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Most chapters will be involving the Cartoon Teen Titans meeting the Comic Book Teen Titans and their reaction to each other, and the hilarity and hijinx that will undoubtedly ensue. I'm not sure if other than the Robins and Starfires, there will be direct pairings, but our friends from the New Teen Titans will appear, and now with all things being turned upside down with the 'DCnU' effective 8/31/11, who knows what will appear here.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, they are owned by DC Comics. If I owned them, I would not have created the DCnU. I own all these little vignettes and the ideas behind them and they are my intellectual property.

For most of us who spend too much of our spare time with the Teen Titans, especially since the show is off the air and Warner Brothers has shelved the idea of additional movies since the disappointing sales of Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, we soon find ourselves looking at the comics. And I'm not just talking about the Teen Titans GO! comics, the companion to the series that ran 55 issues. I'm talking the Teen Titans comics, the source material for the cartoon, especially the New Teen Titans titles that began in the 80's, and were among the most popular titles DC Comics ever had.

There are some differences between Titans in the comics and the Titans in the cartoon. There had to be: the cartoon was geared to a much younger audience, rated for the age 7 and up crowd. Fortunately for Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers and DC Comics, a much broader audience was attracted to the series. Anyway, one day I was wondering what it would be like if the cartoon characters met the comic book characters. It would be... interesting, to say the least and of course, because it cannot be stated often enough, hilarity would ensue!


All Things Titan:

A Collection of Very Unlikely Tales about when the Comic Book Teen Titans and the Cartoon Teen Titans Meet




When Comic Book Starfire meets Cartoon Starfire, Part 1


For this first part, let's all imagine the day when our sweet and innocent cartoon Starfire meets her uninhibited warrior and sex kitten vardøger, the metal bikini clad Starfire of the comics...


After introductions, and after Beast Boy, Cyborg and especially Robin picked their jaws off the ground, it was time for the two young women to sit down over a bowl or six of glorg to discuss the reasoning behind their differences and their similar as well as different approaches toward life.

Comic Starfire spoke first, as she was much more 'in your (the) face' than the Cartoon Starfire. "Your speech patterns are very awkward. I never had that problem. I remain somewhat naïve when it comes to Earth behaviors, but my use and understanding of English was much better than yours is even in the beginning. Did you kiss Robin to acquire the knowledge to speak English?"

Cartoon Starfire was a bit hurt by the remark, but was eager to answer the question, "Yes, after I escaped from the Gordanians, I did do the kissing with Robin."

Comic Starfire considered this for a moment and said thoughtfully, "Hmmm. Perhaps it was not done correctly. I believe you must kiss Robin again!"

Robin, who was beyond mesmerized by the two Alien princesses before him, almost couldn't believe what he was hearing. He cleared his extremely dry throat as a huge smile crossed his face, "Works for me..."


Then there were the random things about Cartoon Starfire's appearance that Comic Starfire couldn't help say something about, "WHY ARE YOU FLAT IRONING YOUR HAIR?"

After explaining that it was how her hair had always been, Cartoon Starfire was asked another question by Comic Starfire, "What did you do to your eyebrows?"

At this point, Cartoon Starfire began to wonder if this was actually some incarnation of Blackfire rather than herself, but was quickly reassured that she was perfect just the way she was by Robin.


There was someone missing from this Titans Tower. Comic Starfire couldn't imagine life without her roommate and best friend Donna Troy so she asked, "How can you survive without your best friend? Where is Donna Troy, Wonder Girl?"

Cartoon Starfire brightened and replied, "I know her! It has been explained to me that there was some difficulty with copyright and licensing issues. I remain hopeful, however that someday she will join us: in the fifth year of our television cartoon incarnations, Kid Flash who I understand is now the Flash, finally was able to appear and fight by our sides! It was glorious!"

Comic Book Starfire looked at the three teen boys that had pretty much stared at her since her arrival to the tower. "Do you spend any time with other women?" Comic Starfire asked.

Cartoon Starfire looked over to her half demon friend who was off by herself reading as per usual and answered, "Why yes! Raven is a most... reluctant, yet at times... companionable friend."

Comic Starfire looked over to the sofa, where Raven floated, reading her book, "Wait, she's supposed to be Raven?"


Finally Cartoon Starfire mustered up the courage to ask Comic Starfire a question, "Comic Me, why do you wear such an outfit? Do you truly wish everyone to see that much of your grebnax?"

Comic Starfire answered in a matter-of-fact tone, "Why not dress this way? Once distracted, even the most formidable foe can be subdued."

Cartoon Starfire considered this for a moment. "I guess I can do the understanding of your point," she told her likeness and then turned he attention to the Boy Wonder, "Robin, how would you feel about me wearing such an outfit?"

This time, even after clearing his throat, Robin's voice broke, "Works for me..."


To Be Continued...

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As was seen on the show, Grebnax is the Tamaranean word for breasts.

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