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"Look," Olivia said, gruffly, hauling a huge box into the metal door Elliot was holding open for her. "Just because your stupid wife kicked your ass out again doesn't give you the right to snap at me every five..."

The door slammed, Olivia dropped the box and snapped her head up at Elliot who was grimacing. "It closed, didn't it?" he asked through squeezed-shut eyes and clenched teeth.

"Yes, it did, you son of a bitch!" She ran to the door and pulled, tugged, then kicked. She pounded on it a few times while yelling, "Hey! Hello?"

Elliot dropped the box he had been holding and he sighed. "Shit, Liv, I'm sorry. I thought I had it, I guess I moved my foot and..."

"Elliot, I really don't want to hear your voice right now." She pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open. "Un-fucking-believable. No service."

"We're in a storage closet, Li--"

"I said, no talking." She slid down to the floor and ran her hand through her hair, heaving a sigh. "I had a date tonight."

Elliot rolled his eyes. "Agent Porter? He's such an ass, Liv."

"Well, he's an ass who wants me, Elliot," she said, shooting him a glare. "He's an ass who can handle what I do for a living, who can put up with long hours and he doesn't like you which means he has some common sense."

Elliot looked honestly hurt. "Liv, come on! I know I've been a little irritable..."

"Bitchy! You've been bitchy! You've been a giant bitch, El. And you won't talk to me. How the hell am I supposed to help you through whatever it is if you won't talk to me? You didn't even tell me Kathy kicked you out! I found you sleeping in the cribs this morning!" She looked at him, sighed and narrowed her eyes. "How long?" she asked.

Elliot looked at her. "What?"

"How long have you been out of the house?" she asked folding her arms over her chest.

"A week," he mumbled.

"A week? You spent a fucking week in the cribs? You know you could have..."he cut her off.

"No, Liv. I couldn't have, not this time." He ran a hand through his hair and sat down next to her. "It would have been...dangerous."

Olivia scoffed. "Trust me, it was more dangerous not coming to me, Stabler." She leaned her head back against the door and sighed. "What happened this time? How long's it gonna take for you two to get off your respective high horses and get back together?"

"This time, it's different. I don't know if I'm going home. If I do, it won't be for long. Just until Maureen graduates and Lizzie and Dickie go into Trinity High. A few months at most. Even then, it'll just be to live there. I haven't...I don't want to leave before the ceremonies, she might forbid me to see them."

Olivia looked at him, pale, and said, "Well, thanks for telling me."

"I just did," he quipped.

She smirked. "Asshole."

"I'm sorry, I know I've been a pain in the ass. I just...It kills me seeing you with him, Liv. I can't stay with you, watching you with him. And this shit with Kathy that I'm finally man enough to deal with has gotten to me, I didn't mean anything I said to you today. You know that, Liv. You're my best friend," Elliot said, reaching for her hand.

She took it, sighing. "I know. And you're mine. Which is why, when get out of the damn closet, you're staying with me. I'll have to tell Dean he can't come to my place until you talk your way back onto the couch."

"How serious is this thing with the butthead?" Elliot asked.

"The butthead? Are you five years old?" she asked, astonished at the jealousy she mistook for immaturity. "He's in love with me. I don't think I even like him."

"Why are you with him, then?" he asked, looking at her.

Olivia shrugged. "Why do you have to order lo mien at a Chinese restaurant when you really want pizza?"

"Because pizza's Italian and it would probably taste like shit if you got it at Mister Chow's?" Elliot said with a smile.

Olivia chuckled and rolled her eyes. "Because you can't always get what you want, so you take what you can get," she corrected.

Elliot stared at her. "So, Porter is the shitty lo mein? Who the hell is the pizza?"

"Great," Olivia said. "Now, I'm hungry."

"Answer the question, Liv!" Elliot yelled, watching Olivia get up and walk toward the shelves.

"Help me look for food, then maybe I'll answer your stupid question," she challenged. Elliot chuckled. He got up and walked over to her. They rummaged through the shelves and boxes and after fifteen minutes Elliot shouted, "Ah-ha!"

Olivia turned, wide-eyed. "You found food?"

"I found...peanut butter," he said, holding up a blue plastic jar. "Not exactly food, but it's, uh, something, right?"

Olivia crossed her arms. "How are we supposed to eat it? We don't have spoons and there isn't any bread in here."

"You were obviously never a Marine," Elliot said with a laugh. He pulled her down to the floor, unscrewed the top to the jar and peeled off the foil.

Olivia raised an eyebrow. "Obviously," she said bitterly. "I still don't see how we're going to..."

Elliot stuck his finger into the peanut butter and scooped a bit of it up, then shoved his finger into his mouth.

"Oh," Olivia said, getting slightly turned on. "That is so...gross."

Elliot laughed. "Shut up and eat it, Benson," he said with a mouthful of peanut butter. Olivia hesitated, poked her finger into the jar and grimaced. "Blech," she said.

"Oh, you wuss. You can look at a mutilated body and pick up all the bloody bits, but you can't stick your finger in a jar of peanut butter?" Elliot snickered.

"I wear gloves when I'm poking at dead, bloody things. Forgive me if sticking my hand into a jar of peanut butter isn't one of my favorite pastimes. Like you said, I was never a Marine." She pushed her finger further into the jar and made a face. "Okay, I can't, I'm sorry." Elliot laughed. "Who knew you had a girly side?" He swiped her hand away from the jar, replacing it with his own. "Here," Elliot chortled, shoving a peanut-buttery finger into her face.

She smacked his hand away. "I'm not sucking peanut butter off of your finger! I don't know where that finger's been," Olivia said, raising an eyebrow.

"Nowhere interesting. Trust me," he said, making an odd face. "I promise, it's a clean finger." He waited until she opened her mouth to speak and shoved his finger inside. Big mistake. Olivia's eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed, then sparkled. She sucked the peanut butter off of his finger slowly, looking deliberately into his eyes. She swirled her tongue around his digit, grazing her teeth along the way, scraping the sticky butter off of it. Elliot had never been more turned on in his life. "Oh, shit," he said, knowing what he just got himself into.

"That's some good peanut butter," Olivia said, licking her lips. Elliot nodded. "More?" he asked, raising an eyebrow, praying she'd say yes. Olivia moved, rising to her knees, and nodded. Elliot loosened his tie and pushed the jar out of the way, pulling Olivia closer to him. He scooped up a little bit, keeping it only on the tip of his finger and held it out to her. She grabbed his hand, closed her eyes, and used the tip of her tongue to swoop the ball of goop into her mouth. Manicure be damned, she stuck her finger in the jar and offered some of the, now very delectable, brown stuff to Elliot. He bored into her eyes with his, and mimicked her previous actions, sucking her finger gently, then licking, then running his teeth along the edges of her digit.

"Jesus Christ," she whispered.

Elliot laughed. He plunged his finger back into the jar, scooped a bit up and dabbed it on her nose. Olivia shot him a look, one that seemed to say are-you-kidding-me? "Now that's just too fucking cute for words," he said before he sucked it off, kissing the tip of her nose when he was done. They both laughed, enjoying this playful, albeit sexy, and sticky, time alone. She poked her finger into the jar and was about to give it to Elliot, but he yanked her wrist roughly, pulling her close. He sucked the peanut butter off her finger, quickly, and he ran his thumb along her lips, coating her plump mouth with a thin layer of the nutty condiment. Elliot smirked.

"I've wanted to do this for years," he said, then he slowly licked her lips clean. He heard her whimper, then he pressed his lips to hers, licking her bottom lip slightly. She gasped and he stuck his tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss, massaging her peanut-buttery tongue with his. She had been frozen for too long, and her hands snapped to his head, holding him where he was, wrapping around his neck. She loosened his tie, then took it off, then, still kissing him, she unbuttoned his shirt and brushed it off of his shoulders. She pushed him away, smirking at him, and reached for the jar. She dug two fingers into the sticky stuff and swiped them over his neck and down his chest.

"Oh, fuck, Liv," Elliot said, anticipating her actions. Olivia leaned in, bent her head and licked a trail, following the peanut-butter path, from his navel all the way up to his neck. It was slow, as she suckled away every bit of jelly's friend. When she got to his neck, she realized he had been moaning, groaning, grunting and running his hands all over her body. Every nerve she had was screaming and she wanted him, now more than she ever had before. She had gone too far to turn back. Too far to stop. She bit his neck as she swallowed the last of the peanut butter from his skin and she peeled herself off his throat. He pushed her away, then grabbed her shirt, ripping it out of her pants and pulling it over her head.

"You are so beautiful, Liv," he said to her as he slid her bra off of her shoulders and unhooked it, kissing her. "So incredibly beautiful." He scooped up some of the peanut butter with his thumb and lobbed it over each of her hardened nipples.

Olivia gasped. "Oh, God, El," she panted. "What are you..." she didn't finish her question. She was shocked into silence when Elliot latched on to one of them and sucked, gently at first, then hard. She yelped, holding his head down. She ran her hands through his hair and moaned his name. He took the laved nipple between his teeth and rolled it gently, bit a bit and tugged, earning a cry of pleasure. "Shit, El." He sucked a bit more, ensuring that it was peanut-butter free and he moved to the next one. He repeated every single action and then looked up at Olivia. She was flushed, shocked, and she looked drugged. "I want more," she said.

Elliot smirked and reached for the jar. Olivia grabbed his hands and pulled his attention back to her. "No, more of you." She flipped them over and unbuttoned his pants, lowered the zipper, and tugged them down and off. She did the same for his boxers and her eyes widened when she saw his erect rod, long and thick, and ready. She thought about reaching for the peanut butter but decided that she had wanted this for too long to ruin the taste of him. "I'm going to hell," she muttered. Elliot chuckled, but stopped laughing when her lips wrapped around his shaft, and he gasped. She took him as far into her mouth and throat as she could, causing Elliot's eyes to water and his heart to stop, and then she gave his stiff member the same treatment she had given his finger. Swirling her tongue and lightly grazing her teeth, releasing him with a pop before sucking, just his head, for a few moments. "Oh, God, baby," he whispered.

He pulled her up and rolled them over, sliding her pants down. He crawled up her body, kissing his way up her legs, thighs, and he stopped to lick and play at her warm, wet center. "Elliot," she moaned. "Oh, Elliot." He slid a finger into her, latching his lips onto her clit, sucking for a moment until he heard her let out a choking, grunting sound. He licked one more time, swallowing most of her juices, and slid another finger inside of her, then he moved up to her. "Liv," he whispered. "You have to know I love you. It's obvious."

She nodded, bucking her hips, rolling against his hand. "I love you, El. You're the pizza," she grunted.

Elliot smiled and pressed his lips to hers, opening her mouth with his tongue and he removed his hand from her core. He pulled away from her again and she peered up at him, it was her move. Were they really going to make love in the storage closet? Next to boxes of toilet paper, printer ink, old files and a half-empty jar of peanut butter? Yes. Yes they were.

Olivia moved up, positioning herself so that he was directly at her entrance, she wrapped one leg around him and smiled when he grabbed it, caressing it. "I told Kathy I didn't love her anymore, Liv. That's why she kicked me out. I haven't slept in the same room as her in months, I haven't even kissed her since..."

Olivia furrowed her brow. "Since when?"

Elliot sighed. "Since you started dating Porter. You don't belong with him, Liv. If you're sleeping..."

"I'm not sleeping with him, El." She arched her back and bucked her hips, telling him what she wanted. "I think I'm sleeping with you," she said with a smirk.

Elliot pushed into her, deeply, slowly, and they both groaned in pleasure, relief and a bit of sadness, knowing that, even now, they couldn't be together. Not really. Not yet. Olivia dug her peanut-buttery fingers into his back and cried, "Oh, my God, El."

"Oh, Liv," Elliot cried as he started to thrust. "I promise you, as soon as I can leave her without facing horrible consequences, I'm making you mine. All mine." He moved inside of her, bringing them both to an intense climax, and although she thought the promise he made was empty, she believed him. And she knew she'd never be able to look at, smell or taste peanut butter without bursting into a fit of hysterics, remembering this night, filling her heart with absolute joy, and love, ever again.

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