Summary: Claire has been through hell. What must she goe through when someone decides to put her through more. Claire / Steve pairing and Steve / Gabrielle Pairing.

The silence was deafening at her house. She was frightened, sometimes she hated being alone. She listened more to the silence and the emptiness… then the phone ringing.

"Claire Anderson", She answered thankful that the phone had broken the silence.

"This is the police; we have called to inform you that Ian Kingsley has broken out of gaol."

She dropped the phone.

Her heart started beating out of her chest, her mind spinning out of control. She had no idea of what she could do. She realised there was still someone on the other side of the phone. In a rush she picked it back up.

"Hello?" She asked nervously.

"Yes, Claire, do you think there is some place you could go, or a friend's place you could stay until we find him and lock him up?" She thought hard about this, were could she go? She had just broken up with Steve and she had already asked too much of Gabrielle. Maybe one more time she would have to ask for help from the only friend she had left.

After a moment of silence she finally answered "Yes, would you please keep me informed and call me whenever you find him or find out where he is going?"

"Of course" he quickly replied "keep safe, we will call you as soon as we know anything" She felt a bit comforted by this and hung up the phone. Almost in the same instant she grasped her keys and ran to the car, locking the house as she left.

The drive to Gabrielle's was not usually long, about fifteen minutes in total. But this trip seemed to drag on. She could barely concentrate on her driving nearly going through a red light. She could not stop thinking. Her head aching from all her thoughts. Thoughts of Ian. Why he had escaped, how he had escaped. Was he after her? Of course he was after her, she had put him in prison, because of her he was going to be locked up for twelve years.

As she pulled into Gabrielle's drive way she noticed Gabby's car was not there. It was Saturday morning of course it was not there. Just remembering what Gabby had one said to her "You are welcome to stay at my house at any time you have my spare key, you do not need to ask." She still wanted to call and ask first before she just went into someone's house and stayed there for a while. There were not many people around. It was a cold and dark morning, it looked like it was going to rain - Claire felt she would feel a lot more comfortable if she was inside – out of the cold and the loneliness before she called. Searching for the right key, then fitting it in the hole and turning, she welcomed herself into Gabby's house.

She opened her phone and called the familiar number of the place at which she worked.

"Emergency Gabrielle Jaeger speaking"

"Hey Gabrielle, its Claire"

"Oh, hey Claire"

"Um, is it OK if I stay at you place for a while?" Claire asked nervously.

"Yer, sure. Why has something happened?"

"The Police called" Her voice quietened "Ian just escaped, and they say it's best for me to stay at a friend's house. I wouldn't have asked you, but you are the only good friend I have."

"Oh Claire would you like me to take the rest of today off and come pick you up?"

"Actually, I am already at you place" Claire admitted embarrassed.

"Okay I will be there as soon as I can."

"Thank you so much, you are such a great friend."

Gabrielle rushed over to Charlotte "I need the rest of today off"

Charlotte had a confused look on her face "Why?"

"It's personal, I am leaving now. Bye"

Charlotte didn't have time to answer. Gabrielle grabbed her bag and keys, and then power walked to her car. Driving the short journey to her home became long when she got caught in traffic. She got too frustrated to listen to the radio so she slammed her fist on to the off button. She, like Claire did before, used this time to think. Gabrielle could not understand why this was all happening to Claire. Karma is supposed to be what goes around comes around. What had Claire done to deserve this? Nothing. It was all too confusing, this whole mess, he had only just gone to jail and just when Claire had finally recovered from everything in her past and was looking forward to a future without worry or fear over Ian it probably all just came crashing back down.

As she pulled into her drive way she noticed Claire's Car in front of hers, parked on a bit of an angle – she must have been in a rush. She remembered that she didn't really have enough food left in her cupboard for the both of them. So she reversed her car and drove to the corner shop, it would only take a couple of minutes.

Claire was sitting on the couch waiting for Gabrielle patiently. She was getting very bored. She heard the door handle opening, she got up to greet Gabrielle, but saw Ian instead. She froze how could she have forgotten to lock the door? She thought to herself. She ran towards Gabrielle's bathroom, but bumped into a cabinet and together she and the cabinet fell to the ground to the ground. She screamed out in pain and fear. Ian was right next to her now. "Don't make this hard Claire" He told her. She tried to crawl away but he was too fast. He grabbed her and forced her, screaming, out the door .He was so strong. He put his hand over her mouth and pushed her into the back of the truck. It drove off in a hurry. Ian must have gotten someone to help him take her.

Minutes later Gabrielle returned for the second time and pulled into her driveway, this time getting out of the car, groceries in her hands. She walked up to her house and through her open door caught a glimpse of her lounge room. The place was a mess. She quickly went through the possibilities of what could have happened. "Claire?" She called out with a lot of worry in her voice. "Are you here?" There was no response. Claire was obviously not there.


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