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A/N: I was really dissapointed/saddened by iSaved Your Life, so I decided to write some fic about it. This is pretty much just a missing moment from the episode. Hope you guys like it!

My mom's on one of her domestic kicks again. I think it has something to do with her new boyfriend. He's all families and white picket fences and living in the suburbs, so she's trying to fool herself into wanting all that too. I know he's not going to last long, none of her boyfriends ever do. Pretty soon she'll get tired of staying home and not drinking, and she'll kick him out, tell him he's too clingy or he snores too loudly or he's too misogynistic (Carly still regrets teaching her that word). Of course now they're still together, that's why I'm here, at home, eating some kind of meatloaf and sitting around the kitchen table. I don't think my mom and I have eaten in here since Melanie left.

"So, Samantha," I cringe as my mom's boyfriend uses my full name, "how was school today?"

I poke at my meatloaf with my fork half heartedly and ignore him.

"Sam," my mom's voice is falsely high, like she's trying to impress Roy by taking on the voice of a little girl, "Roy asked you a question."

I stab a piece of meat and stuff it into my mouth. "No, he asked Samantha a question. I'm not Samantha. I'm Sam."

My mom's lip tightens at my full mouth, my insubordination (she'd learned that word from Principal Franklin).

Roy just laughs, "Oh, I forgot you liked to be called Sam." His voice sounds like it belongs to a news anchor, all even and deep. Too bad he's actually just a car salesman.

"School was school." I don't bother to tell them that I failed a Chemistry test today, or that I'd gotten triple detention for shooting a rabbi with a paintball.

My mom just sighs, like she's got the hardest job in the world raising me. "Sam doesn't like to talk about school." She smiles at Roy. "You should ask her about the webshow she does. Tell him about your webshow, Sam."

I skewer another hunk of meat and stuff it into my mouth. I don't want to talk about the webshow because that means talking about Carly and Freddie which will inevitably lead to talking about Carly AND Freddie, the fact that they're a unit now, a couple. I clench my fork a little tighter at the thought. It all just makes me feel ill. I stuff the last bit of meatloaf into my mouth and swallow hard.

"I'm done. Can I be excused?"

My mom just glares at me. I can tell she wants me to make a good impression on Roy. Doesn't she know by now I don't do good impressions? If she wanted him to be impressed she should have brought Carly over here, pretended she was her daughter.

"Aw, I wanted to hear about your webshow. It's called iCarly right?" Roy is smiling at me, his hands folded on the table like he's waiting for a story.

I roll my eyes. "Yes, it's called iCarly and it's a webshow. Can I be done now?" I don't even wait for an answer this time. I just get up and stomp off to my room and slam the door behind me. I lay down on my bed, not quite sure why I'm so angry.

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket and pull it out.

don't come over 2nite freddie and i are going 2 a movie ~Carly

I stare at the text message for a minute. Whatever, my stomach hurts anyway. I wasn't going to go over there. Before I know it I'm opening up a new text message. I thumb in "foreign bacon" and send it to Freddie. I don't care. I really don't.

I turn over in my bed, and squeeze my eyes closed. Not that I'm trying to keep from crying or anything, I just like to close my eyes tightly. Stupid taco trucks. I'm never eating Mexican food again.