AN: It is funny to me to look back at this fanfiction and see how completely wrong it is. If you're looking for a fic that sticks with the manga storyline, you may want to keep moving. There are a lot of really good Kagome/Sesshoumaru fanfictions out there that are a lot better than this one AND they manage to stick with the manga a lot better than this.

However, if you do decide to read this please keep in mind that this fic was written in 2002 (ten years ago, holy crap!). It was written well before the manga was finished. At the time when I wrote this, I really did have a theory that Kagome wasn't Kikyou's reincarnation at all - but something else entirely. And I used this fic to try to flesh that idea out a bit. Also, I was really frustrated with Inuyasha being such a bonehead when it came to his relationship with Kagome... ;)

I should warn you (and apologize in advance) that the formatting in some of the chapters got messed up (thanks to the site) and my writing style is kinda hit and miss in some places (thanks to my n00bishness when I first wrote this). Enough people seem to enjoy the story that I feel obliged to keep it up. And it was one of my first multi-chaptered stories. I learned a lot about how to write a multi-chapter fic from writing this thing (like... why it's important to make an outline AND regularly check it while writing). Also, I didn't have a beta when I wrote this thing.

So... it's kinda nostalgic for me. And it's nice to look back at it and gauge my own improvement as a writer - not that I think I'm a great writer. I'm not. If I was, I'd be getting PAID to write and as a professional graphic designer, that is clearly NOT the case. ;) That said, I do think I've improved since this was first written and that is something that I am pleased about.

Anyway, I hope you are able to enjoy the story for what it is. :)

Thanks for reading.


(Jan. 29, 2012)

.:All of My Tomorrows:.
prologue : twilight

The world seemed to slow to a crawl.

Kagome was focused solely on the undead Miko before her. Her lips moved and words were spoken, but the time traveler ignored her. Standing on wobbly legs, she glared at Kikyou as she pulled an arrow from her quiver.

Her intent was clear.

An angry grimace tightened the line of Kagome's mouth as her fingers grazed the wooden shaft of the first arrow that pierced her through the chest. It was a fatal wound, but Kagome was only dimly aware that she was dying. The warmth flowing out of her body was just background noise that her brain ignored. It was by sheer force of will that she remained upright. This display of stubbornness in the face of death clearly frustrated Kikyou.

Eyes narrowed, she prepared to shoot again.

From the corner of her eye, Kagome caught the movement of Naraku slinking into the shadows, his eyes watching the events before him play out while he remained relatively safe under the cover of darkness. Seeing him, she felt a swell of anger from the pit of her belly roar to life. He was the cause of everything. He was why so many had suffered, and continue to suffer.

He could not be forgiven.

It was then that she heard his voice. Registering his desperation when he yelled out Kikyou's name caused the time traveler to advert her gaze. Darkening blue eyes wandered to each of her friends, all of them clearly exhausted and thoroughly beaten and bloodied, but her gaze faltered on the hanyou. His worried expression seemed to linger more in Kikyou's direction than her own.

Primal emotions that felt both familiar and foreign surged within her. Anger, jealousy, hurt, love, betrayal... with great effort, she tore her gaze from his and turned to face the Miko fully.

'It's time.'

• • •

"I don't know how you're able to stand," Kikyou said, voice full of contempt, "but you're still in the way."

The bow stretched and the corpse took careful aim, a slight smile gracing her delicate features. Voices yelled at her to stop, but she ignored them. What she was doing was for the best. She was making things right again. Kagome should not be in their time. Kikyou should not be confined to a body made of bone and grave soil. The Shikon no Tama had to be destroyed. The only one who could do it was Kikyou, not some girl-child from the future.

Once everything was made right again, Inuyasha would understand. They would all understand.

"Be at peace," the walking corpse whispered, releasing the arrow with a whoosh.

With inhuman speed, Kagome's right hand shot up and smacked the projectile away as one would knock away a bothersome fly. The dead woman stared at the girl, her mouth hanging slightly open in surprise.

'She's... what is she-?'

Kikyou's eyes filled with awe and terror as Kagome's fist closed around the wooden shaft impaling her. Without hesitation, the girl yanked at it savagely. Blood and tissue splattered around her as it suddenly dislodged from her body. The young woman lowered her eyes to examine the arrow in her hand, turning it over as she inspected it before letting it drop soundlessly to the ground in front of her.

Kikyou took a hesitant step back, the tip of her bow dragging on the ground and hanging precariously from her fingers. It was then that she noticed that Kagome's eyes were different; not just the color, but also the knowledge contained within.

'Midoriko,' the undead Miko thought as understanding flooded her. How could she miss it for so long? How could she not realize just who and what Kagome really was?

'She is a descendant of Midoriko!'

In the breath of a single second, terror froze Kikyou's heart. She had vastly underestimated the importance of Inuyasha's companion and now the fool child was losing control. Would anyone survive? As though hearing her thoughts, Kagome's face slowly rose to look Kikyou in the eyes.

Death was coming. Real death. Not just for her, but for everyone.

• • •

There was a deep, insistent pulling sensation deep within her. It felt comforting. Calm. Allowing a piece of herself to give in to the sensation, she felt something else flutter about her consciousness, begging to be fully awakened. It promised relief, hope and most of all, justice.

Kagome wanted those things. In her short lifetime, she had seen far too much pain and witnessed too much tragedy. It had to stop. She had to make it stop.

Kagome was only dimly aware of the blood oozing from her chest. She raised her hand to touch the wound, unknowingly cauterizing it. There was no pain anymore, only righteous anger and heartache. The emotions surrounded her like a cocoon, protecting her, changing her. The feeling was both foreign and familiar. Had she a chance to think about what was happening, she would have resisted the sensation out of terror. Instead, she embraced it and let it do as it willed.

Wisdom not her own took form within her mind. It murmurred words of encouragement while directing her movements. From the corner of her eye she saw Naraku slink backward while Kikyou stood in frightened awe. Even her friends seemed to be afraid.

The voice reassured her as it began to draw on a power that Kagome had never known was within her. Power illuminated the darkened forest, causing miasma to recoil under its brilliance. She enjoyed seeing the evil substance boil away into an inert gas that disappeared harmlessly into the air. The poison used so often to hurt her friends was destroyed as though it were nothing. It made her feel good to think that Naraku would soon be next.

Shippou's startled yelp snapped her back into reality. Only then did she realize what was happening to her. The brightness pushing back the miasma was coming from her. She was glowing. More than that, she was levitating.

Fear shot through her then and her body seemed to studder.

'Do not be afraid!'

Kagome hesitated, her eyes lingering on the hanyou.

'Your fear will only hurt them.'

And then it asked for full control. Not with words, but with a gentle nudge. Kagome knew instinctively that to deny the request with so much power pouring from her body would cause far more harm than good. But submitting herself to the voice in her mind was equally frightening.

The entity in her mind responded to her hesitation by guiding her thoughts to focus on the Shikon no Tama. It came to her obediently, fusing together to form a perfect sphere and levitating before her. She brought her hands toward it and held it between her open palms, allowing it to spin and float freely. The sphere began to pulse in time with her heartbeat as it slowly changed to a pure white with a dark core of inky black.

As the light began to envelope her and the people around her, a vision suddenly flashed in her mind. She saw the twisted corpse of a familiar young woman whose throat had been torn out. Above her loomed a grotesque youkai with a body shaped like a man, but skin like a snake. It turned toward Kagome and sneered, revealing more of its dragon-like features as it parted its bloodstained lips, pieces of flesh still dangling from its mouth.

In that moment, Kagome recognized the woman and understanding came. By awakening herself, she had also awoken the beast that had fathered the Shikon no Tama. And it wanted her.

Submitting herself to the entity within, Kagome felt a calming warmth flood her mind. She felt herself go numb as the vision was blotted from her memory. The Shikon no Tama was already too saturated with sorrow, pain, anger and hate. It would be impossible to purify it now. But she could protect it until that time came.

Her last conscious thought as one Kagome Higurashi was the hope that Shippou and the others would survive and find happiness someday.

She doubted she would.