled me against him as if I were a child. I was too drowsy to fight now, he would find me at his mercy as I assumed he expected. He stepped from the house and into what was the backyard, now overgrown with weeds and crabgrass. I didn't know where he was going to take me, but I hoped that death would come with less pain as I was in at that moment.

"Angelina! Oh, God he's got her!"

That voice, that cut through the night's air and sent shivers up my spine. She hadn't left me, my dearest friend had come back for me! I tried to call out to her but my voice was still in my throat, my head feeling heavy and my eyes swimming. The beast turned around slowly until he was standing before a multitude of blue and right lights. Laurie stood with Dr. Loomis, that man that had questioned us earlier that day at the police station. She was crying out my name, blood coming from a shallow gash on her forehead, but she was gesturing to the man to put me down. This was...Michael. Dr. Samuel Loomis, his shocking white hair and wide eyes were what I recalled first as he demanded that Michael put me down.

"Michael! Let the poor girl go, she's done nothing. It was I that failed you, not the people of Haddonfield but me!"

Loomis' pleas fell on deaf ears and I felt my captor, Michael, press me closer to him in what I supposed was a possessive manner but again, I was unable to respond to any of this. There was still the gnawing pain but it was being swallowed by a severe numbness that started from my legs and spread upward. Several police officers stalked forward, armed and afraid, a dangerous combination. Loomis demanded they withdraw for Michael was still holding me, a major risk and while some took a step back, none lowered their weapons.

"Michael please put her down she's not who you came for, but me! I'm who you want just let my friend go!" Laurie cried between her sobs.

At that moment I felt Michael stiffen and he looked down at me, and though I could feel my consciousness slipping away, I was able to meet his gaze directly and saw those onyx black eyes flash a deep blue. That look in his eyes was laced with so many emotions and only grew worse as he seemed to be recognizing me; his smoldering blue eyes held concern and something I could not comprehend.

"M-Michael," I managed, my blood escaping my lips as I coughed. My chest hurt and my lungs burned, and yet the numbness was finding it and before I could call out for help, I was mesmerized and it was the last thing that I saw, just when the bullet sang through the air.