Tier in Geist

Outtake 3: Isabella Swan, the Monkey

The tale of how Isabella Swan made an enemy of the monkey bars.


Isabella Swan loved going to the park, though she often returned home with injuries, some serious and others not-so-serious. After her last spill off of her favourite toy – the monkey bars – causing her to get a minor concussion, she had almost thought that Renee and Phil wouldn't allow her to return to the park. It was easy to see how much they worried when she asked to go; one of them always came with her, even thought the park was in full view of the house; they would have been able to stay at home, and still keep an eye on her.

"We want to be able to help you as soon as possible, sweetheart, if you need it," Renee explained to her when she had complained a bit about being supervised – they knew well how wise beyond her years Bella could be, when she wanted, but she seemed to lose a bit of her maturity, slipping into her true age as she tried to make her way across the monkey bars – they were right to worry about her.

This time, she was determined that she would make it all the way across, without hurting herself. She had already tripped a couple of times this morning, so she figured that she should be able to avoid a spill until she was finished at the park.

Of course, it seemed that Fate was always watching her closely to better work against her. When she had made it about half way across, she lost her grip and fell with a crash to the ground. She heard the crack before she felt the pain, and suddenly it was shooting up her body in huge jolts, causing her to gasp harshly and cry out, wanting to release the pain in some way.

Renee went running over straight away, and when she saw the odd position that Bella's leg was in, she knew right away that it had to be broken. Bella had broken an arm before, but she knew it would be more difficult, dealing with a broken leg; Bella probably wouldn't be able to walk for awhile.


Renee had carried Bella home, and Phil had spotted them coming from the front window. He knew they were in for a hospital trip, so he immediately got up and grabbed the car keys, locking up the house. By the time Renee was beside him, he was already holding open the door to the back of the car, and Renee slipped inside, keeping Bella in her lap.

Bella had been to the hospital so frequently from accidents at the park that the nurse just raised her eyebrows slightly, and asked "The monkey bars, again, Bella?" To which she smiled and shook her head when the little girl nodded in affirmation. "You should really be more careful; you're my favourite patient, but I don't like seeing you so often." She patted the girl's shoulder, before standing up again. "Now, what colour do you want your cast to be?"

"Blue," she answered automatically, trying to keep her mind of the intense pain. She remembered clearly how they had to set her arm when she broke it; she wasn't looking forward to going through that again. "Blue is my favourite colour," she informed the nurse when she returned with the coloured cast. The nurse smiled at her, trying to keep her distracted from what she was doing; she was going to reset the bone now, and since she knew how Bella reacted to pain medication, she wasn't allowed to give her any.

"Is that so? Why is blue your favourite colour?" She asked the girl, holding her breath and preparing to do it.


Bella had been right – it was just as painful as when they reset her broken arm.


After two months in her cast, the doctors said that it could come off, and when she returned from her check-up at the hospital, she asked Renee if they could go to the park.

Renee and Phil exchanged worried looks, but when they looked back at Bella, she was in full pouting mode. Her innocent, brown eyes had been widened, and her bottom lip was sticking out and trembling slightly. Both of them sighed, and they knew that neither of them could find it in them to deny her trip to the park, even though her leg had just finished healing from her last adventure there.

"Sure, sweetie; Phil and I will go with you," Renee told her, grabbing the keys to the house and locking up behind them. They kept an eye on her as she crossed the street several feet ahead of them, hurrying to get to the playground so that she could attempt to cross the monkey bars again.

As she reached the edge, she turned her eyes towards the monkey bars, and suddenly froze up. She felt a phantom pain shoot through her leg, reminding her of what she had gone through just weeks ago. Renee and Phil were startled as she turned back around and shook her head at them, looking paler than she usually did.

"Actually, why don't we just go watch a movie at home? I don't feel much like playing anymore," she said hurriedly, moving back towards the house. Renee and Phil looked at each other, trying to make sense of what had just happened, before turning around and following Bella back across the street.


To the relief of Renee and Phil, it seemed that Bella had finally had her fill of the playground; she no longer asked insistently to go there every day. This resulted in fewer trips to the hospital, and they were glad – it meant that there was less pain their little girl would have to go through.

It turned out that Bella would find a new obsessive hobby to fill her time a few months after she quit visiting the park.

"Mom, can we go to the library?"

It was a much safer hobby, I'll admit.


Outtake number 3, complete. This was one of the better outtakes I thought of writing, and I'm glad it came so easy to me, though it didn't come as easy as the first two did. I actually had to pause and think a lot with this one, which I'm actually not to familiar with when it comes to writing. Usually, when I sit down with an idea, it just flows, but, oh well...

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