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Summary: Naruto was just trying to live his life. Too bad he never got to finsh it "alive". Naruto Bleach Crossover. NarutoxYoruchi.

This is my first story so leave critism and tell me how I'm doing. It's written in a 20 truths format. It's not done yet. Every update has 10 truths.

Life in Death.

When Naruto dies it's in a blaze of power, fire and wind. He dies staring ,Sasuke, the man he once thought of as a brother in the eye. He awakes several hours later next to his broken, dead body with a chain sticking out of chest, Sasuke no where to be found. It doesn't take long to break the chain and get moving. Naruto doesn't stick around to see if anyone finds (recognizes) his body. He goes from place to place looking (hoping) to find someone who sees him. Instead he finds people just like him. Some of them have long chains, some have short. He finds the ones with the short chains tend to turn into monsters. Hollows are what the others call them. He asked why once and the answer he got from the old man didn't really surprize him.

"We call 'em that 'cause the hole in d'ere chest, boy. They ani't got no heart. D'ere just hollow."

As the days since dead turn into months since dead his own chain starts to shorten. Naruto has watched the monsters, of course. Watched as they ate the souls still resembling humans. Watched as the anger, hate and pain from being not complely dead has turned into hunger. Watched as the chain completly disolved and the white material shoots out of there already disfigured body to form a rather grotesque mask. Nevertheless he can think of no way to avoid the transformation. He has asked the other still human souls if everyone turns into one of the hollows. They tell him legends of Soul Reapers and how if they find you they will clense your soul; Sending you to heaven. Naruto has never belived in the gods though. Being dead won't change that, so he waits for the day his own chain will be swallowed up. For the day he will turn hollow.

Naruto is laying somewhere in Bird Contry. A battle between Sand, Fire, and Rock goes on around him. The Fourth Great Ninja War contuines even when a Kage such as himself dies. Sand and Fire have been steadily pushing Rock back with no casuality on there side. Naruto wonders who had taken up his postion when he had died. He hopes the new council had chosen Konohamaru, he had always been Naruto's first chocie as a successor.

Naruto had been dead for almost nine months by the time his chain is short enough to get him worried about turning. Fortunately, fate has other plans for him. Naruto meets a man. He carries a sword and is in no way special. He is average in age and looks. The man glances down at his chain and starts speaking.

"Looks like I got here just in time." Naruto looks at him blankly, not particularly caring what the man has to say. "Not one for talking, eh? Makes no diffrence to me." The ordinary man with the sword walks forward, stopping when he is right in front of Naruto. He brings up the hilt of the sword knocking it right across Naruto's forhead. In a flash of brilliant bright light Naruto disappears.

Naruto awakes in a place called Soul Society. There is no Seireitei or Rukongai. There is only 37 districts of people. Surrounding a giant clearing. Around the districts is a lush forest streching on for miles. Where it eventually turns into a never ending desert.

He is there all, but three hours before the hunger starts to get to him. Back when he was a soul in the living world he felt no need to eat, drink or sleep, but here in a Society for the Dead the need to eat, something anything, is almost over powering. He doesn't have any money on him; Even if he did he doubts it would be the kind they would expect or accept. So, he puts what he learned on the streets as a kid to use. Then he puts what he learned on stealth as a ninja to even better use. The amount of food he manages to get feeds him for a week straight.

Naruto is living in a shack somewhere between the 35th and the 36th districts. He isn't to sure where one begins and the other ends. He's been living there since the first week he arrived. That had been almost four months ago. It had been abandoned and Naruto had been tired. So he stayed and didn't leave. There had been fights for "If he had the right to keep it.", of course, but he hadn't been Hokage for nothing. Plus most of the souls were "True Born" knowing nothing about what went on outside there little "Slice of Paradise". So the shack somewhere between the 35th and 36th districts was his to keep and do with as he pleased.

7. Three months later Naruto awakes in his rundown shack with a sword by his side. The sword isn't speacial in anyway. It is not big, bright, long or even ridiculously short. It is by all defintions a regular standard issue sword. Except you know for that whole "Magically appearing thing". Naruto keeps it with him, uses the sword to fight his battles now. But damn if he isn't almost a year and a half out of practice with the thing.

So, he packs up his shack and walks past the districts to the forest and walks some more. He's almost at the desert when he stops, 3 days later. The clearing he's at is spacious with a stream off to the side. Naruto puts his pack down, picks up his sword and starts to gain a little of the strenght, he had before death, back.

Naruto trains until his heart is wants to burst open. He trains until his vains are pumping oil. Then he trains some more. Naruto makes his body remember how it's spose to move. How it's spose to react. He burns off fat and laziness for the muscle that was once there.

Naruto been at the end of the forest for almost two weeks before he see his Zanpakuto spirt in a dream. He is so use to his mind being a sewer that he is honestly surprized that it should show up as something else in his death. His mind is now a white room with stairs on the ceiling and windows on the ground. Theres a chinchilla in a dress on a Baby Grand Piano, a pile of rubber duckies 10 feet tall to his left, there are 5 pigs running around numbered 1,3,4,6,7 Naruto doesn't see 2 or 5 anywhere, a doll house the size of a horse is to his right along with sandwich meat cut in to triangles. Theres a card tower in the shape of the Valley of The End. Naruto wonders around for awhile searching for something hes not quite sure of.

The woman he comes across sits in a throne. The seat is gold, silk, velvet, and chocolate. The woman's hair is blood red with matching eyes. She wears a beautiful kimino that barley covers her curvaceous figure, but what drawls his eyes to her the most is the 9 crimson fox tails floating behind her. Naruto's Zanpakuto is someone (or should he say something?) he knows very well.

"Kyuubi," There is little surprize in his voice, really Naruto kinda of expected something like this to happen. God knows this creature was bound to him even in death.

"Boy," Her voice is low and sultry, suductive even. Her eyes with the slitted pupils are only half lidded.

"Couldn't get enough of me could you?" He asks the question in a dry voice as if he already knows the answer and in away he did.

Naruto comes out of the forest two months later. He makes his way to his shack somewhere in between the 35th and 36th districts. (He still not sure which one it is and he thinks he should figure that out sometime soon.) When he gets there he kicks the thugs and the drunks, who had taken up resident in his humble abode out. Then he watches time fly.

It's 30 years later when he recognizes the first soul from his living years. The deep red hair is longer than he remembers and the circle under his eyes less pronounce, but there is no mistaking the tattoo on the mans forehead.

"Gar-ra!' His voice is loud and breaks half way through the exclamation from disuse. The man pauses in his stroll down the old district and turns, no emotion on his face. Garra blinks, looks Naruto up and down then blinks again.


"Hey... Umm did you just get here?" The reply is sheepish and Naruto goes back to his long used habit of rubbing the back of his head when nervous.

"Yes." The former Kazekage is straight to the point. Just as he had been in life.

"Thats great! I've been here for a while, you can stay with me." Naruto brings out one of his familiar face splitting grins. Garra who had not seen Uzumaki in almost 32 years only nods and follows his fellow former Kage to the house (Not shack) no longer in the worst part of the Civilization of the Deceased.