Title: Temporary marks of love
Pairing: Lysander Scamander/Lorcan Scamander
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 277
Prompt: Trace
Beta: Not betaed!
Warnings: Twincest. Oral sex.
Summary: Lorcan marks his territory.
A/N: Originally writer for Quick Drabble #4 on the LJ community:hp_cestfest to raise funds to help Haiti. My first time writing these two. I wanted Lorcan to have Luna's dreamy voice but it didn't come out right =S

Temporary marks of love

Lorcan nipped, nibbled and bit the soft skin of Lysander's upper body. He would focus on one spot until he left a red mark. Then he would move a bit south and start again. It took a few hickeys before Lysander stopped groaning and asked him what he was doing.

"Leaving a trace." He said in a matter-of-fact tone before launching onto another patch of white skin, just below his belly-button.

"You're leaving marks all over my body!" Outraged, he looked at his twin as he laid below him (though now he was supporting his weight on his elbows).

"I like to think of them as red tattoos that fade naturally after a few days", he mumbled against his stomach.

Lysander couldn't help to groan as Lorcan's mouth kissed the skin right above his fully erect cock. "Okay, but why do you need a trace? Oh sweet Merlin! You know...very well where... my dick...is." He gasped as he felt his precome spread over Lorcan's neck as the sensitive head was being rubbed against it.

"Because it's a temporary mark of love. Not only it says loud and clear that you're mine, but it's also useful if I get lost in the way."Lorcan whispered against Lysander's member.

"Oh my!" Lysander shouted in ecstasy.

"Yes, I'm yours too." He smiled before engulfing his twin's cock with his mouth.