A friend of mine got me addicted to Prototype, and I've been a fan of Left 4 Dead for awhile. I kinda felt that the games can kinda mix pretty easily. Seriously, what would happen if Alex consumed a witch, or a smoker.

Disclaimer: I do not own Prototype or Left 4 Dead.

Prologue: The infection in Fairfield

Alex growled as a hunter leapt at him, intent on shredding him with its claws. He let his arms form into his own claws, and grabbed the infected. He crushed its skulled and consumed it, frowning when he recognized the boy from the memories. "He's from the collage." he mused sadly, "He was the best in my class, loved Journalism."

The BLACKLIGHT infected man just shook it off and sprinted down the street, looking for survivors. He skidded to a stop when he heard crying nearby, instantly realizing that it was a witch. "Better take it slow, I don't need to startle this one." he said to himself, remembering his last encounter. He had to consume a tank to recover from that incident. He slowly crept along, keeping an eye out for the crying infected. 'This isn't the same virus I have-am.' he thought, reminding himself that he is the BLACKLIGHT virus, 'Must be a new one, probably doesn't have any connections.'

He heard the witch scream and frantic shooting, and quickly ran to the area the sound came from. He saw a man that resembled a biker franticly trying to keep the witch from severely injuring him as the other three tried to shoot her off. Alex quickly grabbed his shotgun and rushed over to help. He put the barrel right next to her head and blew the strong female infected's head off. He heard a gasp and turned to see a familiar face. A teenage girl with dark skin and brown hair stared at him in shock. "P-professor Mercer, is that you?" she asked.

"Zoey, I'm glad to see that all those horror games paid off for you." The virus joked. He looked at the rest of the group, besides the biker, there was an African American man wearing a white shirt, and what appeared to be an elderly military solder.

"Are you with the military?" the BLACKLIGHT virus questioned.

"I retired a few years back." the elder replied, "And I'm guessing you're a collage teacher."

"Yeah, I'm Alex Mercer."

"Bill Overbeck." The veteran stated.

"Frances." The biker huffed, still shaken up by the attack.

"Louis." The last male of the group said happily.

"So, anyone have any ideas how all this started?" Alex asked sheepishly.

"Not really." Bill sighed, "I'm in the dark about this too."

"Doesn't matter, I was just curious. I thought it might have been what was released in Manhattan." the sentient virus sighed. The memories of what happened the day of the infection coming back, and the guilt of consuming again.


Alex sighed when he noticed a certain student was sleeping in his class again. "Zoey Masters, I know you love staying up late playing horror games, but please try not to sleep in class." he sighed as the girl woke up rather quickly.

"S-sorry Professor Mercer, it won't happen again!" Zoey exclaimed, blushing when the rest of the class quietly laughed.

"That's enough," the BLACKLIGHT virus ordered, "now let's continue the lesson. Jacob Taggart, I believe you wrote a paper on the Manhattan incident from last year."

"Y-yes sir!" a black haired, green eyed boy exclaimed excitedly, already pulling his paper out.

Everyone jolted when an alarm sounded and an announcement rang over the intercom. "Students remain where you are, professors report to the meeting room immediately. There is a riot just outside the buildings."

The students were completely silent as Alex left for the meeting, his eyes hard. He quickly sprinted out of the building, knocking over a few of the people in the riot. He felt something was wrong, they acted way too similar to an infected civilian from Manhattan. 'What the hell is going on?' he thought.

Well that's it, the next few chapters will be a flash back, and the reason Alex is a journalism teacher is because I figured he might have consumed a reporter at one time. How he got the job… I think someone may have pulled a few strings for him. Review and tell if you think this story will live.