Final Author's Note

Well, it's been a while since I last updated this, and lots has happened since then. I promised when I uploaded the last chapter that I would post a note letting everyone know when the final version was complete. I never expected it to take more than two years, but it is now done. There will be no more updates of this story whether there are still errors or not. I have done my best, with Texas Muggle's gracious assistance, to catch everything I can. Thank you to all for reading and commenting over the years. I truly do appreciate it.

Much has happened in my life over those two years, which I alluded to above. I have quit my day job which I despised, and am now working full time as an author. It is with this in mind that I would like to announced that I have released the first novel in a fantasy trilogy, which is now available on Amazon. You can find the details on my author's page if you have a hankering, and if you are interested, I would suggest having a look soon, as it will be on sale for $.99 Wednesday and Thursday only.

It is also for this reason that I will likely not be writing any more fan fiction. I've had a lot of fun and a great run on this site, but it's time to move on. I won't say never, as you never know, but for the foreseeable future, you will not see me active on this forum. Again, thanks to everyone who has followed me over the years. It is in part due to the feedback I received here that I was able to push myself to improve, and to ultimately take the step to publish.

Please also note that I will not be responding to reviews. I do read them, but my time is much better spent on my current projects, of which there are several. If you wish to contact me and would like a response, try PMing me.

I'll be taking this note down in a couple of days to comply with the site's rules. I will, however, attempt to post updates from time to time on my author's page.

Signing off,