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Optimus in the Cave

Optimus Prime had been trapped behind cold steel bars. He didn't know who put him there, but it seems eons passed since he last saw the sunlight. It was a small cave were he barelly managed to move himself. He stays lying on his back all day. He can't go up, there's no space. Only his feet can move, just a little. Every day little men, goblin like freaks, bring him food. Real food. The bastard that trapped him there somehow switched his energy containment unit for a human stomach and bowels. It was a very digusting apparatus, made of flesh, wires, pipes and blood. Optimus only could imagine the pourpose of that evil contraption. But it was causing many problems, because he excretes everyday. The feces don't get cleaned by the horrible small freaks. It just stay there, rotting and rusting Optimus fuselage.

"How could this happen to me? I feel so powerless..." he thought every day. His incredible mind was fast, but not enough to compute a solution to such an ilogical problem. The decay in his body was tremendous. Part of his right left arm got corroded by the mound and the fecal matter accumulating at that side of the cave. His left hand, that was facing the metal bars were not much better. Rats infested it, making nests and filling the robot fluid tubes and articulations with their waste.

"My life is not...anymore..."

But the devil men never, not a sigle day, forsaken Optimus basic need for nutriment. Optimus tried to persuade them to free him, but they never responded, they never looked in the eyes. They just walked in, injected the food through the open trachea, and went away. Optimus tried to obtain answers, but nothing would come from their mouths.

After many generations, Optimus prison cell was completely filled with waste, worms, vermin and all kinds of maggots and fungus. His body was in an advanced state of decay. His vocal systems were still online, and his core, the metallic heart that mantains him alive, conscious. It can never be spoiled by natural means, and if left untouched, it's battery duration approaches the day the earth be no more. With his vocal systems in the limit of failling, Optimus decided. When the grand-grandchildren of those first grotesque creatures went in bringing him food, because the grand-grandfathers where already dead. He requested:


The men did not answered. Optimus vocalization system went offline. Only his heart core was working, and his digestive system.

The End