It appears the challenge to this story has been deleted, so I cannot recall the words I need to write further. Unfortunately, that means this story might come to a close. I don't want to end it because I want to reach one hundred chapters, but I guess I can't. Thank you all though for reading and for being so generous with reviews! I love you all, and hope you enjoy my other iCarly (and Harry Potter, Glee, and Victorious - whatever y'all like) stories. Thank you. :-) Oh! This may not be the best I've done; I wrote this when I started, but never uploaded, but I guess I have to now. So forgive me if my past self wrote suckishly.

"…and you're the only person I know who can eat an entire ham in less than fifteen minutes!" Carly said, saluting her best friend, "To Sam!"

"To Sam!" everyone chorused.

Sam was certainly enjoying herself. She was happy, not only because it was her birthday, but because Carly had invited Pete. Sam had had a huge crush on Pete for awhile and couldn't wait to hear his speech for her.

She wasn't staring at Pete the whole time though. Freddie caught her eye quite a few times. He was all smiles; as if it was Christmas Eve and he knew ahead of time what his presents would be. Carly seemed to be in on what he was so happy about. When Sam was talking to Pete Freddie's happy face would fall for a few moments. But when she left Pete he was all cheerful again.

"Freddie, you're up." Carly said. She mouthed something to him that looked to Sam like "Good luck". He marched next to Sam and cleared his throat uneasily.

"I've got a few words to say about Sam." he said, smiling broadly.

"Better watch it, Freddifer." she warned. Actually, she was very anxious to hear what Freddie had to say; perhaps the reason he was grinning so much would show up.

"I just want to say: Sam, even though you constantly cause me both physical and emotional pain-" Everyone laughed, especially Sam. Freddie turned slightly pink.

"Heh heh, not joking!" he said, then turned back to Sam, "I think of you and me as really close friends."

"Apparently I haven't caused him enough emotional pain." Sam joked. Everyone laughed again. Freddie glanced down at his feet, his face completely red now. Carly was biting her lip apprehensively.

"You're funny, smart, cool, and creative." he continued as the laughter died down, "I've always admired you for that. I know it may seem like I don't like you because of the pranks you pull but that's just who you are and…I love you for that." Everyone "Awwwed!" but Sam felt a little surprised at the comment. Freddie had never used the word love to describe anything having to do with Sam. Yes, he did admit he thought of her as a good friend and he liked her, but nothing like love came up. What does he mean by 'love'? she thought, Could he mean…?

No, he wasn't in love with Sam. He loved Carly. In fact, this was the kind of stuff he'd tell Carly at her birthday party. But this wasn't Carly's birthday; it was hers. Oh, why am I getting all flustered over this? she mentally asked herself, Freddie's only a friend. He was that way before, he's that way now, and that's how he'll always be. She felt slightly upset by this realization. After they had kissed Sam had viewed him as more of a friend than a frienemy. He was a good friend but she had never once considered thinking of him as something more than that. Until now…

"I've always loved you for that," Freddie said, sending Sam back to reality, "and I always want to." He handed his drink to Carly, who had suddenly appeared next to him. Freddie rested his hand on his knee and knelt. Sam felt her stomach do an anxious back-flip.

"Sam…" he said, reaching into his back pocket. He pulled out a square box, like the kind that held jewelry. He flipped the lid open to reveal a huge diamond ring.

"Will you marry me?" he asked. Sam cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp. Freddie had meant something by love! She looked to his face, to the ring, to Carly, then to the rest of the party guests. They all looked happily surprised. She caught sight of Pete's face. She had had a huge crush on him, and was hoping he'd ask her out that night. Instead it was Freddie; and instead of a date, it was marriage. Looking at Pete now, after Freddie had said this, she no longer saw a cute guy who she was crushing on. She only saw a guy.

Turning back on Freddie, she quietly choked out, "Yes…yes, Freddie, 100% yes!" She hugged him, which caught him by surprise, causing them to fall over. They simply laughed as they stood up. Everyone jumped up merrily and started dancing to the music Carly had cranked up on the stereo. She ran over to the two and enveloped Sam in a huge hug.

"We were so nervous!" she yelled, "Freddie was so upset 'cause he didn't think you'd say yes and I wasn't sure either 'cause you've been talking about Pete all week-"

"Pete?" Sam asked in a fake-stupid voice, "Who's Pete?" Carly just smiled and backed away as Freddie gave her a one-armed hug (for he was still holding the ring). Sam turned and gave him a kiss.

This was the best birthday of her entire life.