Harry=Submissive; Fenrir=Dominate


Harry is the heir of all four founders [Severus R/H Lily S/G]

Harry was abused and Fenrir saves him from the forest

Harry was having wet dreams about Fenrir for some reason

Harry and Fenrir are in a very Friendly pack with dark secrets

Harry has to join Voldemort

Harry must finish school

Sirius comes back

Severus is Harry's true father


Fenrir is into blood play and bondage

Harry is turned into a werewolf

X amount of Chapters

Voldemort wins the war

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[FG/HP] Harry finds out that all Dumbledore thought of him was that of a tool. Now he has to go back to the Dursleys' after Sirius goes through the veil, Was it all worth it? He's had enough its time to shed the mask. For better or worse.


[Different for each chapter] Abuse, Slash, Manipulative Dumbledore,

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Harry looked out the window of number four Private drive. The full moon hung overhead, illuminating the streets below. He briefly wondered how Remus was copping, now that Sirius was gone. He knew that he himself couldn't get the scene of Sirius falling through the veil out of his head. Something was wrong with the way it happened, he just couldn't figure out what. Sighing he leaned back against the frail headboard, forgetting not only that it couldn't hold his weight, but the open wounds on his back.

He winced at the loud noise it made hitting the wall as it gave under his malnourished weight. He barely noticed the extra pain of his tender back landing on the extremely thin piece of mattress that he called his bed. Not focusing on it for more than a brief moment Harry paused, barely daring to breath as he waited. Listening for any noise that would give away the fact he woke his relatives.

When no noise reached him, he let out a shaky breath, one he didn't realize he was holding. His muscles were tight with tension that refused to go away, as if preparing his body for something that was going to happen later on.

Dumbledore, the manipulative fool, had already written to his 'relatives' to inform them of Sirius death. Without the protection that his godfathers name gave him… This summer was already turning out to be one of the worst yet.

It seemed as if his uncle found anything and everything he could for a reason to 'punish' him. A chore that wasn't done to his satisfaction, even though it was done perfectly. That, even though he couldn't see them, the freaks were outside 'looking after him'. It was only on certain days that Vernon wouldn't do anything to him, though the day after was always worse.

As soon as he got through the door at the beginning of the summer he was thrown into his so called room. Granted he still had all his school things with him, but that could only help him so far. More than likely they realized that he really couldn't do anything to hurt them with only books, and school textbooks at that.

As soon as he got in his room though his uncle started yelling at him about how no freak was going to tell him what to do in his own house. Now that his good-for-nothing murdering godfather was out of the way he was going to be paying back his relatives for everything that they did for him. All their hard earned money, and time that was spent on him.

He snorted, yeah as if they have ever done anything for him. Being locked in his room since the beginning of the summer he was only let out to do his chores and use the bathroom at the beginning and end of the day. If they remembered. He got a glass of water and a single slice of burnt toast for breakfast. If he was able to do all his chores done to their satisfaction before the end of the day, then he might get a sandwich for dinner. If he didn't he was punished for wasting their precious time and money, then sent to his room without food.

Sighing for what felt like the millionth time since he been at the Dursleys, Harry looked over at the clock. Midnight. Turning over onto his side, he winced at the sharp tugging on his back. He had actually forgotten about that for a little while. Again. Maybe if he was lucky they didn't reopen. Moving on his stomach he just laid there, trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. As soon as he did he drifted of quickly, and it wasn't to much longer afterwards that the dreams started again.

He looked around at his surroundings, a forest; again. It was always in the middle of a forest, and always at night. He had yet to see the face of his mystery man, for he knew it was a man. How could he not? As if his thoughts summoned him, Harry felt strong arms wrap around him. Cocooning him in warmth and love, and as corny as it sounds, it made him feel safe and cared for.

He felt his mystery man pressed against his back, his taller frame overshadowing his own smaller one. He only came up to the chest of his mystery man. With his broader shoulders and mass of muscles Harry felt as if he wouldn't need to worry about anything ever again. That his mystery man would take care of everything.

Harry had already excepted that he was gay before the whole Department of Mysteries fiasco. Just with everything that was going on he had yet to 'come out' to his friends… He had told Sirius everything as he was confused over it. He started to think he just wasn't into anybody since the disasters kiss with Cho, but when he started thinking Draco Malfoy was more attractive than Ginny Weasley? And girls were just either annoying or sister figures, that was when he went to Sirius. Sirius wasn't shocked or disgusted with him, he didn't allow him to deny it either. Eventually he had come to terms with it and accepted that he was only attracted to guys.

His mystery man nuzzled his neck in greeting, breaking him out of his thoughts before they started turning depressing. Baring his neck in submission Harry once again thought of why he wasn't fighting this? The mysterious man growled lowly in approval making Harry more then aware of what that simple sound was doing to his body.

Even though he had yet to actually hear his mate speak in anything more than growls, he couldn't find himself to mind to much. He knew that he couldn't actually talk in this dream so it stood to reason that neither could his mate.

A gasp tore through his throat as his mate bit down, lightly drawing blood before he started lapping it up gently in apology. Marking him, even if only temporarily here in the dream world. He knew that before long a nightmare would destroy any chance he had at a peaceful nights rest. But for now he would enjoy this while it lasted. His last thought before succumbing to his mates attention was wishing that this was real, not just some dream.

Harry should've known that one had to be careful with wishes, they might come true.

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