(Fanfic following the Karin animated series)

By Stephen Typhcry

Chapter 1: The beginning after the end.

"Ahhh, I still don't get it!" I cry as I try to do my homework at Julian's, the restaurant where Usui and I work.

"Really?" Kenta asks from across the table. "Which one?"

I point to him the maths question that I'm struggling on and he explained to me what to do. Kenta is so wonderful! I couldn't begin to explain how much he means to me. He's smart, funny and caring. Someone I can really talk to and the boy that I love. He may not be the cutest guy in the world (God knows how many people he's scared just by glaring at them) but that doesn't really matter. He's there for me when I need him and I try to be there for him. I guess I got quite used to it since I've done everything in my power to make him happy since he learned of my secret.

In case you don't know already, which I'm guessing you must know seeing as you are reading this, my name is Karin Maaka. I'm the second child of Henry and Carrera Marker, who are vampires. I live here in Shiihaba City with my parents and siblings: Ren and Anju. I'm kind of a freak amongst my family as I am not a vampire in the technical sense. I have this… condition… which is rare amongst us vampires. I can walk out in the sun without getting burnt, I have no heightened senses, hell, and I don't even know how to erase a person's memory of me. I would appear to be a human in every respect if it wasn't for the fact that when I'm surrounded by unhappiness, the blood in my body increases to the point I either need to bite someone to expel the blood, or just flat out go to breaking point and have an intensely big (and painful) nosebleed.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" a familiar voice cooed above us. It was Kenta's mum, Fumio.

"M-mum, you work here now?!" Kenta seemed to be in shook.

"I saw you in the uniforms and I just had to try it out."

"Fumio-san, you look so cute in that." I squealed.

"I know right."

A customer called out for coffee and Fumio went off to continue working.

"Well," I smiled. "She seems to be doing well."

Kenta suddenly looked thoughtful. "I just hope this works out for her."

"Well, if it doesn't work out, I could always bite her." I joked

"Hold on, I told you didn't I? From now on, if you feel the need to bite someone, my neck is open game."

I blushed at that.

From out of nowhere, Winner Sinclair jumped out to our table.

"So disgraceful!" He screamed aloud. "Usui Kenta, when did you cover all bases? Reaching the point of family ceremonies!? Karin-san belongs to reformed vampire hunter; knight-of-nights, Winner Sinclai---Yowch!"

My best friend, Tokito Maki had just pulled Winner hard at the ear to shut him up. Something she's gotten very good at doing recently.

"C-could you stop that, M-Ma… Makito…"

"It's Tokito Maki!" She scolded him. "You're the one who's going to be in trouble if you forget it again!"

She pulled him out to the table behind me before coming back and apologising on his behalf, but not before she spotted something by my lap.

"A bento*?"

I started to blush again. How could I pass this off as just a friendly gesture?

"It's… uh… just to say thank you for helping me study. I just… um…"

"A loving wife's lunch box!" Winner interrupted from behind me.

Kenta looked embarrassed as hell after repeating what Winner said. Our boss suddenly popped up and things just started getting out of hand. Kenta got challenged to a duel… again… by Winner. The manager was talking about our "Love at youth." And Maki just went flat out and opened up the lunch box, revealing the food I'd prepared for him spelling out "I love you, Kenta."

This was so embarrassing that I just picked up my books and dashed from the restaurant. It's bad enough when I embarrass myself, but when my friends and boss embarrass me, that just goes one step too far. I ran up the hill towards my house, which in all fairness, looked like an American haunted house. When I got there, I heard some loud crashing from inside. I rushed inside to see what was going on, and to my lack of surprise. Grandma and Mother were fighting again.

This particular fight arose a month or so back after we had tried a ritual to turn me into a full vampire. After thinking I had just witnessed my family's deaths by Winners Grandfather, Victor, I went ballistic and flew in to fight and bite him. Oh, I forgot to mention, whilst the ritual was in progress, I had a pair of fully functioning bat wings sprouting from my back. Kenta came along and let me bite him to get rid of my blood. I was out of my mind when I did it and got upset right after I finished. When he turned out to be fine and wasn't suffering side effects, Victor tried to slash Kenta, but I intervened and got my ceremonial dress cut instead, revealing my breast which had grown three bra sizes during the ceremony itself. We found out later that that was what the ceremony was actually for. That's why Mama and Grandma are currently fighting.

As I watched on, Ren pulled up besides me.

"Jeez, don't they ever stop?" Ren groaned as he placed his head in his hand. "I'm starting to wish I'd stayed at Akemi's place last night."

Ren is something of a playboy. There is not a girl in Shiihaba that he hasn't bitten, or at least I can eerily assume. Since Anju has started hunting with him now, he doesn't have to worry anymore about certain girls remembering him. Akemi is his latest victim and she seems to have lasted the longest with Ren.

"You're still with her!?" I asked with more shock in my voice than I had intended. "I thought you said you had no interest or attraction to humans."

"What can I say?" he shrugged. "She is one stressed out little cookie. I may need your help soon, by the way."

This time, the shock was real. "Why me?"

He started to explain:

Apparently Akemi worked in a job which put her under a great deal of stress. So much so that after a night where Ren sucked her blood, the effects would only last until the following afternoon, which made her a constant "customer" for Ren's bite. "Seriously, if I have to spend another week biting her, she may think I want to be her boyfriend."

"Then how can I help?" I inquired.

He explained that I needed to come with him the next time he went to hers and bite her myself, if my blood was at the right level of course. He also said it was bad enough that I was in love with a human, but if a "proper" vampire were to get too attached to a human, the would be an ultimate disgrace to the Maaka name.

An hour later, I was lying on my bed thinking about Ren's dilemma. I didn't want to get involved with Ren's hunts, but if it helps him feel any better, I guess I should help out. Besides, I'm sure he'd give me a knuckle-head rub if I didn't help out.

My phone on my dashboard started to ring and I recognised the number, it was another vampire I met a few years back, Mr Glark.

"Greetings Karin-Chan, I hope you are well."

"Hi Glark-san, I'm just a little tired at the moment. Had some trouble with a small group of humans today."

Mr Glark is a good friend of Papa, and he looks out for me when he visits from Osaka. His niece, Yuriya and I get on very well. She lives with Mr Glark, though only due to her father, a human, leaving her and her mother, a vampire, falling ill. In essence, Yuriya is a half vampire and is exactly like me, except for my tendency to over-produce blood.

"I don't know why you befriend them so." He said, sounding condescending. "They do nothing but bicker amongst themselves and strive to reach meaningless goals."

Just like vampires, I thought to myself.

"I just wanted to inform you that Yuriya will be coming down to Shiihaba next week to give you some company. I know that you get lonely in the house during the daylight hours."

"Sure, that sounds great." I cheered.

I got to talking to him about what had happened the previous month and his voice lowered two octaves.

"A vampire hunter? In love with you?" He sounded awful as he spat out the end of each question. "Has that human got no shame?"

I considered this. "He thought that I kissed him during that solar eclipse six years ago. After he found out he was my first victim, he still let his feeling take control of his actions."

"And you're sure that Victor is off the warpath?" he inquired.

"I can't say for sure. I just hope that he is."

We made our farewells and I hung up. As soon as I placed my phone on the bed, I rang again. Usui's name showed up on the screen. How could I face him after running out on him? I picked up the phone. To my surprise, it wasn't Kenta's voice that called down the phone.

"Karin, i-is that you?" It was Maki. "Something's wrong. Usui-kun just got run over outside Julian's."

Please God, don't let this be true…