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Chapter 1 - Surfing

The sea of tumbling stone, dirt and crushed rock shifted and rushed around Colonel Jack O'Neill's feet. The air force officer fought for footing, trying to stay on top of the displaced, rapidly moving hillside. He was aware of his 2IC descending the collapsing mountain beside him but he couldn't reach her. The Stargate was beneath their feet, sliding down under them along with all the rubble that had once been the ledge holding both the Ancient ring and its DHD.

Jack only had a moment to wonder if Teal'c and Daniel had been caught in the wormhole as the Stargate disengaged or if they were still safely back at the SGC. He was too busy trying to stay on top of the pile of moving rubble while still keeping in mind the location of both his major and the Stargate.

As the avalanche of rock and trees ground to a halt beneath him, Jack found himself buried up to his waist. There was pretty intense pressure on his legs, but he could wiggle his toes inside his boots. His arms were free and he wasn't in much pain. Overall his situation could have been a lot worse, he decided. About the time he was finishing the thought he felt another rumble beneath him and a drop of rain hit him on the back of the neck. "Great," he announced, a sense of urgency clawing its way into his belly.

"Carter," he called looking around him. He couldn't turn all the way around and she was not in his field of vision.

"Here, Sir." Her voice sounded strongly from behind him, flooding him with relief. "I'm ok. I ended up mostly on top of the rubble sir, I'm almost dug out." He could hear the strain of physical activity in her voice. "I'll be over to help you in a minute, Colonel." That was good, he decided, digging away at the dirt around him in an effort to free himself. He really didn't want to get caught in the rain, on the side of an unstable hillside, with the ground still shaking under them.

No sooner had the thought crystallized then the sky above them opened up and a deluge of water poured from the heavens. "Stop that," Jack ordered whoever kept making his worse thoughts come true right about the time he was done thinking them.

"Stop what, sir?" Carter's soaked profile appeared before him, small camp shovel in hand.

"Nothing Major," he wasn't going to explain that one. Carter set her pack off her shoulders and aimed the shovel toward him. A small nudge of panic formed in his spine before he dismissed it. He wasn't letting that thought crystallize. "Be careful with the shovel, wouldn't want you to chop anything important off by accident," he instructed a bit harsher then he meant to. "Since we don't have time to call Miss Utility or anything here," he joked, somewhat nervously as she slammed the edge of the shovel a little closer to his waist then he was completely happy with.

"I'll do my best, sir," she agreed. He wasn't comforted by her answer, but he did like the smile she was trying to hide. She was becoming more at ease with his teasing and starting to joke back with him. He had to admit he enjoyed the banter between them, the almost flirting. Ever since Dr Carter had come through the gate and kissed him, he'd begun to acknowledge to himself that he was powerfully attracted to his 2IC. He wouldn't do anything about it of course, but a little innocent flirting wasn't hurting anyone as long as she didn't seem to mind.

Jack's bare hands weren't doing him much good, but as Carter was able to shovel an opening in the tightly packed debris surrounding him, he was able to get a bit of a handhold and start to make some progress. The rain coming down didn't help. They were rapidly becoming soaked and covered in the red, clay type mud from digging. At least the mountain wasn't moving anymore and his legs were almost unstuck. They weren't buried alive, which so easily could have been the case.

The rumble from behind him blended in with the sound of the pouring rain for a moment before it registered. Jack closed his eyes for just a second and cursed whoever was picking the thoughts of doom out of his head and materializing them. He was starting to get a little freaked out by the timing.

Looking up from digging, he caught Sam's eye. His breath caught at the horror on her face. "Sir!" she shouted urgently. He didn't have to look behind him to get that the sound of rumbling was dire and they needed to hurry. Carter had already put her shovel aside and was standing up. When she reached down, she was about two feet above him; standing on the rubble beside the hole they'd been digging to free his legs.

Reaching up to grasp her arms, Jack twisted his hips and forced his legs from the dirt and rock still trying to hold him in its grip. He wanted nothing more than to get out of the line of destruction should the ledge he could hear cracking and popping behind him finally give way totally. The first few pulls didn't work, but they had him moving a bit more now, so he was able to get one leg almost free.

"One more time, Carter," he instructed, getting one almost free leg under him somewhat to help with leverage. Sam put her weight into the effort once more and with a sick sounding slurping noise, he suddenly popped free sending them both tumbling in her direction.

The two officers hit the ground and rolled a few times before settling in the river of mud the heavy rain was creating. Jack's face landed right in the center of the wet, heaving bosom of his second in command. He didn't mean to, but he sighed into her warmth. Mentally cursing the gods of bad timing, Jack lamented the emergency that didn't let him take pleasure in his position. There was simply no time to enjoy the soft breasts cradling his cheeks or the sweet smell that was uniquely Carter, but he filed it away for when they weren't running for their lives.

The mountain above them was still rumbling. Jack scrambled off of the soft, muddy woman cradling him and pulled her to her feet. "You OK, Major?" She looked a little dazed. Were her pupils dilated? Her breathing seemed fast too. Jack wasn't sure if it was from the impact with the hard ground or their position upon landing. The thought that he could take his 2IC's breath away picked an inappropriate time to dance through his brain, he decided, even as he glanced over her with a critical eye. She didn't seem injured.

"Fine, sir," she finally answered, now looking doe eyed as she reached for the pack she'd taken off to help dig him out. Jack glanced behind him to retrieve his pack as well. The massive wall of loose rumbling mountainside was still poised above them. He didn't think it'd take much longer to break free.

The huge crack that split the air around them and sent shock waves rumbling under their feet announced another one of his doom and gloom thoughts materializing. There was another huge crack and then a fresh wave of rubble bigger than they'd ridden was making its way down the mountainside.

"Run, Carter," he instructed, adrenaline surging through him as he grabbed her arm and propelled her forward.

"To the right, Colonel!" Sam shouted back. He didn't hesitate to follow her instructions. She'd only be shouting directions if she was sure of her suggestion. Since he'd been stuck in the mud with his back to the ridge, she'd had a lot more time to study the landscape then he had.

The rumbling behind them was getting louder. O'Neill risked a glance over his shoulder. There was a wall of mud, rock, and debris sweeping down the mountain. It had almost reached where he'd been stuck. If they weren't moving away from the center of the fall, they'd have had no chance to escape. As it was they might not make it. The footing was terrible. The rain was turning the ground into a muddy bog causing them to fight for every step.

Carter was really struggling behind him. Jack could hear her labored breathing. He wasn't doing that well either. He felt like his legs were one big cramp and his lungs were on fire. "We're almost there," he encouraged, glad to see a line of trees coming into view. The rumbling behind them was moving away from them finally, but the hillside above them was none too stable. They couldn't stop here in case it broke apart too. Jack winced at the thought and turned a cautious eye to the hillside above them.

After a few more minutes of trudging through the mud and the ridge above them staying solidly in place, Jack sighed with relief. So maybe the planet wasn't materializing bad thoughts out of his head. That was good to know.

Jack glanced over his shoulder at his teammate. She was exhausted and it showed, but she made no complaint as he pushed them to keep walking. They needed some kind of shelter from the rain trying to drown them, but that shelter needed to be far enough away from the ridge to be safe from any more landslides. That left caves out of the shelter equation. The trees they were walking toward would have to do.

"Sir," Carter called, getting his attention. "Over there," she directed, pointing at a small rise in the mostly flat landscape. The mound had about five trees clustered together. One of them was pretty large and they all looked sturdy. There was no lightening happening so that shouldn't be a problem. It was as perfect as they were going to get. Still within the line of trees so that they would be protected somewhat, but with a bit of height so some of the water would wash away. The position would also allow them to stay within sight of the area the Stargate was buried in. As soon as the rain stopped, they had some digging to do.

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