A/N: This chapter is kind of weird, even to me. However, I wanted to add some background in there, and this was the best way that I could do it. Please give me suggestions on ways to edit it to make more sense.

"Must you go, Jonathan? We have a home, a family here."

"Annie, you must understand. There is nothing left for us here. Let me go to America, save enough money, and send for you and the children."

Jonathan Calvert sighed as remembered the day he had told his dear, dear Annie that he was heading to America. How could he have done it? Even though he wasn't the one who had caused the Titanic to sink, of course, he felt as though he had sent his family to their execution.

"It won't be a long time before I see you again, my darlings," he said, as he was about to board the ship. "As soon as I have made enough money for us all to be comfortable, I'll send for you."

Meaghan and Michael, aged four and two respectively, held their arms out. They were too young, of course, to understand what was going on, but that didn't mean they didn't understand that something big was happening.

He kissed them all one last time, waved and headed into the ship. "I love you all," he called as he walked out of sight.

How was he to know that that was the last time he would ever see any of them?

"I never thought about it," I told Annie. "I mean, what were the chances?"

She smiled at me. "What were the chances of you meeting Rose? That happened, didn't it?"

She had me there.

"Tell me about you and him" I said.

She smiled brightly. I could tell that she loved her husband dearly, as much as I loved Rose. Maybe this was the one person who would understand why I had never been able to truly let go.

"Jonathan and I had first met in 1900, when he had come to work on my Da's potato farm. I was young at the time, only thirteen, but there was something about him that had immediately drawn me to him. My parents felt he was much too old for me of course, he being eighteen and all, but it didn't matter. I didn't pester him, of course, but I watched him as much as I could. It surprised me as much as anyone else when he starting paying attention to me, two years later. By the time I had turned sixteen, he was asking to court me. My parents refused at first, of course, saying they wanted better for me than they had had for themselves. They didn't stand a chance against us, of course. By time I had turned eighteen, we were married. A year later, Meaghan was born (she gestured at the little girl that never seemed to leave her side) and two years after that, Michael was born (she gestured toward the little boy). By the time Michael had turned two, Jonathan set his sights on taking us to America. He had always dreamed of becoming a doctor, but in Ireland, it wasn't as easy as it was there, of course. He felt that it was his duty as my husband and their father to go, save money, and send for us. By the winter of 1911, he had. He had worked out plans for us to travel aboard Titanic to meet up with him. We boarded the ship, and well, you know what happened from there."

Did I ever. I never seemed to be able to forget it.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked her suddenly, before I changed my mind and realized I was being rude.

"Of course. What is it?"

"What made you decide to check up on him? I mean, did you want to see what/how he was doing, or what?"

"When I first realized I was here, I wanted to know how he took the news. He was devastated, of course. I knew he would be. It hurt so much knowing there was nothing that I could do for him. However, it hurt even worse seeing how he felt he was responsible."

"Responsible? Did he sink the ship?" I said, before I thought.

Luckily, she didn't think I was being sarcastic. "No. But he felt that he was the one who had arranged for us to travel on Titanic. Why couldn't it have been any other ship? He became a complete loner, throwing himself into his work, never opening up to anyone. That is, until he met your Rose."

I realized, as she said that, that Rose had seemed to do the same thing.

Was it a coincidence? Or was it the fact that Rose seemed to think Jonathan had my eyes, and Rose had the same red hair that Annie had?