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Summary: Naruto was just trying to live his life. Too bad he never got to finish it "alive". Brief looks into Naruto's life as a Shinigami. Naruto Bleach Crossover. NarutoxYoruchi.

Life in Death

Chapter 3.

When Yamamoto wakes up in Naruto's shack he remembers nothing of the night before and Naruto is okay with that. After all it's going to take awhile to call in all the necessary favors. To find a place to set up shop. To find strong enough people willing to help him make this mans dream come true.

Yamamoto stays for breakfast and long enough to chat. Before the old man leaves he ask only one question.

"If you don't mind me asking; what's your name?"

Naruto looks up from where he is having his own breakfast. "Why would I mind you asking?" There's a pause where Naruto eats more rice before continuing "My name is Namikaze Naruto."

The old man with the dream just nods before repeating his own mouthful of a name and walking out the door.

Uzumaki is a name only a few know him by. Uzumaki is the name of a seven year old child who was sneered at on the street and beaten up by the villagers. Uzumaki is the name of a 13 year old idiot who thought he could make a difference. Uzumaki was a 15 year old ingrate who wasn't quick or strong enough to save the boy he though of as a brother.

Namikaze on the other hand was a twenty-two year old Hokage. Namikaze was a shrewed politician with a charisma few could hope to match or resist. Namikaze had three wives all because of political reasons. Namikaze was strong and fast and smart. Namikaze was the man that Uzumaki became. Namikaze was a title shown to the people of the village he lead. Uzumaki was a person only to be shown to his most precious people.

People owe Naruto favors.

Weather your a whole he sent to Soul Society, a drunk who lost to him in a fight or just someone on the street that Naruto did something nice for. You owe Naruto a favor and Naruto was never one to let favors go to waste.

So, Naruto talks to shinigami, construction workers, craftsmen, tailors, and sword craters. He talks to people who were leaders of their villages, town, and countries a life time ago. He talks to healers, and fighters. He talks to ex ninja and samurai. Then, once he's done talking to the common people. He starts talking to Yamamoto.

Naruto finds the old shinigami in a bar. Just like the first time he found him. The battle scarred man isn't drunk yet or even tipsy. So, Naruto goes over to the bar and orders his drink. Then he goes over to Yamamoto.

"Namikaze? What are you doing here?"

"I've got some good news for you"

Naruto tells the man what's he going to do with his dream. How he is going to make it a reality. How he's going to make Yamamotos hope into this place called "Seireitei". Yamamoto in return tells him more about the place he imagined. Tells him about how there will be 13 squads. How each squad will get a captain and a vice captain. Then there will be seated officers. How all the shinigami will come from the academy and go into the Thirteen Gotei.

Naruto is just as entranced as the first time he heard the words out of this mans mouth. When the man passes out drunk, Naruto once again drags him back to his shack.

Yamamoto wakes up and stays for breakfast, but before he can leave Naruto tells him he's meeting with the nobles today and that he should stick around for it.

"Why? Seems like this idea is all your own now." Yamamoto's voice is apathetic, but Naruto can hear the barley restrained fury.

"'Cause you can't make me do all the work for your dream. After all once we get "Seireitei" up and running it's all up to you to keep it working. Your going to be the Captain Commander, not me."

Naruto doesn't know if he and Yama-jiji have many contacts in the richer parts of this society, but they'll start where they know they do. Naruto knows a common woman who married into one of the lower noble houses. Yamamoto knows a heir who he save from getting beat up in a bar. Naruto knows a couple of children who can convince their parents to listen to his ideas which are really just another mans dream. Yamamoto knows a pair of guards who had served the Great and Noble House of Shiba for almost 200 years. Naruto knows the head of the Kyoraku clan from the time he beat the man in a drinking contest. They know a lot of people. The question is will these people be willing to help them?

Naruto isn't sure, but he brings out the charisma he hasn't used or needed since his time as a Hokage. Naruto is intelligent, honest, and hardworking people had always flocked to him even when he had been a child living in the slums.

Yamamoto on the other hand makes people believe in the idea of this new military. He weaves together a type of government never before seen to these people. He makes them see the merits of this happening.

When They finally have enough people who believe in this cause. Naruto asks them to call a council to present there ideas to the rest of the Noble Houses. There is exactly 46 people who attend.

Naruto and Yamamoto talk, laugh, charm, entrance, amaze, and confuse them all. Yamamoto strikes deals, makes bargains, and offers compromises. Naruto dances around cleverly worded traps while making subtle power plays. They shows this council of forty-six there brightly shining minds.

When the council, Yamamoto and Naruto adjourn almost 15 hours later after Naruto and Yamamoto had gotten them all to agree to the idea or at least not say no to the idea. The first thing Naruto does is look at Yamamoto. Naruto's grin is animated and vivid. While the other mostly subdued man is smiling wider than Naruto has ever seen.

"Were really doing this" Yamamoto's voice is disbelieving.

"Yeah, were really doing" Naruto on the other hand is walking down the streets with a bounce in his steps he hasn't had since his day's as a Genin

"Come on, Naruto this way." Yamamoto for the first time since they started this project 7 months ago is leading him away from the usual bars.

Naruto follows the older man anyways. "Where we goin'?" Naruto voice shows an absent minded kind of interest.

"You said you had Bankai, right?" At Naruto's nod Yamamoto contuines "Good because I want to fight you"

"What? Why?" The shock and confusion is very clear in Naruto's voice.

"No particular reason. Promise not to hold back alright." Yamamoto looks at the younger man seriously. Making Naruto understand if he holds back Yamamoto won't forgive him.

"Sure, Yama-jiji, but I'll warn you your going down!" The enthusiasm in Naruto's voice is very real. Just because Naruto wants to make this man's dream come true doesn't mean he had forgotten his original goal to find the strongest opponent he could possible face and come out alive and kicking.

Defend. Strike. Parry. Dodge. Bypass. Punch. Duck. Kick. Avoid. Hit. Deflect. Evade.

Over and over again.

Raise your Reiatsu. Jump over the sword. Slash at his vitals. He faints right you go left. He zigs you zag. Don't let your defences down. He's Strong and Fast and so very Ruthless. Don't let him lock your swords together for too long. He seems like the type to use an opening like that. You've been going at this for well over the hour. Both you and him can see at this level you are both so evenly matched. Time to up the ante.

"Reduce All Creation to Ash, Ryujin Jakka"

"Rise From The Raging Winds of Hell, Kyuubi"

The Wind in the air feeds the fire. But Naruto's Zanpakuto is fast and brutal. Sucking the oxygen out of the area like a vacuum.

Don't let the fire hit you. Don't let the wind come close.

Naruto becomes reckless and the fire that hits is burning though skin, flesh and muscle. Right down to the bone. Do Not Scream! That is weakness and your so better than that. Pain brings the world into a better prospective. Pain slows down what use to be a high speed fight. Naruto hearing is muffled, but so very sharp. This is it do or die. Fight or flight. Wait for it Naruto wait for it. There! There's an opening don't let it pass.

A tornado hits Yamamoto head on. A "X" opens up on this forhead. There's a gash across his chest. The old man is limping now. Naruto goes for the final strike only to hear the old man rasp that one tiny terrifying word.

"Bankai!" The world explodes into flames. Heat burns the rest whatever vegetation was left. Light floods the night.

Naruto is quick to repeat the word. Wounds heal. Eyes turn slitted and blood red. A cloak of tainted power descends around him.

The clash is beautiful and breathtaking. Naruto is reminded of a dark haired boy with red eyes who'd do anything for revenge. Yamamoto thinks of his mentor who had been the last person to match him equally some a hundred and fifty years ago.

Move. Breath. Aim. Smite. Resist. Revolt. Repeat.

The fire moves in shapes now. Look around it burns and burns and burns! What does the red cloak do? So much power in the air. Focus. Look for the wind. The invisible sharp cutting piercing wind.

Whatever you do dont let it touch you!

One chance. One hit. One moment. Go!

When the Kyuubified Naruto and The Power House that is Yamamoto collide the wind howls and the fire screams. There's and explosion and then there's a crater. Neither of the two men move once they collapse in the hole.

Waking up is painful. Naruto hadn't felt this bad after a spar since that one time he went at it with Jiraiya when he had been fifteen. His throat is sore and his body hurts even though he knows there will be few if any scars. The Kyuubi healing major things, like the wounds Yamamoto had inflicted on him, caused more pain afterwards then it was worth.

Naruto groans when he opens his eyes. He then moans when he sit up. He grunts as he moves to wake Yamamoto up. The old man's wounds had mostly been burned closed during the fight, but most looked liked they were still going to scar. Naruto feels kind of bad for leaving that cross shaped wound on the man's face. Knowing now it would probably be there for the rest of Yama-jiji's after life.

Yamamoto wakes rather easily all things considered. They both make the climb out of the ten foot deep crater and the walk back to Naruto's shack leaning on each other for support. Once there they both start making breakfast.

Naruto later learns the souls that had been closes to the area that Naruto and Yamamoto had their battle in had been forced to their stomachs basically chocking on the pressure of the reiatsu in the air the entire night

It doesn't take long for either of them to recover.

Once there both fine Yamamoto goes to make the closing deals with the nobles. While Naruto goes to get his craters, carpenters, wood workers, and construction workers.

The idea of "Seireitei" is basically a trial run. So 13 squads will take awhile to get to. Yamamoto and Naruto had agreed that they would start with four and go from there. While the buildings are being constructed in the big clearing that is the center of Soul Society Naruto and Yamamoto move on to recruitment.

They start with what they know. They know Yamamoto will be Captain of the first division. They know that Naruto will be captain of the second division. They know that the second division will specialize in stealth. They know they fourth division will specialize in healing and relief. They know a captain must have Bankai. They know most of the noble families monopolize some shinigami.

So, they split up again. Naruto goes to talk to an old wise healer. The locals had called he a miracle worker because of her Zanpakuto was not combat based, but healing based. The old wise woman shows him a kid barley fifteen. The Unohana Retsu is serene, polite, and calm. She has a subtle kind of beauty and wore her hair in a braid down her chin. Naruto would consider her perfect for the job of captain if she was just a little older, but Naruto came here for a captain and if the old wise healer said she was a prodigy that had achieved Bankai not even a year ago Naruto was willing to believe it. He had seen stranger things after all.

Yamamoto on the other hand goes back to the noble houses to see if any of them would volunteer there own shinigami. He is pleasantly surprised that more than a few of them were.

When they meet up again a couple hours later, Naruto takes Yamamoto to a house in the 35th (or maybe 36th) district. It's there that Yamamoto meets the enigma that is Gaara for the first time. Yamamoto is confused for a while as to why they were there until Naruto offers the last captain postion to the emotionless man in front of them.

Naruto had said time and again peace had done Gaara well. That he wasn't ready to ruin that for his friend, but Yamamoto had a goal just like Gaara had once upon a time. So it was time to ruin Gaara's quite time.

Just like old times. Naruto made a offer and Gaara agreed to it.

It's slow going at first. There's four squads and each squad has just about 20 people all ranked in their own division with one being a captain and 20 being the weakest person there.

Then they start the patrols in the human world. Suddenly so many more people are in Soul Society. They districts have to be divide into North, East, South, and West to actually know were you are. The district numbers go all the way to 69 and Naruto once again has to find a new shack. People that the "Gotei 4" have save all want to join the "seireitei". Yamamoto has another squad added and then another and another.

Naruto has more construction workers making new building all the time. Then they need to have uniforms to tell who isn't a shinigami and who is. Naruto goes to the old seamstress who had been making his own clothes for a little over a hundred years. Finally Yamamoto comes to Naruto with the idea of a wall around the "Seireitei." Naruto likes the idea and goes to a man who works in the mines who turns him onto a rock that makes a dome of spirtial particles to prevent anyone from entering illegally.

Next thing anyone knows is that it's been five hundred years and The Seireitei is everything Yamamoto believed it would be.

Yamamoto final gets around to the idea of the academy.

"I'll have to get teachers." Naruto nods in agreement before responding.

"Or you could be a teacher, just till you have people who actually want to do the job." Yamamoto considers the idea before dismissing it.

"I don't have enough time." Naruto can barely hold in a scoff at that.

"You've got plenty." Yamamoto sighs, settling in for another argument.

"So do you." Naruto looks thoughful before smirking.

"Okay if I teach hand to hand combat at this Academy, you've got to teach sword fighting. Hows that for a deal?" Yamamoto considers before nodding.

"That will do, Naruto"

"I though it would, Genryusai"

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