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As Steve and Gabrielle stood at the door, they saw what was going on and almost immediately went to intervene. Ian was on the ground unconscious, blood stains all over his clothes and fresh bruises covering the parts of his body that were revealed. Claire was sitting by Ian, and appeared to be trying to bring him back to consciousness. She was wearing a short, light pink night gown that also was dirtied with blood stains and other kinds of stains; there was also bruises and blood on parts of her body. Gary appeared to be kicking Ian.

Gabrielle ran over to Claire and Steve ran over to stop Gary, as he didn't need to worry about Ian because he was already unconscious. Steve had a bit of an advantage over Gary, because Gary was already sore and tired, so with a few struggled punches from Steve he was out.

Steve grabbed his mobile phone from his back pocket and recommended that the police and ambulance come to Gary's house. After he finished on the phone he walked over to Claire and Gabrielle. Gabrielle was rubbing Claire's back trying to calm her down, telling her that everything was going to be okay. Claire was crying and calling out Ian's name and shaking him, trying to wake him.

'Claire can you hear me?, everything is going to be alright. Don't worry about Ian, he will be fine.' Gabrielle continued.

'Claire its me, Steve, are you alright? I called an ambulance, are you hurt?' Steve added.

'She is not responding properly Steve, I think she is in shock' Gabrielle said.

A few minutes later, loud sirens were heard and Steve walked outside to greet them. They put Gary on a stretcher and then Ian. Claire stood up to get out of their way, her eyes following Ian the whole way to the back of the ambulance truck.

'Miss, are you alright?' asked a female paramedic. Truth was she was very out of it and felt like she would collapse at any moment. She just wanted to know that Ian was alright. It was all her fault that this had happened to him.

'Yes, I'm fine this is their blood all over me' she lied.

'Alright, but can we at least check you over?' the persistent paramedic asked.

'Nah, honestly I'm fine. I'm a nurse, there's nothing to be worried about. I was not injured at all.' She lied again looking her in the eye, making the paramedic believe her.

'Are you sure?' she said.

'Yeah I'm okay.' She faked a smile.

Not even a few seconds later Gabrielle walked over to Claire.

'Do you know if Ian is going to be alright?' Claire asked, her voice shaky.

'I don't know, but why do you care? After all he has done to you don't you think he kind of deserved what he got?' Gabrielle said truly confused as to why she cared so much for a man that has hurt her continuously.

Claire shot her a look that said "you don't know anything". Then she stared at the floor, spotting a small puddle of blood and started to cry.

Gabrielle felt great sympathy for the woman. She had been through so much and there was nothing Gabrielle could do to help her. She walked closer to Claire who had now fallen to the ground and began to uncontrollably cry. Gabrielle felt she could almost cry at this sight. She got down to Claire's level and tightly hugged her. Claire winced and more tears erupted from her eyes. Gabrielle immediately let go of her frame and softly gripped her face.

'Claire you are not okay, you need to get checked out.' Gabrielle's voice showing hints of concern.

'No, I'm fine. I just want to go home. Leave me Alone.' She whispered in between sobs.

At that moment Steve returned into the room. He looked at Gabrielle and Claire on the floor, Claire was crying and Gabrielle was once again trying to comfort her.

'Um… the police want all of our statements…, we have to go to the police station' he said. 'Claire are you sure, you do not want to go get yourself checked out and cleaned up' he continued.

'No, I'm fine, I just need to go home' she said as her tears settled and Gabrielle helped her up.

As soon as the three of them were standing they started to make their way out of the front door. Claire didn't realize how much her body was aching before this, she tried not to let it show though, she didn't want to worry anyone for no reason. When they steeped out of the front door, Claire instantly closed her eyes she was not expecting the sudden sunlight. As her eyes adjusted she looked around the unfamiliar surroundings.

'Where are we?' she asked.

'Melbourne' Steve responded.

Outside there were two police cars and four police men and women. They motioned for Steve to bring Claire and Gabby to them.

A tall Blonde woman came up to Claire and introduced herself. 'Hi Claire, I'm Officer Brown and this is my partner Officer Jones' she said signalling the man next to her. 'We are going to be working on your case. Would you like to come down to the station to do a statement?' She said with a small smile.

'Okay' Claire agreed and they all got in the car to go to the Police Station, which was a short drive away.

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