Chapter 6: The clot hits the fan.

Yuriya stiffened. She seemed to have turned a lighter shade of pale and her eyes were fixed on me like a scared child's on a closet. I tried to speak, but after what I just said, there was nothing I could say. After a minute of her trying to decide whether to scream the mansion down or not, she whispered heavily "Have you told Carrera or Henry?"

"No, I haven't, but I think Anju knows." I said honestly.

Yuriya seemed to be looking a bit distant. I had never done anything to try and upset someone, yet I have anger and shocked a friend of the family all in one day. I tried my best to think of a way to break the awkwardness that had just slammed itself between us. Yuriya looked up after a while.

"Are you planning to abort it?"

I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not and I was being asked if I'd have an abortion. (Note to self; on the next shopping trip, buy a pregnancy test.) But the thought of having an abortion was a bit more than I could take.

I decided to answer Yuriya honestly. "Even if I had thought about it, I probably wouldn't go through with it."

Yuriya just sat there, looking as miserable as I felt. After a few more minutes, I went to the rice cooker to check how things were going. I couldn't stand the tension.

After both of us ate our lunch, Yuriya seemed more interested in conversation.

"You do realise that the child may be shunned after it grows up?"

She was talking from personal experience, I gathered.

"Besides," She continued. "there is always the off-chance that she is born without any vampire traits."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves." I chirped in. "Besides, I haven't had a test to see if I am pregnant."

Yuriya looked at her empty napkin and sighed. After a few seconds, she turned her gaze to me. "Right then, we need to buy to a pregnancy test."

When we got to the supermarket, the aisles were virtually empty. Only a few people seemed to be out doing their shopping. We decided to pick up a few food items, as Yuriya said that she may stay longed than she and Mr Glark had planned, because of my "current" condition. Soon, we made it up to the pharmaceutical aisle and started looking for a pregnancy test. Once we found what we needed we started to head back to the till… that is until I bumped into Maki. She wobbled slightly but was quick to retain her balance.

"Whoa, Karin!" Maki shrieked in surprise. "You've got to watch where you're going."

I apologised and we got to talking. Maki told me that she went to check on Usui, but he was still unconscious from the accident. The nurse had told her that his wounds were healing faster than they should have. Must have been my blood. After a while she noticed Yuriya standing beside me.

"Who's your friend?" She asked lightly.

"My name is Yuriya Tachibana." She said stoically.

Maki turned back to me and whispered: "Is she a vampire too?"

Yuriya must have picked up on this as she went white as a sheet.

"How do you know about us?" Yuriya asked in panic.

"I was told by a certain vampire hunter." Maki beamed.

Suddenly, her gaze shifted. She was gazing down into my basket and a look of shook came over her. She looked at me for about a minute, smiled coyly and said, with quite a bit of emphasis: "You didn't?"

Authors note: Sorry it's taken so long. My old computer died and I'm having to use a library now with only an hours length to write this stuff. Enjoy.