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The thumping that was in my ears took me by surprise. My heart was beating. It was fucking beating. How in the hell did something like this happen? I just moments ago was without a pulse and now after drinking this humans blood I was human as well. I wasn't a vampire. I wasn't what I'd known for the longevity of my life. I was the me that I never wanted to be again.

That girl Ali she haunted my memory. She reminded me so much of her, even though I'd blocked her very essence from my memory. After I was instructed to make Bromley's daughter into a vampire things changed. I became a completely different person. She hated what I'd turned her into I knew that. I should've never listened to his wants in the first place, but I did and I damned my conscience by doing so. Hell he put his own daughter out to burn after he realized she wasn't going to cooperate with what he wanted. Ali was biting herself just so she could die faster. In doing so she was becoming a subsider. Once we found all of the subsiders that lived on a dwindling supply of blood and we chained them up leaving them to die in the sun's inferno.

She grabbed me, and after I watched her body turn to ash did I truly feel remorse for what I'd done.

Following that I'd began to become the very thing in our society that we hunted without a beating heart. I didn't want anything to do with blood; I'd seen the suffering that I'd caused. I wasn't being the selfish bastard that I normally was. Like I said Ali changed me, just because she reminded me of the very person that I hadn't thought of in years.

"Truth is like the sun you can shut it out for the time, but it ain't going away." I stood staring out the window at the sun that was setting in the distance. A sight that I rarely viewed these past years. If it weren't for the video cameras that helped us drive or protective gear I would've never seen it.

"Are you going to help your brother?" The man asked pressing the bandage to his neck where I left my mark. Apparently he was referred to as Elvis.

"What the hell do you think I'm going to do, stay here and let him die? Of course I'm going to fucking help him." I more then growled as I examined the blood that stained my uniform. My grip on the gun in my hand was tight. I was about ready to run towards the location where Ed was located even though I knew it would be a death trap for me.

"Take the car boy." Elvis said stretching his free arm out with the keys.

Taking them from his hand I inhaled a deep breath. "Where's it at?" He murmured the direction that the car would be in and I found myself making a mad dash towards it. Time was of the essence, who knows what would happen if I didn't get there in time to help Ed.

After finding the dark car I threw myself inside and the engine rumbled to life. I turned on the lights and threw the car into drive pressing the gas pedal with a lead foot. The sidewalks were almost deserted as I weaved in and out of the light traffic that scoured the streets. No doubt that they were deserted by the giant chase that had occurred earlier this day. Stay out of the way of military or you're screwed to put it simply. You get in big shit for assisting people on the run, especially humans.

There was the Bromley Marks Pharmaceutical building. The tallest damn thing in the entire city looming over everything like it was God. I pressed my foot even harder on the pedal as I got closer. There was only one way to go in at the rate I was driving and that was through all of that glass. Cutting across the small median that was in the road I accelerated into the building. Crashing through the walls of glass I slammed on the breaks having every eye on me in that moment.

Guns were pointed at me as I slammed open the door to the car, but I shot all of them that dared point their weapon at me. I kept my voice clear as I spoke to them about the cure, these were my comrades, and I hoped that they would listen to me. Once I even waivered emotion and control of my weapon showing them I meant no harm I could easily see that I was dead. Staring over to Ed my body was slammed into the car that moments before I had crashed through the glass. I could hear the agony in his voice as he yelled out to me. He knew I was going to die. Hell I knew I was going to die, but I was going to die for the greater good.

Pain ripped through my body as my uniform was ripped open. Blood was being sucked out at every visible part of my chest. I couldn't help but feel that this was like karma from what I'd done throughout the past ten years. Turning Ed and feeding off of countless others that seemed like a good enough reason for me. I yelled out in pain a few times before I was drowned out by the very thing that was eating me.

The life was being drained from my body as I lie there. For once in this useless existence I felt like I was doing something worthwhile. I tuned out the sounds of them gnawing at my skin, instead I stared up hoping to God Edward got out alive. My vision blurred and light flooded my eyelids. Then all I saw was my life flashing before my eyes, all good and bad memories…then I saw her.

A/N: So as I watched this movie I honestly was full on intrigued by Frankie's character. I loved him, not to mention he wasn't too hard on the eyes. haha ; ) I thought that we didn't get to learn enough about Frankie, honestly just enough to make him a brotherly character which made me sad. So I wanted to give him a story and here it is. In my head this is how everything started. I'm hoping that you're at least slightly intrigued if not though, oh well.

Though I've been wondering as I've honestly been trying to move on with chapter one. Do you think that Frankie was college-age or older when he was turned?

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