Chapter Four

The doorbell to the house rang through the house. Turning off the television I placed the remote on the side table carefully. I knew Mom would bite my head off if she found anything out of place. She was a perfectionist like that. Opening the door I found Vanessa standing poised with a smile on her face. Her dark brown hair hung down her back in waves. She pulled at the cardigan she wore over her lace shirt; it must have been a nervous habit. Though I've never exactly known Vanessa to be a nervous person. "Are you…nervous?" I asked opening the door wider for her to step in.

"Nope," she spoke walking past me stopping a little ways into the living room. Shutting the door behind her I stopped. I don't think I ever noticed just how small the living room was until we stood in it together. Maybe I just thought it was slightly cramped because of all of the furniture that was in it.

"You sure? You're fidgeting with everything in sight." I stared pointedly at her now messing with the button on her jeans.

"I'm quite positive, thank you." She said staring past me. I turned around figuring out exactly what she was staring at. Mom stood there with a smile planted on her face.

"Frankie stop pestering the poor girl." She chided tucking her hair behind an ear.

"Mom," I protested as she pushed past me embracing Vanessa in a hug.

"Hi Mrs. Dalton."

"Sandra," she corrected turning to me. "Show her around while I finish dinner will you?" She asked looking out the window that showed the front yard. "Oh Edward's here." In a few quick steps she was already at the front door. Vanessa moved next to me.

"You invited Ed Mom?" I groaned glancing to Van out of the corner of my eye.

"Is there a problem with having your brother over for dinner?"

"Not at all." Sighing I noticed her tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. Abruptly I grabbed her small arm and pulled her down the hallway.

Stopping I pointed to the door at the end. "That would be the bathroom, and the room next to that the guest. The room we passed is mine." I realized my wrong wording choice the minute she turned going past me throwing open the door.

As I took off after her I saw Edward eyeing the two of us. No Ed we're not a couple, the minute you even get that idea I will hit you on the spot. "Nice briefs," she commented gesturing to the open drawer.

"They just fucking sit there anyways. I prefer boxers."

"Sure you do." The smirk on her face widened.

Next time I'm making a note to dig through her drawers when I'm at her house.

"Oh yeah, I don't recommend one of those porn videos you have tucked away. It's pretty lame. If I were you I'd choose something different to jerk off to." I think she saw my eyes get pretty wide with her statement. "Porn Fridays." She responded. "I got tricked into one a few months back, the so called movie was really porn."

This girl never ceases to amaze me.


"Frankie dinner." Mom shouted from the kitchen. I took this as my opportunity to not finish my statement that I don't think Van heard, as well as getting her out of my room. I was going to have to do damage control. It is always awkward when things like this get thrown out of the closet.

"Time to go," I went behind her pushing her out of my room. Giggling she made her way back to the living room waiting a moment for me to enter the kitchen.

"Are you just that embarrassed Frankie?" She said escorting herself into the dining room that opened into the kitchen. Following her I stopped short of Edward so I could introduce her.

"No I'm not." I walked over to Edward. "Edward, Vanessa, Vanessa, Edward." They both stuck out a hand at the same time. Vanessa smiled taking a firm grasp of his hand shaking it.

"Are you two?" How did I know that Ed was going to ask that? Because I'm fucking psychic.

She spoke up first, beating me to the punch. "Nope, we're just friends. Though I must say that whatever girl ends up with Frankie will be one lucky dog. He's an awesome guy."

Wow, I can't necessarily say I was expecting her to say something like that. Was she foreshadowing something with her words? I couldn't tell, she seemed genuine.

So after what seemed like a long agonizing dinner of questions, all from Mom might I add; I walked Vanessa to her car. "So, uh yeah. That wasn't awkward at all." I scratched behind my neck as she shrugged.

"I guess I have to be approved as a friend sometime. Besides, I think that your Mom is really sweet, Edward is just well he's quiet."

"Want to hang after class tomorrow?"

"I'm sure I can pencil you in my busy schedule." She joked opening the door to her jetta. "Well, I'm off." She paused glancing at me for a brief moment.

"Thanks for coming to dinner." I stopped her holding her car door still.

"What are friends for?" A small smile formed on her lips.

"I guess just being awesome." Sticking up my hand I waited for a high five.

Lame Frankie…Lame.

I felt myself jab the buttons on the Playstation controller. I was getting pissed; Adam was beating me to a bloody pulp. "Back off dude." I said short with my words. I had to keep myself in the game or he would win even more then he was now.

"Stop whining," he retorted pausing the game.

Our characters both stood mid-fight on the screen frozen in place. "I'm not whining."

"Have you fucked her yet?"

"What the hell does that have to do with anything dude? We're just friends."

"If you're just friends, then I'm the Queen of merry fucking England."

"Well your highness what tells you differently?" Unpausing the game my character got delivered the final blow again on the television screen. Today was just not my day.

"No girl wants to be 'just friends'" He emphasized the just friends part adamantly. "Sooner or later she'll develop feelings for you."

"Then what was Alyssa to you?" I could see that I hit a soft spot when his shoulders slumped slightly. "Wasn't she just your friend?"

"Either way someone ends up getting hurt dude. Alyssa fucked me up okay? Is that what you wanted me to say?" Adam demanded dropping the controller on the coffee table.

"No, not really, but that would explain your alcohol problem. You're always drinking beer Adam, you should probably sober up if you really want to meet someone."

"Says the guy who hasn't been in a relationship for the past year. Are you sure you're up to par. You're sober?" His dark hair fell over his eyes as he reached for his beer.

"Of course I'm up to par." I responded taking a swig of my beer. "Rematch?" I questioned throwing away this conversation. I hated arguing with Adam.

"I'm gonna kick your ass again Dalton, sure you can handle it?"

"We'll see who the winner will be." I challenged picking up my controller again. I was determined to win at least one match against him today.

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